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About the Deepest Wounds

I had a client not long ago who was interested in many aspects of healing including emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Without getting into details (confidentiality, you see) I saw her as a brilliant professional who, like many women, was overlooked in her field – one often dominated by men. It was frustrating to her, to say the least.

During the integrative healing session I became aware of a “wound”, pinpointing its exact location in her body. We proceeded with the session, adding my protocol for healing deep wounds using certain tuning fork frequencies in a specific way that resonated with her highest healing potential.

At the end of this protocol she shared with me that two years ago she had unexplained pain in the spot I found. She had gone to see many medical professionals of all modalities and not one could diagnose her issues. Eventually over time her pain had subsided enough for her to function. Yet, the “wound” was still present, hiding deeply in her physical body, revealing itself during her session with me.

That’s how wounds are. They’re frequencies – just like my tuning fork frequencies – that begin to vibrate in resonance with sound. That’s a good thing, because wounds are frequencies that have become stuck in the cells, tissues, and organs of the body, hiding out and causing pain in the form of physical, emotional, and spiritual distress or dis-ease.

For my client, the physical symptoms were intertwined with her work challenges. The wound expressed itself as hidden pain – a deep wound from long ago – another lifetime, another situation that became embedded in her body.

That’s true for everyone!

     So, I’ve put together a Guide called “What You Need to Know About the Deepest Wounds” in hopes that it’ll help you uncover any mysterious symptoms or life frustrations you may have.

What You Need to Know About the Deepest Wounds

1. Deep wounds are not likely to have originated in this lifetime. The deepest wounds happened long ago and, because of their huge emotional impact, have become embedded in the eternal body – the soul DNA.

2. Deep wounds repeat . . . forever. Though the deep wounds happened long ago, they reappear across lifetimes as opportunities to heal. Perhaps you weren’t ready, spiritually evolved, aware, or didn’t have the tools you needed to heal at that time. Maybe the wound occurred as your soul left your body, leaving you without an opportunity for emotional release.

3. Deep wounds hide. Your subconscious mind always tries to protect you from hurt. Emotional pain that becomes too great to bear or be processed and healed becomes stored in the physical body. Though this may seem like a good system, the energy of wounds persists and may appear as significant health problems, discordance in relationships, dis-empowerment, or any of the lower vibrations of stuck energy.

4. Deep wounds eventually come to the surface. It’s a “deal with it now or deal with it later” kind of situation. Regardless, you will “deal with” the wound in order to heal.

5. Deep wounds aren’t necessarily “bad” or “extreme”. They’re likely a result of trapped feelings, misunderstandings, or a Soul Contract in which you’ve agreed to experience this particular pain in order to grow spiritually.

6. Deep wounds invite you to remember who you are . . . .Powerful, whole, filled with love and light. The deepest, oldest ORIGINAL wound is that you’ve forgotten who you are.

Shamanic Tuning – The Wounded Healer Protocol

     You have the ability to heal and the opportunity to experience total and complete healing. It’s what the body, mind and soul want to do. Shamanic tuning combines the healing arts of shamanism with the vibrational frequencies of specific tuning forks to uncover hidden wounds, uproot them completely and forever, fill you with the high vibrations of angels and celestial beings, and seal you in a bubble of Spiritual Light and Love.

Contact Rosemary to schedule an appointment or experience Shamanic Tuning and the Wounded Healer protocol in a workshop or course. Here’s the link for more information on The Wounded Healer Workshop.

Waking up to Spirit

Rosemary sedona 600 sqStrange things are happening around here – the kind of stuff that doesn’t usually happen. Mysterious beeps from the garage, dreams that carry clear messages, and a series of events that are shifting my practice a bit. I could categorize everything I mentioned under “weird stuff”, but it’s just unusual enough to get my attention. You see, I generally don’t need a big-hammer-kind-of-wake-up-call. I call that the Universal hammer that comes crashing down when a person doesn’t pay attention to the small stuff – like beeps in the garage. The hammer sometimes comes in the form of illness or injury, a bigger loss of some kind, or other tragedy. These kinds of events can be life-changing or just signals for a person to sit still and do self-care. Regardless, I’m not a fan of the Universal hammer. It hurts. I know because I’ve experienced that more than once, let’s just say.

