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I can only speak from personal experience about AVINI HEALTH. This is a story about PEOPLE who changed my life, became close friends, and offered the best tools I have for helping people change and save their lives, too. Avini Health provides primarily detoxification products like our Cell Defender. They're clean, micronized zeolite drops, and other products with zeolite in them to support cellular health, immune function, digestive gut health, and freedom from pain and inflammation. I've personally used these products formulated by our biochemist, Rik Deitsch, since May 2006.

The people who become involved with using and sharing Avini Health products care about results. People and products come first, and yet, the business part of Avini is also pretty amazing. I've been able to receive compensation by helping many other people (and their animals) and help other distributors earn a supplemental income as well. Case in point - One of my friends is a massage therapist and owns her own business in Arizona. It seems like she's always behind closed doors, as she says, which is really helping people feel better, but she's trading time for money. If she doesn't work, she doesn't get paid, can't pay her mortgage, pay other expenses . . . you get the idea. When her water heater broke, it could have been a strain on her finances, but she had enough money earned from sharing Avini to cover that huge expense.

Sharing Avini

Some people are put off by the thought of network marketing. Though I've heard just about every objection, most people I know understand the idea that you actually get better service, personal care, more information and support, as well as a community of like-minded people in network marketing. I have to say that this is actually the best way I've seen across the board to do business - face to face, person to person, with no product on a shelf to make you wonder if it'll work for you. 

Whether you're looking to gain financial stability, earn a few extra dollars, or just be able to purchase the best products in the world at wholesale, Avini Health will be here for a long time to come. What I love the most about these unique products is that they actually work, are completely safe, everyone needs them, and I get to witness people's transformations to better health. What I love most about the business aspect of Avini is that it works, the people are genuine and reachable, they care more about health than building an empire, and they give great hugs. Just come see us at convention!

Neil Roth, our CEO, has prepared his whole life for this time - to lead our company and partner with Rik Deitsch, our biochemist. I've been preparing my whole life as well - as a biology teacher, energy healer, shaman - to utilize the gifts of nature we now have to support health and healing - Natural Immune Defense and Cellular Health.

It's easy to share because I know how important it is for people who have had bad news from the doctor (or vet). I know first-hand how hopeless it feels to lose someone (my mom) to cancer (or chemotherapy). I wish I had then what I have now. I feel like what I'm doing now is sharing HOPE by sharing AVINI HEALTH.

Honestly, the hard part is sometimes more like swimming upstream against harsh medical protocols that support "sick care" rather than "health care".

Experience Wholeness

The books I like to read are the ones written by medical doctors and other experts in their field who've had personal transformations, finally understood the relationship between energy and matter, the importance of detox, and the spiritual aspect of healing the WHOLE person. Rather than fragmenting and treating a person as a compilation of symptoms, these experts understand the underlying causes that separate us from healing and feeling whole.

  • If you believe PREVENTION is better than fighting dis-ease . . . 
  • If you believe in the natural power the body has to HEAL . . .
  • If you believe that we can shift our energies toward helping each other . . .
  • If you believe that NATURAL ALTERNATIVES have a place in your life
  • Then, I'd love for you to join me in using and sharing Avini Health products. Detoxification has always been my Step Number One - take out the trash (heavy metals and other toxins) so that the natural healing process can continue with ease. Clear the body and mind for ultimate healing. Start with a clean slate, as they say.

    You'd Be Great At This

    How do I know you'd be great at sharing Avini? You care about health and helping others. That's why you're here. You want to make a difference for people (and animals) you care about. You're looking for HOPE - not just for one person, or one issue, but for an opportunity to connect with like-minded people who also are great at sharing and helping. Yes, you'd be great at Avini Health.

    How to Get Started in Avini Health

    1. Call me. I'm your personal assistant and support. I can help you with how to use the products effectively, showing you what to look for, and answering your questions.
    2. Click the Avini Health site here to see all of the products.
    3. Choose an Activation Pack to become a distributor. This allows you to purchase products at wholesale and share Avini with everyone who's looking for HOPE.
    4. Start using Avini Health products. I can help guide you. Everyone's different and special - some are more toxic than others. Some are just looking for a little help - others are looking for a LOT of help. Whether a little or a lot, I'll connect you to RESOURCES to help you understand how to be in control of your own health.
    5. Don't stop. That's one of the biggest mistakes some people make. They forget, or don't realize the importance of what they've discovered. You have to actually use the products in order for the body to recognize the benefits.
    6. Join us for hearing and sharing testimonies from real people who are using these life saving, life changing products. Ask me for these resources and you'll be my guest on our calls.

    Activation Packs - Good Better Best

    $299 Bundles

    • 7 Bottles of Cell Defender Zeolite VALUED at $483
    • OR a Multi-pack with 2 Cell Defenders, 1 Nano Silver, 1 ZMunity (Medicinal Mushrooms), 1 Relief+ Spray for Pain and Inflammation, 1 Fiber+ (for gut health, better blood work) VALUED at $460

    $499 Bundle

    • A Multi-pack with 4 Cell Defenders, 2 Nano Silvers, 1 ZMunity (Medicinal Mushrooms), 1 Multi-pack of Relief+ (Spray, Gel, and Roll-on) for Pain and Inflammation, 1 Fiber+ (for gut health, better blood work) VALUED at $803
    • OR a Multi-pack with 4 Cell Defenders, 2 Fiber+, and 2 each of Trim Science (for weight control) in 3 flavors - Coffee, Matcha Tea, and Chocolate VALUED at $840

    $799 Bundle (valued at $1214) I call this the Family Pack or the Office Pack

    • A Multi-pack with 5 Cell Defenders, 3 Nano Silvers, 3 ZMunity (Medicinal Mushrooms), 1 Multi-pack of Relief+ (Spray, Gel, and Roll-on) for Pain and Inflammation, 2 Fiber+ (for gut health, better blood work)

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