Second Nature Healing™
Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
Call Today:  (503) 747-3307


Enter a world of magic, transformation, and the Fifth Dimension. Learn energy healing and get certified with online and live Reiki and Sound courses with group training and coaching.


Healing transforms the body, mind, and soul toward feeling whole. Your healing could bring you physical relief of severe and troubling symptoms. Allow yourself to receive deep healing at the SOUL level.


Transform your life to feel empowered, enriched, and purposeful with Guided Intuitive Coaching.


Advanced training in Spiritual Mastery and Shamanic Tuning, integrates intuition and sound with ancient wisdom. Advanced practices of healing Karmic and Ancestral Wounds, uncovering Life's Purpose, and initiating you to a higher dimension.

How Toxic Are You?

FREE Toxicity Test to Optimize Your Healing Potential

Second Nature Healing™ Believes in You

  • I believe in intuitive guidance and that we all possess a natural ability to connect to a Higher Source for healing.
  • I believe that the memory of vibrant health lives in every cell of the body.
  • I believe that detoxifying heavy metals and lower vibrations provides a stronger foundation for the body to express wholeness.
  • I believe that a healthy lifestyle must include beliefs that support the highest potential for healing.
  • I believe these beliefs must be acted upon from empowerment rather than fear.
  • I believe that strong connections to nature, animals, sound, energy, and the environment build a stronger immune system through relaxation and harmony
  • I believe that we’re here for a reason – to live life with love, the fullness of abundance and joy, with the many of gifts we all bring to the world.

Life is Meant to Be GOOD

Products that LIFT YOU UP. Clear out toxins, pollutants, and impurities to create a clean, healthy body that can receive the benefits from all the good stuff you put in it.


Your Journey

Discover your path in life. Learn how to embrace your life’s purpose with excitement while experiencing the riches of Nature and the Universe.


Animal Healing

Discover a holistic approach to healing and recovery for animals. Receive intuitive counseling, energy healing, recommended diet and powerful supplements for your pet’s best hope for healing.


Heal Your Deepest Wounds

Receive Reiki healing energy, vibrational sound energy, crystal energy, and aromatherapy as well as healing wisdom from your spiritual guides.


Second Nature Healing™

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