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The Miracle of Emotional and Physical Connections

transformational experienceDoes the aroma of something wonderful bring you into a different state of mind? How about the reverse? Does a different state of mind bring about the sense of a wonderful aroma? If so, then you have experienced the miracle of emotional and physical connections.

Recently, I have been using cedarwood essential oil during group meditation practice. I also offer a drop of cedarwood essential oil to my fellow participants in the class. Cedarwood has been very well received by everyone who uses it, helping to enhance the experience. Last week, however, I did not bring any oils to class. We proceeded through several meditative experiences – which were all wonderful.

After class, one of the students, a woman named Lois, came up to me and said that she could smell my cedarwood oil during her meditation. Huh. Well, I didn’t have any cedarwood oil on me. Yet, she said that she had smelled it. We were both pleased to know that the aroma of cedarwood was still active in her meditation because her mind had made the connection with her physical experience of smelling the essential oil. Lois “remembered” the aroma. She went on to say that the smell of cedarwood means a lot to her. She and her husband used to enjoy walks in the forest together before his passing last year. The essential oil and her memory of cedarwood always brought back a feeling of closeness to him.

Essential oils help to show us the way to our own personal miracles. Remembering happy moments and relaxing times, soothing the wounds of grief or despair, easing tense muscles, or feeling revitalized despite the mid-afternoon blahs – these are feelings that manifest as physical relief when we connect on a deeper level to our spiritual selves.

There is a scientific reason as to why aromas and memories are related. However, I like the idea that these miracles are built-in for us to enjoy at any time. What experiences will you create when you begin to use essential oils? Which essential oils will come to mind when you become meditative? The benefits are real. I know that for Lois, the memories of joy brought back to her by cedarwood were a blessing.

To learn more aoil-dropbout essential oils and which ones I like for anyone to get started, please visit my website or contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!



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