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Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
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The Wounded Healer Online Course

The Wounded Healer, first in the Windhorse Spirit series, focuses on the stories recorded in human ancestry and Akashic records. A customized set of two tuning forks (Chiron and Spirit) and the complementary Fundamental Set accompany the process of opening to divine wisdom, discovering deeply held wounds, uprooting them at their core, and healing the wounds with compassion. What you’ll discover is a release that may be felt immediately and grow more profound over time.


Healing Ancestral & Karmic Signatures to Become Pain-free From Your Wounds

chiron the wounded healer

The Wounded Healer Sound Healing Course Curriculum Includes:

  • 6 Learning Modules
  • The Wounded Healer Protocol – in depth with complete instruction
  • Live Webinars, Recorded for easy access on your schedule
  • Exercises
  • Videos
  • Deeper Exploration
  • Live Support
  • Checkpoint Assessments

Wounded Healer Course $222

tuning forks sets wounded healer

What’s in the Wounded Healer Tuning Fork Kit?

  • CHIRON Tuner with Swivel
  • SPIRIT Tuner
  • SMOKY QUARTZ Activator
  • 1 ml Helichrysum Plant Essence
  • Large Fabric Drawstring Case holds tuning forks in individual velvet pouches for extra protection

Wounded Healer Tuning Fork Set $222 (Sold separately from the course)

Additional Forks Sold Separately

Many of my students already have Fundamental Tuning Forks needed to complete the protocol. However, I now make them available separately if you’re just starting out:

The Fundamental Set includes:

  • 528 Hz Miracle unweighted Tuning Fork
  • 4225 Hz Heaven unweighted Tuning Fork
  • 3rd Eye unweighted Tuning Fork
  • Clear quartz point activator
  • 1 ml Black Spruce plant essence

The Optional Portals Set includes:

  • The Sun Body Tuner
  • The Moon Body Tuner
  • Earth Day (OM) Body Tuner

It’s Your Time to SHINE

SHINE Spiritual Mastery

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