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Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
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The Wounded Healer Online Course


The Wounded Healer, first in the Windhorse Spirit series, focuses on the stories recorded in human ancestry and Akashic records. A customized set of five tuning forks accompany the process of opening to divine wisdom, discovering deeply held wounds, uprooting them at their core, and healing the wounds with compassion. What you’ll discover is a release that may be felt immediately and grow more profound over time.

Healing Ancestral & Karmic Signatures to Become Pain-free From Your Wounds

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • 6 Learning Modules
  • The Wounded Healer Protocol – in depth with complete instruction
  • Live Webinars, Recorded for easy access on your schedule
  • Exercises
  • Videos
  • Deeper Exploration
  • Live Support
  • Checkpoint Assessments

What’s in the Wounded Healer Tuning Fork Kit?*

*(Please note that these customized tuning forks are an additional fee of $699 – free shipping in the US)

You get a set of 5 Energy Tuners including:

  • CHIRON Tuner with Swivel
  • SPIRIT Tuner
  • PINEAL Tuner
  • LOVE Tuner
  • CRYSTAL Tuner
  • SMOKY QUARTZ Activator
  • Large Fabric Drawstring Case holds tuning forks in individual velvet pouches for extra protection
  • Optional Additional Forks include Body Tuners – The Sun, The Moon, OM ($50 each)


Special – Course Plus Customized Wounded Healer Tuning Fork Set (Value ~ $1497, but as a part of the SHINE Spiritual Mastery Program is only $1196)

Recent Testimony

R – How are you doing?
D – Amazing.
R – What was amazing about it?
D – At the beginning, again, just like last time, I could feel the energy leaving my body.
R – I saw you moving. Yes?
D – Yes. I was twitching significantly.
R – So your body’s twitching. You could feel something leaving.
D – Interestingly enough, although we were releasing something from the right side of the throat, I felt the most release moving down the left side of my leg all the way down to my foot. It became very apparent and heavy and I continued to in my mind say I’m releasing this.
R – Okay. Yes, your awareness is really important. Good. So, Then that kind of subsided and then you moved
D – I started to feel it again in the same way (as you moved the forks), but a lesser intensity and then I started to feel pain in my right shoulder, like a sticky pain, not like an intense pain. Then that eventually released as well as you continued to use the forks.
R – I think it was trying to run and hide.
D – And that’s where a lot of my pain and my issues have been. I’ve had two shoulder surgeries.
R – That’s interesting, because as I was using the tuning fork, coming down from here and hovering in this area, I wanted to continue but it wouldn’t let me continue. It had to come back here.
D – I was vaguely aware of that. You know, sensing that.
R – ‘Cause I even started over again to check it, because it was doing something here, but it also wanted to go here, and I was thinking in my mind, well, if I don’t deal with this now, as it’s showing up then nothing else is going to matter. So I had to go back.
D – Thank you. Thank you so much!
R – Because in moving that, it’s almost like the cork in the bottle, it feels like. Like we were able to take the cork out of the bottle and then allow some breathing space. And, yes, it was running and hiding, but it couldn’t hide. We were chasing it. We were moving it.
D – And I finally felt relief.
R – And you felt it go. Good.

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