You might think it’s odd to relate beeps in the garage to pending doom. Well, that’s a stretch, of course. They all add up, and I’ll show you how. These messages are from Spirit and we don’t necessarily understand right now what the little things mean. It’s an individual’s responsibility to recognize odd happenings as messages from spirit.

What do messages from spirit look like, or how do they feel?

1. Messages from spirit feel different than day-to-day activities. They stand out and sometimes require attention or action. That beep in the garage wasn’t my car acting up as I had thought. It was only after a trip to the car service for diagnostics that the real source was revealed – a low battery in the garage door opener. However, my car will be having much needed fluid changes. More importantly, chatting with a woman in the waiting area felt like we were both in the right place . . . for each other.

2. Messages from spirit feel urgent and sometimes a little annoying. I was in a semi-wakeful space early this morning when I could have sworn that someone was blowing a fan on my blankets to get me to wake up. Then, I felt the sensation of a finger poking my knee, then my head. Finally, a disturbing sense of cold came through my blankets. I was extremely annoyed with being awakened in such a manner, and frustrated at the same time because I couldn’t get the words out to say, “Leave me alone!”. My sense was that I needed to get up and pay attention to what’s coming through today. I’m on high alert for the next message as I write this article.

3. Messages from spirit often make you grow, though it may not seem like it at first. Initially, the situation might feel like a challenge or attack on your very nature. When this happens, the easy response is to become defensive or even ready for a fight. Instead, what seems like a challenge might, in fact, be an opportunity for something better, different, or bigger.

This last message for me brings growth close to home, feeling like it’s time for me to define more specifically what I do, and be able to extend my voice to more people. There’s a new website in the works, and my business name is in the process for trademark registration.

Through a series of subtle nudges, paying attention to messages from spirit, and taking action, anyone can do, well, anything! Heal, learn, grow, become more than you thought possible – these are all available when you’re awakened by spirit.

Call To Action

I’m told to give you a “call to action.” (Yes, even now, a message is coming through.) Here it is. Register for any Reiki class or workshop, or schedule an appointment in February 2020. I’ll give you a complementary 15 minute reading for messages from spirit to you, to be used only in February 2020. (It’s a now or NOW kind of thing.)

I’m excited to hear from you. Contact Rosemary



Integrative Energy Healing Lifestyle

Recipe for Self CareWhen it comes to family health, nothing is more important than having the right tools and knowing what to do immediately. Family health goes way beyond using first aid in a crisis situation. It means having a lifestyle that sets a strong foundation for staying well and, if need be, healing quickly. That’s why one of my strongest beliefs is that we should have natural healing tools available and know how to use them easily at all times. Here are my favorite energy healing tools you can use to integrate into your lifestyle.


A gentle and efficient use of hands-on healing provides tremendous benefit for daily use. When Reiki is integrated into your daily lifestyle you might clear and ground your energies before you start each day, make sure your home, car, office, and other personal spaces are cleared and protected. Reiki is also a great go-to tool for stress relief, better sleep, more vitality, and even pain relief and faster healing. Integrate positive thoughts and words with Reiki intentions to bless food, sports activities, homework, and travel. There are so many ways to use Reiki!

Essential Oils

I’m not one to reach for over-the-counter medication of any kind. In fact, it’s been many years since I’ve used any prescriptions. I’m really never sick, but if I feel like I might be vulnerable to viruses, I feel great using specific essential oils. They work well in all aspects of my life. I apply myrrh essential oil to my face under makeup, have oregano and eucalyptus handy for the diffuser, and anoint my feet daily with empowering blends that support my immune system. Essential oils are the energetic essence of plants. You’ll love this way of integrating energy healing into your lifestyle.

