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My healing session with Rosemary was wonderful

My healing session with Rosemary was wonderful. It was a blend of Reiki, chakra work using tuning forks (loved that), crystals, an essential oil (valor), and messages to share via guides/spirit she had tapped into, which were definitely part of my life experience that have been a real struggle for me. It was legit and spot-on. She also picked up on a completely blocked chakra, and opened it with some extensive tuning fork work. Besides the various healing modalities which were interesting and fun, she also affirms and supports your spirit, encouraging you to do things (projects, self-work, for example) that she is guided to tell you. It is all shared in a loving, supportive, life-affirming manner. She is fully into what she does, and her work area surroundings (as well as nature outside the windows) reflect that. It is a beautiful space full of crystals, rocks, essential oils, tools of the trade. She is fully invested in her healing work and her clients and has done the homework. Very knowledgeable and well-read and well-practiced to get to this level of healing work that she does. I recommend her without reservation. You would come away with a calm and insight and affirmation you hadn't felt before.

Karen W.

Thanks So Much For All You Do

I’ve been contemplating on all you passed along to me. I listened to the mp3 file you sent, took notes on all of it, and then typed them up so I could more easily read them but also to reinforce the message(s) for myself. It’s given me a different perspective on how I’ve been conducting my life. And this morning I went to a meditation session I do twice a month with some good friends, where we always share what we heard during our joint meditations. My friend Gary is very “tuned in” spiritually (his life is totally guided by his still, small voice) and he spoke of pretty much the exact same things you relayed to me about the importance of personal power (i.e., "getting dressed," knowing who my "I am" is, etc.), to trust in God’s messages to us and to sweep away everything else. Very interesting that what you told me on Monday was reiterated today. Among other things, in answer to the question “What’s my purpose in life?” I heard: “Love. Write. Teach. Be. Share. And love some more.” I was also told not to worry about the how of it; it will come to me. Trust. Accept. Don’t be attached to the outcome. I feel so blessed that our paths were supposed to cross this time around (and probably have in other lives). Thanks so much for all you do.

KB, Lake Oswego, OR

My Spirit and Energy Has Flourished

I want to truly thank the both of you for the instruction, guidance, knowledge and kindness you have given me. My spirit and overall life energy has, dare I say, flourished in a number of ways since that weekend, and I consider meeting the two of you as a major blessing in my life. It was certainly right on time.' "I can also sense joy and humor and life energy of other people, even strangers, in a much more heightened way than before. All in all, things do seem brighter; or rather, I am much more able to readily see what there is to be grateful for in basically any given situation. Though disease and pain and problems exist all over, so does life energy, and in seeing that, one can have hope.

Tina McConnell, Portland, OR 2015

Powerful Healing Magic

Thank you so much for the session – there has been huge pain relief, especially in the center bone area. I felt fully energized, but relaxed, and ended up taking a three hour nap – very, very deep sleep and awoke feeling fine. And – thank you for the activation of the oils – it made a huge difference in how I felt them. What happened during my session with you was a remembering of scents from WAYyyyyy back – the tree scents were from other lifetimes as well as when I was a child. Every layer of scent evoked a primal memory. Each memory was coded with the feeling of safety. At no time was I anxious. These were scents I felt in my cells. The deeper we went the more I could feel my body absorb what it needed – something from each scent. You know that feeling you get when you smell the first opening of a rose in the early morning when the sun begins to kiss the petals? That was one of the sensations – and not the artificial scent of rose you smell in perfume which is tainted. The memories came through clearly because they were not aberrated. The more you layered the scents the more relaxed and open my third eye became – there was a sense of well-being, safety, comfort and healing. So … thought you should know about the effects of your treatment!!! Thank you so very much for such powerful magic. Love you.

Star Studonivic

I Feel Blessed

I feel blessed to have chosen Rosemary and the group . . . I got to learn with. We all helped each other and were meant to meet. Rosemary is a very good teacher visually and auditory and was easy for me to understand . . . her tactics worked great.

