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Aging Pet Wellness

Recognize the difference between aging and illness.

We can’t see wrinkles on their faces but we can tell by the few grey hairs around the eyes and noses that our dogs are aging. Though we can relate to that feeling of aging, we want to do all we can to help our dogs feel fit and young as long as possible.

As your pet ages, diet becomes more critical. Medications seem inevitable. Treatments don’t have to have side-effects. You can help your pet age gracefully and support youthful joints, immune system and digestion. With specific supplements you can help your pet feel better and even help reverse signs of aging . . . without harmful chemicals.

Ask me about a three step program to bring your pet into balance and good health.

Guidelines for Better Health

Illness does not have to come with age.

That may seem obvious to some people, but the diseases we commonly associate with age such as arthritis, fatty lumps or tumors, hearing loss or cataracts have little to do with age. In fact, these symptoms which are generally tolerated and accepted as treatable illness (treatable with medications or surgeries) may be completely prevented or reversed naturally. Read more about the Warning Signs of Disease here.

Safety first.

Just because you know your dog is healthy does not mean you are willing to compromise their health and safety, right?

Take extra care for their entire lives, from puppy to aging adult, to avoid injuries.

Jumping out of the car or off the furniture may cause injury at any age. Have your dog use a ramp or portable stairs instead. Training at an early age makes reducing risk of injury a habit.

If there is an injury or accident, take extra care to reduce stress and promote healing. The long lasting effects of injuries may show up later in life as arthritis in the affected area, but with proper care, Reiki, targeted nutritional supplements, and essential oils, even arthritis can be avoided.


It’s in the water, food and air.

We can’t hide and our pets are feeling the brunt of toxins. Now more than ever, our pets’ exposure to hidden toxins every day compromises their health like we’ve never seen before.

Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and infections afflict our pets during their youth or middle age.

These diseases are not signs of aging but rather consequences of environmental pollution.

Chemicals are everywhere, from carpeting and cleaning products, fragrances and flea treatments causing every ailment. Neurological problems, hormone disruption, abnormal cell growth, inflammation and a compromised immune system can all be traced back to toxins. Avoiding toxins, eliminating them from your home and garden areas, as well as active detoxification are among the highest priority for a long and healthy life.
Learn more about detoxification.

Anti-aging Nutrition

Just as people are discovering that packaged foods hold little nutritional value and are in fact loaded with more carbohydrates, preservatives and questionable ingredients than we can imagine, pet food is now coming under the same scrutiny.

Re-evaluate your pet’s nutrition. Don’t believe the pretty packages and clever advertising. Instead, opt to feed your pet real food, as close to natural as possible. You can prepare a natural dog food diet yourself with ease, adding the supplements your pet needs to ensure complete nutrition.

Anti-aging Supplements

Medicinal Mushrooms

Certain nutrients which may not be a part of the food you give your dog can be added as supplements. Concentrated, targeted nutritional supplements help rebuild healthy tissue, support joint health, reduce inflammation, aid in digestion and offer added immune support.

Don’t wait until your dog already shows signs of aging. Rather, start with the right nutritional supplements at an early age to promote anti-aging for life.

Notice the Small Changes

Watch for Warning Signs of Disease

Over time you may notice your pet slowing down, sleeping more often or tiring more easily during usual exercise. Be aware that animals are very good at hiding serious illness. What we may take for signs of aging may really be a gradual disengagement from family activity.

Monitor weight, behavior and activity closely. Healthy dogs stay engaged and interested, are willing to participate and show their smiles. Healthy dogs, even as they age should have no digestive discomfort or require special packaged diets.

Aging dogs can continue to have a strong immune system, clear vision, no infections and get around easily. Noticing the small changes allows you to act quickly if an emergency arrives. Be aware of the warning signs of disease – at any age.

Ask for Help

What’s your animal trying to tell you?

Animal Healing

Get help and learn about Natural Pet Health Alternatives.

Always check with your vet and stay on top of annual check ups. Clean teeth, grooming and your loving care  go a long way to keep your dog healthy and feeling young.

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