Crystals and Plants

Bringing earth energies into the home environment offers a short-cut for healing. The crystals I use most often are apophyllite, selenite, and quartz  – especially in the corners of most rooms in my home. Plants abound throughout the house. Both elements bring the outdoors inside. For further enrichment and healing, crystals can also be worn (commonly as jewelry), or placed in strategic places throughout the home – for example, under your bed or on the nightstand with the intention of offering sound sleep.

Meditation and Shamanic Practices

Taking a moment to remember to breathe might be all that’s needed to help establish a meditation practice for stress relief and relaxation. Too often, the brain takes over and you might feel consumed by thoughts. Try inhaling slowly to the count of six, pause, then exhale slowly to the count of six again. As your breath slows, become aware of your heartbeat. Your heart is like the shaman’s drum helping to center your thoughts on emptiness. Your breath overrides a busy brain. Together, they bring you into a deeper connection to Spirit, letting worries and pain slip away.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Using specific sound frequencies in the etheric field (the aura) and directly on the body  with body tuners (weighted tuning forks) may be the best of all natural healing modalities. Vibration through sound brings more oxygen into the cells, increases nitric oxide for relaxation and pain releif, and stimulates the body to function at a higher level of health and well being. Sound resonates with positive emotions and brings about a release of stress and pain.

I use all of these practices daily for natural health and teach all aspects of the modalities I use. Questions? Please contact Rosemary for a free consultation.



Reiki and Religion

I have to admit that it takes a lot to bring up my ire, but as I was browsing for topics and groups on Reiki, I came across some beliefs that are worth discussing – especially since I teach Reiki classes for all levels, was raised Catholic, and have a strong daily spiritual practice. The beliefs from well-known people (including someone whose work I’ve admired and used in classes – Dorene Virtue) and/or organizations (especially from a few Christian organizations) state that Reiki is less than pure, and that its source, including the symbols, stem from something other than Source, God, or the highest vibration. Interesting, isn’t it? So let me clarify just a bit with another perspective so that you can form your own, unbiased opinion. Also, since this is a very broad topic with lots of potential angst and disagreement, I’ll just keep it brief and general with the hope that you’re willing to explore your beliefs and not be limited by dogma.

The Multiple Nature of Spirit

1. What is God, Spirit, Source, or any of the other names for God to you? In fact in Hebrew, there are 72 names of God including El, Elohim, Eloha, YHWH, Adonai and more. El becomes the suffix for many angelic names used throughout many religions. Consider Gabriel (“Strength of God”), Michael (“Who is like God?”), Raphael (“God’s medicine”), Ariel (“God’s lion”), Daniel (“God’s Judgment”), Israel (“one who has struggled with God”), Emmanuel (“God is with us”), and Ishmael (“God Hears”/”God Listens”). These (and all) angels are the many aspects of God. They interact with humans (and other life forms) to bring God into physical awareness.


2. Is God masculine or feminine? Perhaps God is neither and both – perhaps “Whole”, “All”. In Christianity, God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Yet, in shamanism, Father Sky gives masculine gender to the heavenly plane where the astral body dwells (the soul), while Earth Mother gives the feminine gender to the physical plane from which we are created with the elements of earth. One cannot exist without the Other and together form the Whole, or even the branches and roots of the kabbalah, Tree of Life.

3. What is grace? Compassion, wisdom, unconditional love, understanding, etc., all give us aspects of God’s grace. There’s an understanding and acceptance that humans, though they try, aren’t God. Yet, if we are made from God and are composed of God’s unconditional love, how can we not be also aspects of God in human form? It’s through the grace of God that we bring God’s wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love to others. Aren’t we then like God or aspects of God?

4. What is sin to you? That’s perhaps a loaded question and the answer also depends on your belief system. You might think that what I’ve written is blasphemous, depending on your beliefs. Sin implies “against God”. Yet, our purpose here on this planet is to experience, grow, and become more like God. In other words, it’s our job to remember who we are – aspects of God in physical form. Perhaps the only sin is that we’ve forgotten who we are and why we’re here.

Where Does Reiki Fit?