Carissa Lewis, 8/2019

I Received Exactly What I Needed

I did not know what to expect when I was Divinely called to be trained in Reiki. I received exactly what I needed, not only for my practice but also for myself. Rosemary's teaching of Reiki is so profound. She is nurturing in her guidance and I feel confident to walk away from the weekend training with the knowledge and tools to practice Reiki. I most definitely continue on with her as my Reiki Master.

Natalie Seibel

I feel so grateful for having this experience

I feel so grateful for having this experience. It was validating and affirming that I am at the right place in my practice/path. Prior to this I was not sure if Reiki would be incorporated in my life outside of personal work, but I feel called to forever make space healing/professional work/Reiki. Thanks for the affirmations, guidance, and amazing weekend! You are an incredibly skilled and loving teacher. Thanks so much.

Keixa Bridges 8/2019

I’m so excited to be on this path.

I’ve taken several classes from Rosemary over the years and the Phase I Sound Healing class was the natural next step on my journey. I’m so excited to be on this path and plan to continue my Sound Healing journey with Rosemary, the sound and vibrational experience is absolutely amazing. Rosemary is a great teacher with high expectations. Her kind and caring way of presenting the information, keeps me wanting more. Whenever I complete a class with Rosemary I know I will have the knowledge, skills and support needed to be successful.

Briana Sounhein, Salem, OR, 9/2019

Absolutely Wonderful

It was absolutely wonderful and I will be making another appointment as soon as I can thank you and have a blessed day.


An Incredible Experience

It was an incredible experience to have so many involved in giving Reiki to each other. The awareness of knowing my intention with your help is still something I think about each day. Taking “Responsibility for Expanding” my practice. Through our discussions the power of Reiki was present through each one of us. Thanks for the experience!

Larry Dye, 3/2021

Profound Transformation

Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to be your student. I learned so much from you that I could not learn else where. Reiki has taught me the ability to heal myself as well as the gift to assist in the healing of others. My journey with Rosemary transformed not only my life but already others close around me in a very profound and positive way. Specifically I practiced Reiki on a family member consistently (weekly/daily Dec.2020-Feb2021) using what Rosemary taught me both hands on and distance Reiki treatment for these last 3 months, preparing for his nurse NCLEX RN exam that he has failed 20 times in the last 7 years. Finally on his 21st try this last Feb 16, 2021, he passed his NCLEX RN exam for the first time after 7 long years and 20 times of test failure. I practiced Reiki on him consistently during my Reiki 1-2 training and we believe Reiki helped release very deep and negative emotions he had been carrying for so long which was blocking him from being in his most highest vibration of love and light. I have learned Reiki assists in deep inner healing of self and helps transform people’s lives for the better and the greater of good always, Reiki can never do no harm it is a very beautiful healing energy. Rosemary is very knowledgeable about Reiki as well as other energetic healing alternatives/techniques. This new Reiki circle/certification event was a very good experience especially learning from both Reiki masters and practitioners coming together as one. I learned I also have much more to learn and am going to continue this beautiful practice of Reiki onto the next level of becoming a Reiki Master and wherever else my Reiki journey takes me spiritually. Thank you again Rosemary I look forward to learning more from you:)

Jennifer Swayze, 3/2021

Reiki Has Made Me More Connected

My Reiki journey has been life changing. I see myself using and practicing the exercises I've learned every day. I really enjoy the feeling of connection that Reiki has made me aware of. As a person who practices yoga often, I feel that Reiki will be an amazing tool to use with yoga and meditation, so that I can connect with my spirit in a more practical way. I can't wait to offer Reiki to my Grandmother.

Nathan Meeker, Portland, OR 9/2019

Thank you, Rosemary

Rosemary was wonderful! From the moment she opened the door to welcome me, it was an easy connection. She matched the pace of the class to our needs. The second day really pulled it all together. At the end of the program I felt very confident. Thank you, Rosemary.

Deborah Kirkendall, Vancouver, WA 2018

Amazing Energy

The energy after our session was amazing, I haven’t felt so calm and at peace in decades. It was a wonderful feeling. I am doing well and have referred a few clients of mine to you. I look forward to our next appointment!


I can't wait to share my experiences with the World!

