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Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
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Healing with Zeolite

NAVAN zeolite detox

I don’t share this story often enough. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever written this story before . . . about how a simple mineral changed (saved) my life. I’m sharing it with you now so you can be a shining light for someone you care about – and people you may not even… read more

Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

When it comes to fleas and other pests, no animal should have to endure the sometimes serious consequences – from itchiness to infection! Yet, there’s a lot you can do to repel fleas and support your animal’s immune system. First, it’s my belief that a healthy animal with a strong immune system is not likely… read more

Online Training for Lightworkers

As we’re faced with a new “normal” in the upcoming months, I want to share with you a vision I have for keeping the fire burning – YOUR fire, your passion for life and learning. So many of you have reached out to me over the years asking for new skills in energy healing, a… read more

Natural Remedies for Ear Infections in Dogs

One of the most troubling chronic health issues in dogs is frequent or constant ear infections. Unfortunately our Ginger suffered with ear infections nearly her whole life. I wish I knew then what I know now.  Ear infections are indicators of bigger issues.  ​I remember taking Ginger to the vet often for her ears. As a yellow… read more

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