Objectors to Reiki say that the Reiki symbols are limiting. I believe they’re a physical representation of God’s language, giving us words to use when we do acts of service. The symbols themselves provide a written representation, much like the alphabet writes the bible. I’m sure you’d agree that the alphabet in itself is not sinful. Why, then, would symbols of pure intention be considered sinful, especially if they help us remember our connection to the divine?

Christian objectors to Reiki question the source and secrecy of the symbols. The secrecy that originated around the Japanese symbols has historical and cultural significance – that those who would appreciate these symbols the most are the ones who have been trained in how to use them and become skilled in healing arts. Otherwise, the symbols are meaningless to the untrained user. Consider this. Energy IS, and when we begin to use the gifts we’ve received, the gifts to continue to grow. The gifts transform us, spreading far and wide in a ripple-effect to those seeking enlightenment, forgiveness, and transformation. The Reiki symbols – gifts from the language of God (or whatever name you choose to use) – become a way for us to communicate with grace.

Objectors to Reiki say that Jesus never used symbols for healing. That may or may not be true (at least if we’re talking Reiki symbols as presented by Mikao Usui). Yet Jesus’ spiritual practice likely included a diverse and robust communication with God – in whatever language they used . . . prayer, dreams, intuition, “knowing”, etc. This communication is not unlike what Reiki practitioners use to call in the divine for guidance and healing.

Objectors to Reiki question the source of the symbols to be from something other than God. I maintain that both intention and action are powerful tools for any devoted practitioner – whether one practices Reiki, medicine, shamanism, or religion of any kind. If we intend for the highest good, trust that we are guided only by the highest good, and act on behalf of the highest good, how is that different from the work of Jesus, God, or any aspect of God?

The Truth About Spiritual Practice

We’re all finding our way in the world. Religious systems, beliefs of others, dogma, limitations, and the many influences that come our way sometimes cloud the truth and offer limitations. The possibility to heal is unlimited. The possibility to offer healing – through Reiki, shamanism, or spirituality – is unlimited. Transformation and remembering who we are is a constant journey we call life (everlasting) as we move toward enlightenment. Our transformation makes God bigger (greater). When you develop your spiritual practice, you may want to include Reiki as a fine art of healing, on which great wisdom can be nurtured and offered.

It is my belief that we don’t live in sin. We’re just perhaps a little farther from the light. By light I mean God, not actual light. Darkness also offers healing, silence, reflection, retrieval of what was perhaps lost. Darkness is not evil but rather a part of the whole, and part of God. Even Jesus had his moments of trial and suffering. We call it darkness and know that it’s just part of the journey – not something to be feared or condemned.

If you’d like to explore your spirituality, your growth of spirit, Reiki may be a wonderful opening for you. I can teach you the Reiki symbols and how to use them. I integrate Reiki and offer shamanic experiences and training. You’ll find workshops and classes to fit your needs for spiritual growth.

I invite you to contact me or check my calendar for upcoming classes that fir your needs for healing and spiritual growth.

Stepping Up Your Spiritual Mastery

tuning forksI just finished teaching a weekend-long class with advanced sound healing techniques. It’s called Phase 3, preceded of course by Phases 1 & 2 over the span of about a year or so. As with any training program, there’s integration, practice, and a sense of knowing that develops within you. I love to see – actually witness – this kind of growth in my students, whether we’re doing Reiki, Sound Healing, or any of the workshops in my SHINE™ Spiritual Mastery Program.

In my personal experience with tuning forks, sound has become my teacher, training me to go deeper into the healing process for my clients . . . and for myself! I had to “step up” and really allow these pure tones to show me the way.

For my students this last weekend, I sensed a little trepidation. They called it “performance anxiety” as they took turns practicing the newly acquired techniques to uncover and heal ancestral wounds. Even though they intellectually know that they’re in a safe and loving space, old patterns and beliefs come through – judgement and grades from school days seemed to hinder their natural abilities and movements.

As they expressed themselves, I listened with compassion. But then I told them it was time for them to step up. This message came through in multiple ways this weekend, and many times for myself as well over the last few months.