Absolutely loved my class today! I can't wait to share my experiences with the World! After completing Reiki 2 & Reiki Master class with you, I would like to plan on taking Karuna Reiki as well. Thank you very much for sharing of yourself & precious time!

Ali Campbell, Portland, OR 2015

Amazing Life Changing Experience

Rosemary has an amazing calm energy. My experience with Reiki 1&2 (Integrative Class) was amazing and a life changing experience, not just to expand/create my own practice, but to expand my spiritual side as a person. I learned about crystals, cards, oils, forks that I never knew before. A life changing experience. Thank you!

Annie Currier, 10/2018

Rosemary is truly a blessing in my life!

Rosemary is truly a blessing in my life! Her loving-kindness, compassion, intuition and knowledge have assisted me throughout my spiritual journey. Rosemary is a master in Shamanic healing, Sound healing, and Reiki healing. Additionally, she possesses the qualities necessary for teaching. She is experienced and eager to share her psychic communications and channeling of spirit. I really enjoyed the Reiki & Sound healing classes, as well as a few other fascinating classes, such as Intuitive Crystal Magic and Animal healing. During the energy shifts and challenging time, Rosemary continues to offer her classes online and to help others (even animals) through distant healing sessions. I am excited to continue my spiritual journey alongside or with Rosemary! Also, I'm so grateful for the distant healing Rosemary offered to both my daughter and me. My experience was incredible and I had an emotional release after about 10-15 min into the session...very similar to my previous in person release. WOW! Thank you! I highly recommend Rosemary.

Diane Rogers, April 2020

Educational and Enlightening

I am so glad that I found you. I can see now why Reiki made me wait so long before I could learn to use it. I have had not only an educational and enlightening experience, but also a validating one. I am so blessed to have teachers that continue to teach me to trust my experience.

Anna H., 1/2018

Expanding My Awareness

Thank you so much for this Reiki learning experience. I am looking forward to furthering my studies with you to become Reiki Master as well as sound therapy, etc. This Reiki journey I am on has been an awakening experience that has opened new doors for me in a very new bright light that I feel guided to follow. I am very thankful for finding you.

Jennifer S. 12/2020

I Received SO MANY Blessings

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! so much for providing such a wonderful learning experience yesterday. I received SO MANY blessings! One of them being all the knowledge you imparted to us.

Mary M, Portland, OR 2016

I am so thankful for new knowledge and understanding.

It will take a few days for my brain to absorb everything we learned on Saturday (in Reiki II class). I am so thankful for new knowledge and understanding. I knew I was an old soul and that I have been through a few lifetimes, but I'm finding out I have been around much much longer than I could ever have fathomed. I have started work on my ethereal healing of past and future with my intentions being that all the fractured parts and times fall gently into alignment with my current path so that I can achieve full potential as a healer. I will continue to enjoy gifts as they unfold for me. Thank you, Rosemary, and Michelle for being the ones to guide me into this new phase of awareness!!!

Kendra B. Astoria, OR 2016

Her Service Revealed Things I Was Not Aware Of

Intuitive message Rosemary brought through her spirit allies for me was way beyond what I anticipated. Her service unveiled things I was not aware of and I was hiding consciously/unconsciously. The session was not only loving and gentle, but also powerful. I'm so glad I had her session. When I entered her place, her dog, Gracie barked at me really hard, then she became so calm and peaceful after the session. She knew I had a lot to release. Thank you, Rosemary.


I Can't Wait to Share My Experiences With the World!

Absolutely loved my class today! I can't wait to share my experiences with the World! After completing Reiki 2 & Reiki Master class with you, I would like to plan on taking Karuna Reiki as well. Thank you very much for sharing of yourself & precious time!

Ali Campbell, Portland, Or 2015

Beautiful and Emotional

I feel so connected, grounded and clear in my energy & my body. I feel like I have tools now to bring healing into my own being & the beginnings of confidence to bring to others. The Reiki circle (in class) was beautiful & emotional to be around so many other beings working with light.

