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During a recent Reiki class here at my healing center in Portland, we prepared for the weekend as we always do – setting an intention for self and others – then drawing a card from a well-loved deck of oracle cards. One card that came up was called Purification, and the messages it brought seemed to ring true for not only the student who chose it, but for everyone throughout the weekend. Why might that happen? Is there some significance about purification that matters enough to keep “speaking” to us over the course of two days?

Purification is defined as the removal of something (a toxin, an element, an entity, for example) from a person’s physical body, the environment, or from any substance to contain compounds or constituents that are not a part of the WHOLE. Spiritually speaking, purification may involve releasing more than removing. The difference comes from self-instituted intentions for empowerment. What needs cleansing?


Just as with healing, the first part of cleansing always begins with SELF. What would you cleanse for yourself? We care for the physical body with daily washing – showering, hand washing, etc. – on the outside. However, cleansing on the inside is of utmost importance. Consider foods, choosing raw and unprocessed as much as possible over processed. Consider personal care products, choosing clean and natural over synthetic ones filled with chemical additives. Consider filtered water over tap or bottled water. Consider antioxidants and natural supplements (minerals, herbs, zeolite) over sugars and hydrogenated fats.


Your personal space should be considered next in the purification process. What have you accumulated as “stuff” over the years that no longer serve you? What’s in your space that really isn’t yours? Do you have a process in place that ensures optimal support for your clean, pure self? Consider the chemicals you choose for cleaning in your home. Are they natural essential oils or synthetic chemicals and toxic poisons? Are you using plastic containers, a microwave oven, non-stick cookware with PFOAs? Having a clean, toxin-free environment is part of the purification process. However, also consider sound, light, and people as part of the environment. How can you improve and purify in these areas?


As a part of Reiki training, I offers several methods of purification to assist in holding the energy for safe and sacred space, and to help clear unwanted energies from the etheric field as well as from our sacred spaces. Intention is a powerful tool to use for purification. Formulate how you would intend for your space to be clear of unwanted energies. Design a statement that represents what you really want. If this seems daunting, confusing, or overwhelming, start with a simple awareness of how you feel in any particular space or situation. Notice how you’d prefer to feel and go with words that support that feeling. For example, you might use words like, “I feel safe.”

Purification Tools

I’ve made a short list here of tools you can use for cleansing. Remember that these tools are intended more for empowerment as you go through the process of purification. They help you release, letting go of energies that no longer support your purity, wholeness, and manifestation of the highest expression of yourself.

Essential Oils

Plant medicine may be the easiest to use and the easiest to obtain. Use plants in their “original” form as leaves, roots, stems, and flowers. However, using pure therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living may be even more potent (and more valuable) for your needs. Whether in meditation, ceremony, or cleansing your environment, these essential oils work magically to bring about a feeling of wholeness and purity. Here are a few I like for sacred ceremony and purification. Use them in a diffuser, spritzer, or apply a drop directly to hands, gently rub in and inhale.





Sound Vibrations

Sound frequencies, whether using your own voice (as in chanting, singing, or toning) or selecting an instrument of sound such as a tuning fork or drum, provide many benefits for purification. Try, for example, a higher frequency of 4096 Hz to call in the angelic realm, or the frequency of OM to feel more grounded and connected to earth energy.

tuning forks


  • Angel – 4096 Hz
  • OM – 136.1 Hz
  • Solfeggio 528 – Magic and Transformation
  • Chanting, toning
  • Drum
  • Rattle


Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you. Contact Rosemary.


Working with Guides

When I was writing this webinar I realized that my topic of working with guides rapidly grew to include subjects that are sometimes hard to talk about – like pain and suffering. The web of discovery, growth, and stepping further along your path of spiritual mastery isn’t always pleasant. You can’t just look it up in a book or flip open an oracle deck of cards to get answers to the tough questions. Though those tools are fun and exciting (and often very satisfyingly accurate), spiritual mastery involves reaching deep into your psyche to uncover the stuff of nightmares, hardships, and challenges as well as discovery, alignment, truth, and wholeness.

In tonight’s webinar we draw attention to the Wounded Healer in shamanic practices. Learn more about loneliness, suffering, and a way to find truth and clarity in working with guides.


How to Basics for Self Care

People who schedule a healing session with me often feel like they’re refreshed and revitalized. I know it will last a while, because we intend for that – sealing in the new energies and allowing for integration over time. Since all sessions are recorded, my clients get to listen and experience their appointments again, reliving the sound healing and beautiful vibrations of peace and rejuvenation.
But what about the time between appointments? How do you know when it’s time to reschedule? I liken this between time to hair growth. If you wait too long between haircuts, you’ll know because your hair will be too long, unmanageable, or not look good, right? The same may be true for energy healing. Waiting too long between appointments can mean feeling depleted, overwhelmed, unclear, or uncomfortable.

That’s why I’ve developed a self-care list for you to use – until we can schedule your next appointment.