Stepping Up to Your Spiritual Mastery

What does it mean to “step up”? I see stepping up as a way to claim your brilliance – your personal power and medicine in the world. It means trusting your instincts, loosening up and letting go of fear, judgement (self-judgement especially), and vibrations of personal persecution. You hold all of these vibrations and memories within your energy field within the body and the etheric field around the body. Throughout this life – and likely, other lifetimes – you’ve sealed in the trauma of not being good enough, not worthy (to be loved, to receive money, and even to exist, perhaps).

Stepping up means remembering who you are and how you came to be here now, in this body and this lifetime. It means doing the work, aligning with the vibrations of the training you’ve chosen to integrate. It means taking your work as more than a side-note. It really becomes your life and life style when thoroughly integrated and embodied. That’s Spiritual Mastery . . . confidence, knowing, unattached, filled with wisdom and humility for the vastness of all life has to offer.

Shining Your Light

At my age, one might consider retirement. Ha! How can I retire from life? Spiritual Mastery doesn’t work that way. There’s always more to remember, more to do, more to become, better health, and the most important of all . . . shining your light. You’re here for humanity. You’re here to be a light in the world, raising the vibration of yourself, people you know, and of the planet itself. Spiritual Mastery is that. You signed up to shine! How do you shine when you’re nervous?

Stepping Up Should Scare You

I liken stepping up to jumping off a cliff, metaphorically speaking. It should really scare you to know that you’re about to do something BIG. It should also excite you! These emotions stirring inside you are like the instinctive urges of the caterpillar as it suddenly changes what it’s been doing for its entire life to become something entirely different. However, as a human, you don’t have the bliss of just following your instinct. Your brain gets in the way and interjects self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, and a myriad of other stalling techniques.

So, I told my students to step up. It’s time to use the techniques they’ve learned – maybe just a little more often. It’s time to create freedom of movement through dance – even as you use the tuning forks! Taking moments as they come to honor the passing of wisdom from our animals, and claiming your place among the Lightworker Teachers who help bring healing and light to the world – all mean that you’re stepping up.

Congratulations, Lightworker!

Call me if you plan to take new steps in the direction of Spiritual Mastery. It’s my passion and mission to support you along the way.

Sound Secrets of the Brain

Sound Secrets of The Brain

Better sleep, less pain, stronger intuition, and better focus may all be in your head. According to research, brain frequencies measured during restful sleep, dreaming, wakefulness, and restlessness are only slightly different from one another. It can be frustrating to try to fall asleep when you have too much on your mind. Meditation practices can help – but again, quieting the mind in meditation to get to that feeling of peace and zen (theta waves) sometimes feels far from achievable.

Sound Frequencies of the Brain

It’s a complex topic to explain fully here. I refer you to scientific articles and research on brain frequencies. However, what you might be interested in is that you have tools available to you to affect change in your brain frequencies that can trigger relaxation (alpha), sleep and dreaming (delta), awareness and memory retention (beta), etc. It may come as no surprise that pure tone sound frequencies can help align your brain to the activity you want to experience. Better sleep might be just a few tones away.

How to Develop Your Intuition

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are around how to develop one’s intuitive skills. Of course, there are many ways, like being in nature, feeling grounded, having a daily energy practice such as Reiki, or surrounding yourself with crystals and natural beauty (one of my favorites – see Crystal Magic). Now you can add pure tones from specific frequencies of tuning forks that resonate with the brain and the pineal gland.

You’re Invited to Experience Sound Secrets of the Brain


  • Learn about the different brain frequencies, alpha, beta, delta, theta and gamma waves
  • Use and experience brain tuning forks to help shift your brain frequencies from restless to relaxed, or from depressed to joyful
  • Brain Balancing Technique
  • Brain/Body Communication
  • Sacred Portals
  • and more. See details here

October 27, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at my Healing Center in Portland, OR. Contact me for details


Heal Your Wound, Pain-Free

Yesterday I spoke with a friend of mine – a college buddy I’ve stayed in touch with over the years. It’s always nice chatting with her because when we talk, it’s like no time has gone by. We pick up where we left off and really get each other – most of the time. She asked me how I was doing and I mentioned my tuning fork protocol for sound healing called the Wounded Healer. It’s part of the Windhorse Spirit series of Shamanic Tuning classes I’ve developed.

