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Your Health is in Your Feet

Children laying on grass. Family picnic in spring parkWhat do your feet say about your health? If you’re like many people, you may be overly conscious about how your feet look or smell. Feet, often taken for granted, may provide a key to your health that you have been missing.

You know better than anyone that discolored toenails may be a result of injury, poor fitting shoes or even toenail fungus. How about thickened skin that builds up over time in those heavy wear spots?

Might the aches in your back or knees have something to do with the bottom of your feet?

Taking care of your feet is easier than you think. Try these tips for better foot health and for better health for your whole body:

Improve circulation.

1. Blood gets stagnant in the feet, especially with age or by wearing poorly fitting shoes. You can improve circulation by soaking your feet in Epsom Salts. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water to make your experience even better. Try Melaleuka (tea tree oil) to help control toenail fungus. Add Lavender essential oil for relaxation or Citrus Fresh essential oil blend for revitalization. Melaleuka can also be applied neat (full strength) to toenails and skin.

2. Massage – don’t worry if you can’t reach your feet. Just grab a tennis ball and, while standing, roll the ball around under each foot, one at a time. Apply as much pressure as you feel comfortable. Be sure to roll the ball everywhere under your feet. Don’t forget the toes! Not only will this improve circulation, but also help loosen the fascia, the connective tissue in the feet that sometimes becomes painful.

Stimulate Healing.

Certain essential oils may be used on the bottom of the feet to help reduce inflammation and reduce discomfort. When these oils are applied at particular points on the bottom of the feet, there may be an extra bonus for the rest of your body. Try Valor essential oil blend first. This one helps to bring alignment to all the energies in your body – almost like a chiropractic adjustment! A few drops of Oregano essential oil can bring warmth and help stimulate circulation. Peppermint can wake up your senses and provide cooling relief. Add wintergreen to soothe aching muscles.

What is Vita-Flex?

Simply put, Vita-Flex means “vitality through the reflexes”. This technique originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. When essential oils are applied to the feet and hands, and applied directly with intention and technique to the reflex points, neuroelectrical pathways are stimulated. What that could mean for you is open pathways for new energy, feeling better, releasing toxins, repairing damaged tissue and more!

Refer to the chart below to target specific areas of your feet for extra care. Apply pressure where desired Vita_Flex_Feet-CHARTto stimulate the acupressure points. You can also learn more through our special workshops we offer at our healing center. Contact Rosemary to learn more.








See a Professional

Yes, go ahead and make an appointment for that pedicure. A professional can carefully trim toenails and remove dead skin as needed. Get a reflexology treatment or massage. But in the interim, caring for your feet can be easy and rewarding.

You can purchase an essential oils easily through my website,

All of the oils mentioned in this article may be found in the Everyday Oils Kit from Young Living. I can help you place your first order. Consultations for your specific needs are free with purchase through my site.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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