K.B. May 2021

My Session Shifted So Many Things

My session shifted so many things-- I have felt brighter and freer and more connected to my higher self and guidance ever since. It also made a big difference with my partner who seems less trapped in the trauma of her past experiences ever since. It's been liberating for me, energetically. We've been talking about me focusing my energy on writing my book (and ongoing project) more, and that's also felt like an important shift. Thank you so much! Jen Hecht,

Jen Hecht, 3/2021

Rosemary is a fantastic teacher!

Rosemary is a fantastic teacher! Sound healing phase 1 is going to be a wonderful modality to add to my practice. I would recommend Rosemary for continued growth as a Lightworker.

Tina Woosley, Beaverton, OR, 2019

Spirituality of Essential Oils

Along with delving into the spiritual nature of plants and oils, Rosemary gives you a snapshot of the scientific view (her years as a biology teacher come to the forefront). But ... that's not all. You will get an absolute thorough background of source materials, references, suggestions for reading, and a helping hand to guide you through your journey. Her ability to make your journey unique is one of her many gifts as she helps you find the deeper questions to ask of yourself. You don't just "learn" but you rather "absorb" and "remember", tuning into your deeper self. I've studied Reiki, tuning forks, crystal magic, and now oils, and their living source: plants from Rosemary. I will continue to learn from her as she is a deep well of knowledge, of spirit, of heart, and of knowledge. This very warm, human lady of magic, knows how to weave magic, thought, feeling, senses, knowledge knowing and wisdom into an accessible and approachable bundle that you will carefully cherish and keep with you always.

Star Studonivic

Grateful and Blessed

I am so grateful and blessed to have attended the class today. I feel like I have gained additional healing power, especially excited to do distance Reiki healing on loved ones and friends, as well as the Universe! Rosemary and Michelle, you are both gifted healers and teachers, and I'm so glad I found you.

Kathy King, Springfield, OR 2017

Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience, many more doors open. I feel really grounded and ready to integrate in my life. Thank you for being such wonderful teachers.

C.K., Portland, OR 2017

So Powerful

The Reiki I attunement was very special for me. I also really enjoyed feeling Reiki work both on me and the person I was practicing on. I didn't expect the experience to be so powerful. I am excited to practice on as many people as possible!

Katie F., Colfax, WA 2011

I really enjoyed my Reiki session.

I really enjoyed my Reiki session, and have felt more grounded and calm since our session. It was very different from other Reiki experiences I've had and I really like your style of treatment. Hearing from my spirit guides was very helpful and I really hope to come back in the future. I did feel a release after our session and I feel I would really benefit from another session in the near future. Thanks so much!

Sophie W. Hillsboro, OR

I Feel Great

I feel great! The session has definitely shifted things for me. I love the waterfall of light and your comment about feeling the universal energy on my shoulders. I visualize that daily as it helps me allow the energy to flow through my neck (a place that has a history of being stuck). This practice alone alleviates my pain when I engage that awareness. This has actually shifted my perspective a lot because it has changed the prominent direction energy flow for me. I'm about to listen again to the recording to promote the integration. Thank you!" "I found it so powerful when you put the blessing on money that you receive, I have started playing with it myself. I am finding more courage in addressing the money rather than trying to distract or move on to another subject quickly. I am happy about this progress and look forward to even greater alignment with the energy of abundance.

Laura A., Portland, OR

Spiritual Block/Burden lifted

I went to Rosemary in desperation. I couldn't stop crying; I felt like there was this huge spiritual block that I couldn't remove. She was welcoming and ready to tackle whatever I threw at her. Her calm manner made this session (my first spiritual healing) easier. It was more than I could have expected. I feel alive again, full of energy, and more positive than I have been in months. I cannot thank her enough!


So Empowering & Inspiring

This Reiki journey has been so empowering & inspiring. I am excited to continue a personal practice and to bring another level of healing to my massage clients. The personal attention in class meant we could be fully immersed, so the experience felt whole and complete. It's always important to learn from someone who is passionate about the material, and we certainly got that with Rosemary. What a nice break from everyday life! So profound and healing.