We talked about wounds and our conversation got me thinking about what people might think of wounds – what they are and what causes them, for example. Typically we know a wound as something physical – perhaps the result of an injury, accident, or even surgery. It might look like cut skin or broken bones, Eventually the body heals these physical wounds through the magical cells and systems in the body. The immune system staves off infection, and food turns into energy to grow new, healthy tissue. Hopefully, the pain of this wound also heals . . . but not always.

Pain and Wounds

Pain – emotional, physical, and spiritual –  lodges deep into the cells and body tissues in the form of cellular memory. In her research, Dr. Candace Pert discovered what she called “Molecules of Emotion” and even wrote a book by the same name. These molecules embed into every cell membrane of every cell in the body and allow for communication between cells. I’d like to add that energetically, these memories of pain go much deeper than what we may all imagine to reach into our ancestry and karma, and exist perpetually in the spiritual, etheric, and physical bodies until these pains are found, released and healed.

Pain that never releases and heals continues to manifest into your awareness and triggered into appearance by patterns, people, and events in your life. Like the perpetual pain of Prometheus in mythology, who, as he was chained to the rocks, suffered having his liver eaten daily by an eagle. Due to his immortality, his liver regenerated each night only to be consumed again.  Suffering recurs without conscious understanding.  Events repeat throughout life – and throughout many lifetimes – until the lessons are learned, until forgiveness or gratitude are offered, or until higher vibrations correct deviations from the perfect blueprint of your higher self.

Heal Your Wound, Pain-Free

What really causes pain in the body? Is it the actual injury in your conscious awareness or is it perhaps a manifestation of a deeper ancestral or karmic pattern? In my experience, even the occurrence of illness or disease is the result of lower vibrations you hold onto. Healing, then, happens through a shift in vibrational energies – sound, aromatherapy, energy healing Reiki, and understanding.

You can heal your wounds and become pain-free. Contact me to schedule an appointment or consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Windhorse Spirit

windhorse spirit text

Open the door of Time and Space

And dive fearlessly into the waters of your Soul
Forgetting. Dark. Dense.

The Finger of God touches you
Your bones, glowing with Spirit,
Crystallize into human form
This Time.

Squeezed with the pain of humanity’s choices
You carry the wounds of His-story
Receive one more blessing

You bring The Light.
You are The Light.

by Rosemary Levesque

Crystals for Chiron

Last year I knew I’d be working with Big Stuff – the kind of Spiritual Energies we all get to work with as Lightworkers. In fact, new information constantly comes through in dreams, meditations, coincidences, and as new awareness of the way in which transformation happens. Through various starts and stops I became keenly aware of Chiron, who’s also known as The Wounded Healer. The correlation between the wounds of humanity and the ability to heal them (ALL) surpasses ordinary thought to encompass religious, mythological, spiritual, and astrological beliefs.

In this exciting process of creating new protocols with sound healing – Shamanic Tuning – focusing on the nature of Chiron, I was intrigued by the crystals that wanted to be a part of the process – smoky quartz. Not everyone likes smokies – though I’m not sure why. I love them for their incredible spiritual wisdom and insight. The first time I meditated with a very large smoky quartz point several years ago, I was instantly brought inside of it. In my mind’s eye I could see through the veil of illusion, appearing as wisps of smoke. Next, the sound of a comforting voice said, “I am a spiritual being in physical form.” Simple. Profound. Connecting.

What Are the Qualities of Smoky Quartz?

Smoky quartz crystals are often associated with grounding and protection. If used as a crystal for healing on the body, many people like it for supporting the root chakra. However, that’s not how smoky quartz usually wants to work with me. Often, I find that only the darkest smokies – like ones I have from Montana, support the grounding and protecting qualities I sometimes want. Instead, nearly all of the smoky quartz I have want to work with the energy of the veil of illusion, which is where Chiron first became an influence in my selection of crystals.

