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Your life's too precious to feel out-of-balance, sick, powerless, or disconnected. Healing is an Art anyone can do.

What if you could access natural healing easily, become balanced, feel healthier, and more powerful in your natural healing abilities?

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Second Nature Healing® Believes in You

You Have the Power to Heal, Feel Whole, and Manifest Joy and Abundance RIGHT NOW.

I BELIEVE that if we implement our natural gifts and abilities to heal, we'll be pioneers in a system of HEALTH care, not "sick" care. 


  • That toxins and toxicity keep you from healing naturally.
  • That if you support your immune system and cellular health your body will heal.
  • In Intuitive guidance and that we all possess a natural ability to connect to a Higher Source for healing.
  • That the memory of vibrant health lives in every cell of the body.
  • That detoxifying heavy metals and lower vibrations provides a stronger foundation for the body to express wholeness.
  • A healthy lifestyle must include beliefs that support the highest potential for healing.
  • These beliefs must be acted upon from empowerment rather than fear.
  • That strong connections to nature, animals, sound, energy, and the environment build a stronger immune system through relaxation and harmony
  • Our Spiritual Ancestry is stronger than fear, asking us to live life with love and the fullness of abundance and joy.

Find Out How Natural Alternatives Will Work For You

An Incredible Reiki Teacher

I am always enchanted and amazed at your skill in teaching and perception. You have a unique ability to help a person get to the center of an issue and have the courage to deal with it in a protective and loving atmosphere. This is a rare gift — plus you are an incredible teacher.

-Star Studonivic

Meet Rosemary Levesque
Your Guide to Empowered Natural Healing

It’s through Grace and Ancient Wisdom that I am here at this time, to teach, heal, and guide as I work with subtle energy to help you AWAKEN, HEAL, and TRANSCEND. I am a SHAMAN and Carrier of Light — a Shamanic Lightworker. I help people heal at the deepest level to discover their POWER and PASSION and live their lives with health, joy, confidence, and abundance.

In my twenties, living and teaching in South Korea, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. All of my training in science did not prepare me for this scenario. I couldn’t help my mother HEAL, and the medical system not only failed to produce the desired outcome, but caused great harm in the process. We both felt helpless and powerless.

Years later, however, I overcame my dis-ability by learning about natural alternatives and energy to help my dog heal from diabetes and cancer. Ginger was my greatest teacher and AWAKENED my Spiritual connection. She also taught me about the power of natural healing for pets.

It's from these experiences that my passion for natural healing has cultivated a strong belief. I have a dream that expensive sick-care systems that support the debilitating dis-eases and traumas of our time will crumble when we share and support each other, one person at a time, through natural healing and self-empowerment to heal.

Rosemary's Qualifications
  • Licensed Spiritual Healer
  • Reiki Master
  • Shaman
  • Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher
  • Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist
  • Avini Health Independent Distibutor and Leader
  • Former Biology Teacher
  • Animal Communicator
  • Psychic Intuitive
  • Years of Experience Teaching in International Schools
  • Author of Approved Courses for the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Clients and Students
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Member and Integrative Healing Expert for The Wellness Universe
  • Member International Association of Reiki Professionals
Petworks Approved


Rosemary worked with me via phone to help with a recent situation. She was very generous with her time and explanation of the process (pendulum plus more) and her willingness to help me work through my issue. I had worked with her in person previously, and know her from a “past life” ;o) and can honestly say that she has your best intentions at heart. She is an advocate for personal power and is a trusted friend and is the real deal: a compassionate, caring, honest, intelligent person with many gifts and talents. You can’t go wrong consulting with/utilizing all that she has to offer. It will be a thoughtful, amazing, contemplative, enlightening experience!

-Karen W.

Blown Away

Oh my goodness, Rosemary, I am blown away! I gave her 5ml of the nano before bed last night. Let me tell you, I seriously didn't know if you pushed out healing vibes, was the nano, or both, but what I can tell you is I am a happy dog momma today. ? She just did #2 and it was solid!!!! I am soooo happy beyond belief. Not only that, but she has always snored and sounded like she had an upper respiratory issue since a pup. On top of that she always moved around while she slept (almost like she couldn't find a comfortable spot). I am just in utter disbelief right now that the nano silver firmed up her stool (just wasn't giving enough), but she didn't sound like she had phlegm/mucus in her nose/throat when breathing last night AND she minimally moved around during her sleep last night. My goodness, I wish I would have reached out sooner instead of being afraid of overdosing her and remotely comparing the nano to side effects of colloidal silver. I'm going to keep her on the 5ml 3 times a day (increase if needed) for a week and see what happens afterwards (unless you suggest otherwise). Thank you soooo much for your time and love of helping people!!! You gave me peace of mind and I can't say enough for how much the zeolite made her coat beautiful and doesn't have much of a dog smell anymore either. Looks like I'll be ordering more nano and zeolite soon to always have as my medical arsenal.

