August 10

Shamanic Journey with Artemis

A Personal Story of Developing Intuition

Her essence dropped lightly into the palm of my hand. Deeply I inhaled while anointing my forehead and crown with Artemisia herba alba, White Armoise – essence of the Goddess Artemis.In stark contrast to the expansiveness of the encroaching water, a barren tree stands tall. Its roots which once held tightly to fertile ground finally release their claim, softening with wetness to decompose and transform.So it was with my first encounter with the Goddess. She showed me, in metaphor, that ancestral lineages span infinitely through water – the carrier of emotions, and the blood of the earth. Yet with the death of the tree, nothing is lost, but rather reclaimed in another form.As I continued my meditation with Her, She appeared to me in human-like form. A wreath of white feathers adorned Her crown as She quietly spoke. It would be easy, of course, to equate me with Protector. She alluded to her given name, Artemis, also known as the Greek Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, vegetation, and the Moon. As Moon Goddess she holds the energy of the feminine moon cycles, chastity and childbirth.Quietly she continued. Peace. This is the true meaning of being a warrior, huntress, and protector. Coming into alignment, even when opposing forces appear to be in conflict, it takes greater insight and a feeling of Peace to feel soothed and whole. She then showed me a simple screw-top jar. The ridges on the jar match exactly to the indentations of the lid in order for there to be a fit, a sort of completion.

About Shamanic Journey

Communing with Artemis through her plant essence felt amazing and fulfilling. Yet there are many tools through which you can develop your intuition – skills that help you become a more profound practitioner, psychic intuitive, or coach, and create a signature practice. It’s all about your connection to Source through Nature – an embodiment of Spirit in physical form.


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