Natural smokies range in color from light beige to deep, rich, almost  black-brown. They are colored this way, not because of mineral inclusions, but rather by exposure to natural radioactive minerals in the earth such as uranium. (Don’t worry, the quartz pieces are not radioactive. More on this later.) Unnaturally colored smoky quartz is also popular on the market. These clear quartz clusters are exposed to x-rays to make them discolor to black – a process I find distasteful as well as unnatural. I cry for them for the radiation they’ve had to endure purely for market appeal.

Selecting Smokies for the Task

The sound healing protocol I’ve developed for The Wounded Healer utilizes several distinct tuning forks to discover (uncover) old wounds, both karmic and ancestral, uproot the wound at its deepest core, heal the wound, and bridge the gaps of time and space to bring healing into physical form. There’s more to it than that, of course, and smoky quartz plays a part in the process.

I contacted a friend, Tanya, whom I knew would likely have crystals for Chiron. The process of selecting these smoky quartz points became difficult when she presented me with more than 30 palm-sized (or larger) crystals, mostly from Brazil, two from the Mohave desert area, and a flight of smaller points from Montana and California. They were arranged neatly, equidistant from one another, lined up for my inspection, like soldiers preparing for battle. Impressed, I momentarily appreciated the view, feeling their raw energy beginning to pulse and connect with my presence.

They varied in size, color, and density. I focused first on the ten-or-so smaller pieces I wanted for the tuning fork kits I assembled. A few seemed too fragile to be used in my protocol. Several wanted to stay and work with me in other ways. I shifted my focus to the multitude of larger points, choosing each one as it called to me. I only needed fifteen for my initial assembly of sound healing kits (for the SoulTreat in Sedona, November 2019 where I was scheduled to present my workshop). Yet, as the selected crystals gathered one-by-one to my right, the remaining few held steady, waiting to be chosen. Tanya commented that it seemed like they were being chosen for teams, and who would be the last one to be chosen by me. Interesting.

In a flash, I remembered my youthful, non-athletic self. I was indeed often the last one chosen to play since my skills were more academic than sports-driven. The assembly of chosen crystals came through with a deep feeling of compassion, both for me and humankind. I could feel their soft energy wash over me. Scanning the remaining few smoky quartz pieces waiting to be chosen, I selected a piece that let me know it’d be “the last one”. This point was smaller than most of the other Brazilian points, and broken on the back. I held it tentatively and respectfully in my hands. It was in that moment I noticed a purple glow coming from the “front”, smooth face. Though Tanya noted that some crystals contain lithium which give it a purplish color, this crystal offered more than that. It was the last, AND it was the first. To me, it represented the Christ-consciousness of healing and compassion, of remembering that we are also embodied spirit, worthy of acceptance, being valued and loved, and perfect regardless of external appearances.

Hidden powers are often subtle – not obvious to the casual observer. We all have hidden powers, yet far too often we focus on the imperfections and the wounds we carry. We feel powerless, helpless, confused, less than “good” and maybe not even “good enough” to be chosen, admired, and powerful.

Meeting the Chosen Ones – Smoky Quartz

Several smoky quartz have already identified their role in completion of The Wounded Healer sound healing kits. These kits will become available for the first time at SoulTreat during my workshop on healing Akashic and Karmic wounds. (If you decide to attend SoulTreat, tell them I sent you. Any referral fee I receive I give back to you.)

Only fifteen sets are ready at this time. Future kits will accompany the Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Tuning classes. You can meet the smoky quartz I met at Tanya’s place – I chose them ALL. The first mini course in the SHINE program called Crystal Magic starts soon, December 15. Check the calendar for details.

Akashic Healing

What Your Cells Remember

A guy walks into a restaurant and sits down at his favorite table. The waiter comes by to take his order. “What’ll you have?'” he says.

“The usual,” the man replies.

This isn’t the opening for a comedic story. However, just about everyone can relate to doing (saying, experiencing, feeling, etc.) the same things repeatedly. It’s called a karmic loop or a pattern. We all have them, so why aren’t we talking more about them?