- Jody B.

Rosemary is Truly a Blessing in My Life

Rosemary is truly a blessing in my life! Her loving-kindness, compassion, intuition and knowledge have assisted me throughout my spiritual journey. Rosemary is a master in Shamanic healing, Sound healing, and Reiki healing. Additionally, she possesses the qualities necessary for teaching. She is experienced and eager to share her psychic communications and channeling of spirit. I really enjoyed the Reiki & Sound healing classes, as well as a few other fascinating classes, such as Intuitive Crystal Magic and Animal healing. During the energy shifts and challenging time, Rosemary continues to offer her classes online and to help others (even animals) through distant healing sessions. I am excited to continue my spiritual journey alongside or with Rosemary! Also, I'm so grateful for the distant healing Rosemary offered to both my daughter and me. My experience was incredible and I had an emotional release after about 10-15 min into the session...very similar to my previous in person release. WOW! Thank you! I highly recommend Rosemary. 

- Diane Rogers

Healing transforms the body, mind, and soul toward feeling whole. Your healing could bring you physical relief of severe and troubling symptoms. Allow yourself to receive deep healing at the SOUL level.

Enter a world of magic, transformation, and the Fifth Dimension. Learn energy healing and get certified with online and live Reiki and Sound courses with group training and coaching.

Advanced training in Shamanic Spiritual Mastery, integrates intuition and sound with ancient wisdom. Advanced practices of healing Karmic and Ancestral Wounds, uncovering Life's Purpose, and initiating you to a higher dimension. Become a Licensed Spiritual Healer.

Detoxify and Heal with Avini Health Zeolite. How do heavy metals and other toxins interfere with healing? In addition to blocking your intuitive skills, toxins impede every bio-chemical reaction in the body. Now we have a safe, do-it-yourself option for removing toxins. Get Immediate Help

MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your life and the ones you love. Get FREE Heart-to-Heart Coaching.

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Thank You, Rosemary!

Rosemary was wonderful! From the moment she opened the door to welcome me, it was an easy connection. She matched the pace of the class to our needs. The second day really pulled it all together. At the end of the program I felt very confident. Thank you, Rosemary.

-Deborah Kirkendall

Your Choice

A Close Friend By Your Side

Had we not found Rosemary and Ginger’s story, we would have had very little hope, and we are forever grateful for her being there. Our decision to do chemo goes against Rosemary’s convictions, but that has not changed anything in her support and willingness to help answer any questions, we might have! It is like having a close friend by your side.

Thank you, Rosemary, for being there!!!! Warm thoughts from Susan in Georgia”

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Make a Difference

  • One conversation can give you hope
  • Break through your pain
  • Rediscover your health
  • Enjoy newfound freedom and light in your life
  • Unleash your power and connection to Source
  • Reclaim and find a new direction in your life
  • Discover your intuitive healing skills
  • Help your animals heal from impossible situations
  • Create better ways to affect change in the world

Deny Yourself a Healthy Future

Overthink it. Stay alone and in doubt.

  • Waste time and money on something that doesn't work.
  • Try to learn and heal from someone with less knowledge and experience.
  • Deprive yourself of the healing wisdom you need and deserve.
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Amazing Life Changing Experience

Rosemary has an amazing calm energy. My experience with Reiki 1&2 (Integrative Class) was amazing and a life changing experience, not just to expand/create my own practice, but to expand my spiritual side as a person. I learned about crystals, cards, oils, forks that I never knew before. A life changing experience. Thank you!

- Annie Currier

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Definitely on the Right Path

Talk About a Celebration! After the first day I was easily able to balance my chakras. After day 2 I feel simultaneous peace, calmness, and excitement. I am able to "hear" messages better and more clear than ever. My fuzzy hands finally have a direction and I am definitely on the right path. Thank you so much Rosemary! 

- R.J.

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