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Newsletter August 2016

Article – The Root of Healing Do you have questions? Call me! I can’t wait to hear from you. Rosemary Your Journey Begins Here Register Now for Class Our first series of Universal Shamanism is expanding. Are you ready to experience these amazing workshops? We have new classes on the calendar. There’s still time… read more

The Basic Principles of Health and Healing

It started as a bump, an agonizingly itchy “bug bite” on my neck that didn’t go away. By the next morning, there were a few more bumps with redness spreading from each epicenter, erupting and spreading across my chest. Shifting into action for bug bite relief, I brought out several essential oils and lotions, aloe… read more


Rosemary gave me hope where there was almost none.   My 11-year-old lab, Boulder, had been fighting off lymphoma for three years through chemotherapy. Serendipitously, before Boulder ever had cancer, I had searched online for Reiki training and found her website information attractive, all this while living 900 miles away. I moved to Portland last… read more

Featured Essential Oils – Cedarwood

Cedarwood – Cedrus atlantica, is an essential oil that is among the highest in sesquiterpenes. That means it brings more oxygenating capability to the body. This is important for several benefits – better brain function (memory), calming, and improved sleep. That makes it a great oil to use for meditative enhancement – for reprogramming the… read more

Is It Too Late For Prevention?

I admit that I’m nosy, but also compassionate. So, please bear with me as I tell this story. Yes, it is about prevention, especially as it relates to cancer. My intention is always to be of service and take the opportunities presented to me daily to touch people’s lives in a positive way. As a… read more

Essential Oils for Higher Vibrations

According to the book by Robert Becker, The Body Electric, much can be learned by the health of a person based on that person’s frequency or vibration. The normal, healthy body vibrates at a frequency of about 72-75 Hz. Stress, poor diet and toxins can actually lower your frequency. It makes sense that we can… read more

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