Many of us don’t even recognize these patterns exist, and if we do . . .

They’re not that well understood.

Karma, or “life memory” exists without judgement. Yet, there’s emotion attached to karma – which is why karma exists. Emotions are remembered and recorded. How you feel about something is held as cellular memory – not just for this lifetime, but for many lifetimes.

Consider the rings within a tree, for example. During a prosperous growth year – perfect weather, just the right amount of water, no infestation of insects, etc., the tree grows abundantly. You can witness this by perhaps the amount of fruit produced, or the increase in the height of the tree. On the inside, a record is kept in the form of growth rings. If the tree were to be cut down at some point so that you could see a cross-section of the trunk, you’d be able to see evidence in the ring of that year. The growth ring would be wide – perhaps wider than other rings. If, however, the tree experienced drought, excessive heat, infestation, or crowding, the growth ring would reflect that as being much narrower.

In much the same way, humans keep a cellular record of experiences and emotions. In her research, Dr. Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion) determined the presence of specific molecules in every cell membrane. It was not only a way for cells to communicate with each other but also a kind of memory that lasted throughout life. I’d like to add that these memories exist throughout “lifetimes” as Akashic memory or records.

How Do You Access the Akashic Records?

Some people refer to the Akashic records as a sort of library for all events, emotions, thoughts and experiences that span all time – past, present and future. If that’s so, then accessing the Akashic records might be like a visit to a great hall of records with shelves piled high with great volumes of books. Just entering a meditative state with relaxed breathing can allow you to search the records and have just the right book delivered to your desk, opened to the right page where you can read the answers you seek.

Imagining a library may in itself be a limiting aspect of accessing the Akashic records. Therefore, I like to eliminate any preconceived notions about how the records might be represented and, following meditation, just allow information to come through as an image, thought, feeling, or experience.

What Does Akashic Healing Mean?

Like the man in the restaurant at the beginning of this article, we often repeat the same choices without much thought . . . the same types of relationships or similar types of work or interests. If these choices bring joy and growth, that’s great! However, what seems to be an issue with many of my clients is that disharmony – or a feeling of being out of alignment – brings about a host of maladies including pain, dis-ease, confusion, regret, depression, and more. Accessing the Akashic records can provide insight, seeing a situation from a different perspective, perhaps, or offering a new idea or solution. A feeling of “knowing the truth” can affect immediate change. Suddenly, a different menu – or even a different restaurant (if you stick with the original example) emerges. New choices that feel completely different awaken a part of you that you had forgotten – or never knew – existed.


Remembering trauma, pain, or deep emotions isn’t a requirement for healing. You don’t have to know why something happened, or recall any details in order to heal old wounds. However, there are several very important concepts that allow the shift of energy in order for healing to occur.

  1. Relax – Step out of “thinking” and into “feeling”. This is an activation of the third eye or intuitive sense. Allowing yourself to let go of any preconceived beliefs or outcomes lets go of control – a vital part of healing.
  2. Scan – This is a process of noticing by feeling. Sometimes “symptoms” get buried by the mind so you feel unaffected. This also has a numbing effect, keeping you from feeling the worst pain has to offer. It’s a survival mechanism. Yet, ultimately it acts against you as pain (suffering, numbness) accumulates.
  3. Forgive – The act of forgiving brings out compassion for both the person needing healing as well as the offender. In your original contract, you agreed to the experience. Holding onto the experience, however, slows your spiritual growth and ultimate enlightenment.
  4. Gratitude – Expressing thanks acknowledges both the pain and the healing, the receiver and the giver. Ultimate gratitude provides a sense of relief and a new foundation on which to grow and discover new pathways.

The Wounded Healer Protocol

I’ve developed an effective and fascinating protocol for healing old wounds held in the Akashic Records using specific tuning forks. Uncover your wounds with ease and grace. Heal what no longer serves you. The Wounded Healer Protocol and all other Spiritual Mastery classes are available through my SHINE™ Spiritual Mastery Program.