Jessica Harrison, Medford, OR 9/2019

I Have Found a Spiritual Mentor in Rosemary

I have found a spiritual mentor in you. I have been desiring to find one for a while. I have enjoyed the experiential process where we are shown, then given the opportunity to practice and develop into our own. Reiki has supercharged my abilities and given me a deeper connection to my higher self. I enjoy sharing Reiki with others because it feels like a powerful way to work with spirit and make energetic shifts.

Heather H. April 2021

What an eye opening experience!

I really appreciate all that you have done for me and my time being here. My eyes are open to so much and I appreciate the time you took to help me by teaching me these tools to help others. You're a great inspiration.' 'My journey back to Montana has been great. There was a huge transition as I was driving across the states. What an eye opening experience! Thanks again it was a pleasure being a part of your teachings.

Avery Hope Trimm, Kalispell, MT 2015

Quite Powerful

I wanted to thank you for the Reiki session on Friday. It came at just the right time and there are no coincidences. I have been thinking a whole lot about what you said about loving the things I keep, literal, physical and is very helpful along this journey of lightening the load for travel. When I have a moment to breathe I am going to listen to our session again, it was quite powerful for me.


What an Amazing Experience

Rosemary is such a gift to this world. What an amazing experience the weekend was. Rosemary holds a safe space to learn and grow in your spiritual practice. I have so much gratitude for the gift of Rosemary in my life.

D.B., 3/8/2020

I Am So Thankful For This Experience

This training has been incredibly enlightening & magical for me. I feel as though I still have so much to learn and practice as far as Reiki and my intuition goes, and now I have the base (a strong base) to build from. I am so thankful for this experience and for the universe bringing you & this class into my awareness. I am so excited to learn more from you in the future about oils, tuning forks, crystals, etc. Thank you so very much.

Kelly Wehner, 10/2018

I Enjoyed the Class Thoroughly

I enjoyed the class thoroughly. The space was perfect and material was easy to follow/learn from. The hands-on experience was the best method of learning which I felt we did plenty of. Really thankful for this class. 🙂

Leigh Wilburn, 10/2018

You Are Amazing

I have so much energy in this new suit of clarity of who I am. Everything is working. The issues are solved. I clearly accept my good. I am so glad I saw you on the local TV station and called you. I liked your calm confident manner. Bless you and keep you well and abundant in every area of your life. You are amazing. With my heart open.

Anne, Portland, OR

I Have Much More Confidence

I love Reiki. I think the energetic clearing I went through during your training was of huge benefit, thank you for creating/holding the space for that. I have been doing personal practice every day and my experience is getting richer. I am feeling greater balance and well-being with each session, and am learning insights about my energetic body. This has also given me a much needed remind of my connection to source and a deeper understanding of what this means and how I want to relate. In my massage practice I find the tools of clearing/charging the space with Reiki very helpful. I have much more confidence with the responsibility for the energy in my room now. In the past, even when I know that the room was thick with heavy/sticky energy, I haven't understood how to effectively clear the space or keep myself separate from it, even though I have theoretically known what to do. I believe that Reiki can do what I was not able to. I am practicing better energetic boundaries with my clients, and this is making more sense.' "I feel blessed and honored to channel this energy for myself and each of my client's greatest healing.

Laura A., Portland, OR 2015

Today Was a Beautiful Experience

I would like to tell you that today was a beautiful experience. I feel lots of love, peace and healing inside of me. Once I arrived home, I still felt the energy around me, the "tickling" was all over my body. I laid down on my bed for a while and I continue experiencing the energy moving around. I felt lot of happiness and I could see my ancestors also smiling and sharing the joy! I just wanted to share it with you and thank you and Gracie for this beautiful session. Looking forward to the Reiki trainings.


I Am Full of Gratitude

As I move through this learning process I continue to find myself in awe of the power of sound/Solfeggio forks and tuners. Your insight, encouragement, support, and general sense of calm and trusting connection make this class what it is! I am full of gratitude for this and all the other experiences. Thank you! I'm excited for Phase 3.

Lindsay P., Portland, OR 2018

I feel lighter, loved, and more a part of myself.

I came with not knowing what (this experience) will bring exactly into my life. I can tell it's beyond my expectations. Opens my awareness. Opens my heart. Opens my mind. These two days made me feel lighter, loved, and more a part of myself. The guidance and tools, and all the information I've received will definitely start a new journey of my life. I feel so happy that I did take this course with Rosemary Levesque. She is so amazing.

