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Detoxify and cleanse with zeolite ~ most important “supplement” you’ll ever take. You may be more aware now than ever before about your personal toxicity – the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals over a lifetime – that now are showing up as symptoms and signs of aging and dis-ease. Help your body heal naturally.

The body knows how to heal, but with toxicity holding you back, cells are unable to completely process and remove toxins on their own. Detoxify with safe and natural zeolite – with an original patented process that cleans the zeolite and micronizes the zeolite particles in order to be able to completely, safely, and effectively clean the blood and every organ.

There’s nothing better!

Detoxify Now with Cell Defender

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CELL DEFENDER is made with only the finest filtered water and pure mineral zeolite
Made without chemicals, preservatives, or additives
Proprietary activation and micronization process
Helps remove heavy metals and toxins from the blood*
Supports a healthy immune system*
Helps balance pH levels in the body*

Why Detoxify?

Toxicity is often overlooked as a cause of the multitudes of health issues we face today – not only for the damage done to the body by heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins, but also because toxicity interferes with every function and chemical reaction in the body.

Medicine tends to focus on symptoms – all of the things gone “wrong” with the body. Little credit may be given to the benefits of a holistic approach to helping things go right in the body.

A healthy immune system attacks old, diseased, or foreign cells. Without lead interfering, calcium can be deposited in bones for a stronger skeleton. Without mercury present in the blood, red blood cells can carry oxygen, nerves can form a protective myelin sheath instead of short-circuiting. Without pesticides, plastics, and endocrine disruptors, children can develop a healthy reproductive system, and adults wishing to start a family can have fewer concerns about scarring, infertility, and other reproductive issues.

Detoxification is a natural process that occurs in the body at all times. Every moment, you are constantly exposed to toxins – from food you eat to air you breathe, and from products you apply directly to your skin to the medicines and chemicals you use. Normal detoxification works to eliminate, neutralize or store toxins.

Many of your vital organs are constantly working to filter and eliminate toxins – liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin support these natural detoxification functions. They filter and clean the blood, eliminate waste, and protect the body from harmful toxins. Though the body’s physiology is complex, the modern world offers a highly toxic environment. Your greater exposure to heavy metals and complex industrial chemicals stress your bodies to the limit, making it difficult to manage and eliminate all of the toxins you accumulate every day.

How to Detoxify

The stress and strain your body encounters through toxic exposure may be too much. Eventually, kidneys can become weakened and less efficient. Arteries can become clogged with toxic sludge. The colon can become inflamed and less able to not only absorb water and nutrients, but also move waste out of the body. Nerves, muscles, and bones become stressed with the body burden of toxicity.

It’s important, then, to utilize a do-it-yourself approach whenever possible to help the body detox. Consider it a part of maintenance, as you would maintain the smooth functioning of your car. Fortunately, it’s easy to change a clogged filter in your car. It’s not so easy, however, to change one of your own filters (kidneys or lungs, for example).

You may have heard of detox teas, herbal detox, colon cleanses, and detox diets for detoxification. Though some of these methods are helpful, they may not provide the total Detox cleanse you need for best results. In fact, some of these methods may cause you to experience the harmful effects of these toxins all over again.

AND, if the reason you feel called to detox is through an urgent, critical diagnosis such as cancer, you’ll want products that actually work and give the best results – not only to cleanse but also to go after bad cells (apoptosis).

A Total Detox Cleanse

The best choice, then, it to utilize a comprehensive approach to detoxification – a Total Detox Cleanse, customized to your needs.

Toxins can be inorganic (like heavy metals – mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, etc.) or organic (like pesticides, plastics, stain-resistant and flame-retardant chemicals.)

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