January 16

Is It Too Late For Prevention?

PreventionI admit that I’m nosy, but also compassionate. So, please bear with me as I tell this story. Yes, it is about prevention, especially as it relates to cancer.

My intention is always to be of service and take the opportunities presented to me daily to touch people’s lives in a positive way. As a teacher, I can’t help but teach – sharing ideas and knowledge that inspire growth.

Recently, I went to my favorite local bookstore to look for resources on aromatherapy. Several months ago, when I explored the same store, there was an entire shelf devoted to the topic of essential oils and aromatherapy as it pertains to health and healing. I was delighted with the selection and found several books, new and used, to adopt and bring home. This time, however, I spent about 10 minutes searching for the aromatherapy section that was so easy to find on my first visit. While searching high and low, a store clerk walked by, directing a woman and a younger man who was, perhaps, her son, to a section of the store on cancer.

The Cancer Section

The “cancer” section was easy to find. Books on cancer occupied multiple shelves, reaching from floor to ceiling and wider than a wall you might have in your home. I guess that’s no surprise. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, competing closely with heart disease for the first position. People have a lot to say about cancer, so it’s nice to know there are books out there as resources for people when they need them.

For the woman standing near me, looking for answers and support with her son, the choices may have seemed overwhelming. I finally found my section on aromatherapy, down low on the wall, and limited to a selection of a few books. I guess that’s good news and bad news. It’s good that people are seeking and buying books on aromatherapy, searching for non-medical options for health. The bad news is that choices were limited. I’d like to see more wall space devoted to natural healing methods which include, of course, aromatherapy. While I browsed the books, I overheard the conversation. I couldn’t help but step in. It’s the teacher and healer in me.

Alternative Options

The woman told me that she had surgery for breast cancer and that the cancer was gone. She had met with her oncologist just the previous day and felt discouraged and disappointed with the appointment and her options. The doctor had shown her the chemotherapy protocol on a computer screen. It all seemed impersonal and scary to her . She had decided not to pursue chemotherapy. That’s why she was looking for books. A true DIY (Do-It-Yourself) person, like myself.

I asked her if she was open to natural “alternatives”. (It’s a term I use, but truly believe that today’s alternatives are really ancient wisdom that is going through a revitalization.) She was open, so I presented the ideas of diet, supplements, energy work – especially Reiki, and aromatherapy. I also suggested that, though they removed the cancer, they probably didn’t remove the cause of her cancer.

There are many options open to her, the Seeker-of-Health, as she makes her way through to recovery. It was a brief conversation, and I left her to discover the right books in her “cancer” section. She has my card, so I do hope to hear from her.

That’s not the end of the story. I overheard her son say that he found a book on prevention, but then he commented that it was “too late for that”. What do you think? Is it too late for prevention if you have already had surgery for cancer? (add your comments below)

Where Does Good Health Live?

Yes, good health lives, but where do we find it? Books can help teach us what television and advertising cannot. Salt, sugar and highly processed, contaminated and artificial foods pervade the American diet. Toxins infiltrate our environment, inside and outside our homes. Our daily practices, attitudes, and thoughts about life and living have more of an impact on our health than anyone can imagine. Good health starts with the wish and desire to be healthy. My hope for that woman, and for all of my readers, is that you discover where good health lives. Focus on prevention, because that is what we also can do for “cure”.


According to statistics provided by the American Cancer Society, there were nearly 17 thousand new cancer cases in 2014. Death due to cancer within the first 5 years after diagnosis is approximately one in four. We can turn the “odds” that are against us. I invite you to explore prevention and how preventative practices fit into your life now. You may not be waiting for a diagnosis, but you could be setting the stage for healing and recovery if you ever come face-to-face with cancer.

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