Teresa Gutierrez., Hillsboro, OR 7/2018

Thank You So Much

I had an amazing time. I learned a lot. I just listened to the whole recording and felt amazing once again. Thank you so much.

Judi C, Portland, OR

One of the Best Experiences of My Life

This is one of the best experiences of my life thus far. Rosemary is an amazing teacher and did an excellent job breaking down the material. The course is extensive, but was made fluid. The energy in the class was very welcoming and uplifting. I'm utterly grateful for the opportunity to learn under Rosemary and develop my craft.

Jasmine Shannon, 8/2019

Everyone gets something profound and supportive

I love that Rosemary has created a workshop for people to learn tools for their own energetic well being as well as for the world. She holds the space for anyone that has chosen to walk a spiritual path, no matter for how long or their skill level. Everyone gets something profound and supportive.

Jessica S, WA 1/2018

Absolutely Wonderful

It was absolutely wonderful and I will be making another appointment as soon as I can thank you and have a blessed day.


I'm Looking Forward to Phase 3

Rosemary is a natural teacher that involves everyone in the class and makes sure the class understands the material. Her sharing of intuitions is invaluable. I'm looking forward to Phase 3.

Brenda Culbertson, Tigard, OR 9/2019

You Are a Gift

Thank you for combining wisdom embodied in knowledge, empowerment with practice and discussion, and compassion mixed with love - you are a gift.

Star Studonivic, Portland, OR 9/2019

Thank You So Much!

The Reiki II class was really amazing. I felt supported through the whole thing. I felt extra blessed to have 2 Reiki masters (Rosemary and her daughter, Michelle) teaching the class. How wonderful to have two attunements from these gifted teachers. I felt guided to choose Rosemary as my teacher for Reiki II and during the class it was clear why. Thank you so much!

Mariam N., Portland, OR 2011

Love the Class

Love the class. Rosemary's sacred space is warm and welcoming, loving learning environment that fosters openness and any questions accepted . . . The body scan (Phase 2) is a very exciting and useful tool to place in my tool kit. Love being here and learning and am looking forward to Phase 3.

L.M., Portland, OR 2018


Rosemary worked with me via phone to help with a recent situation. She was very generous with her time and explanation of the process (pendulum plus more) and her willingness to help me work through my issue. I had worked with her in person previously, and know her from a “past life” ;o) and can honestly say that she has your best intentions at heart. She is an advocate for personal power and is a trusted friend and is the real deal: a compassionate, caring, honest, intelligent person with many gifts and talents. You can’t go wrong consulting with/utilizing all that she has to offer. It will be a thoughtful, amazing, contemplative, enlightening experience!


I Am So Grateful For This Opportunity

I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have felt safe and loved in this space today and yesterday. I feel that the time, pace, and energy of this practice and learning were just right. My cup feels full, and I am looking forward to sharing my teachings and healings with the intention always to carry out the greatest good to all.

Courtney Keeshan., Kansas City, MO 7/2018

I Love the Integration

I love the integration of the various healing tools (sound, oils, visuals, and movement) in working with the class in a unique way. I also really enjoy the blend of speaking about our Reiki journey and then incorporating the book teaching with hands on experience. E.W. July 2021

Elisa Winkelman

Valuable Advice

Rosemary has been an integral part of my journey. Her education background and positive attitude are impressive in their own right, but her strong, clear intuitive connection really allows her to zone in and break through to real solutions. I can’t thank you enough for being you, for being such a positive light to those around you and you know I think the world is better with you in it! Valuable advice!

Jayne Athey

I feel blessed and grateful for Rosemary's teachings and guidance.

This weekend feels like a major step in my personal spiritual journey and life purpose. I am leaving feeling confident about the skills and gifts I have developed and received. I am looking forward to start putting them all into action. I feel blessed and grateful for Rosemary's teachings and guidance. I could not have wished for a more beautiful soul to initiate me into the magical world of Reiki.

Yael Parnes 8/2019

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