Self Care Healing Maintenance

1. Get “it” all out. Get rid of “it”. Such a broad command, but with huge benefits. What comes to mind when you’re wondering what “it” is? Is it stuff in the house you should throw away, donate, or recycle? Is it words you need to say? Crying? Shouting? Is it a habit or a relationship? Is it toxins – either in your diet or stored within cells in the body? Only you know for sure. The beauty is that once you get started with the clearing process, you find more ways of letting go. This is one of my top recommendations for self care. Get “it” ALL out. It’s a great way to open the possibilities for any step that comes next.

2. Get OUTSIDE. I can’t emphasize this one enough. Even if getting outside means facing the elements, bundle up. All that fresh air is asking you to breathe deeply. The ground beckons you to take a stroll and reconnect with the sites and sounds of nature. Feel the sun – or the rain – on your face. Smell the scents of freshness not readily available inside. While you’re outside, DISCONNECT from the electronic world and tap into the natural world. Pretend that cell phones don’t exist and you have nothing calling you away from your most important priority of remembering that you are a part of nature – and nature is a part of you.

3. HONOR yourself, your presence, your body, and your space. Fill everything with only wholeness and beauty – beautiful food, beautiful things, music, plants, scents, words, images, etc. When you honor yourself, you become a priority – one that deserves attention and care. Furthermore, you honor the divine (God) in you. Caring for and honoring yourself maximizes your presence, your health, and your strength for all that is yet to come.

4. Get Help when you need it. It’s okay to say you’re ready to receive help. The above list gets you through the between times. Healing appointments fortify you with new energies and stimulate growth. Healing appointments facilitate clearing, grounding, transformation, and repair on a deeper level.

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Our Deep Love for Animals

When I was a teenager, my middle brother, Richard, came home with a puppy. It was a surprise to everyone in the house – all six of us – since we hadn’t talked about it. Maybe I was out of the loop, so to speak, but I remember my brother proclaiming ownership even though we all claimed LOVE for this new family member he named Lucky.

Richard and IndyThroughout the years, Lucky was my constant companion as my brother joined the army and spent several years overseas. Lucky lived to be about 13 years old when he finally struggled with cancer in his neck (a story I wrote about in my book, Heal Together).

More recently, my brother adopted a rescue from Arkansas named India (he plans to call her Indy). Indy arrived to a snowy New Hampshire in the evening as the sun was setting. She’s already melting my heart – even from across the continent. As a veteran, and a recent widower, my brother has his challenges. I used to worry about his loneliness since his wife passed away last year. Now I know his spirits will be lifted with her presence, vitality and love. What a sweet girl!

What makes our connections to animals so important?

I believe animals keep us sane. They make us laugh, keep us company, remind us of our own capability to love – and keep us moving when we’d sometimes just rather sit. They listen to our words without judgement and help us feel safe and loved. The basics we hope to receive from human companionship are sometimes impossible for us – but animals make it possible.

For me and many others around the world, we’re animal lovers through-and-through. It’s not only dogs and cats, but also birds and many other animal companions we bring into our lives. That’s why what we do for them matters. We want to keep them safe and well. We want them to live long and happy lives as family members, our babies, and even our soul connections.

I spoke with my brother about the food he plans to give Indy, and a few other details. Later this week I’ll offer blessings in a healing session and check in with Indy via animal communication to see if she has any important messages to share with her new caretaker. I know she’s in good hands. I heard the ball bouncing in the background when I called him the other day. She’s playing fetch and finally returned the ball to him – smart girl. She loves the 14 inches of snow he has in the back yard. I can’t wait to hear more about my new “niece”.

Checking in with your animal

It’s possible to break the language barrier and go straight to the heart of communicating with animals. Though most of us already know what are animals are saying, we sometimes have emotions or doubt blocking the way. In addition, if an animal has passed away, we might feel even more disconnected from the deeply felt loss. Fortunately, our animals are always there (spiritually) and are ready to speak with us – in “person” or in spirit.

It’s our deep love for animals that allows a conversation to take place. Animals appear to us in dreams, memories, and in the quiet moments of our lives. This is a skill you can practice or learn. But perhaps you’d like to not wait to develop this skill of animal communication. I’m happy to offer this service, for animals who are in physical form or who have passed.

Please contact Rosemary to schedule a time for your appointment. Go directly to Natural Pet Health Alternatives to learn more.

Nitric Oxide and Healing

Self-healing Magic Built Into Your Body

We all know that the human body has the innate ability to heal itself. What seems to puzzle us is HOW that happens and learning what we can do to promote natural healing as well as staying healthy throughout all our challenges. Though it’s usually a good idea to have the support of your doctor for tests and expert medical information, I believe that’s a tiny fraction of the healing process.  Perhaps you’re like me and would rather support the body’s self-healing magic. If so, you’ll be interested to learn about nitric oxide, what it does, and what we can do on our own to use nitric oxide to promote healing.

A tiny molecule written chemically as NO, nitric oxide, was considered as “Molecule of the Year” in 1992 when Nobel prize winners, Robert F. Furchgott, PhD, Louis J. Ignarro, PhD, and Ferid Murad, MD, PhD published their research. Nitric oxide signals the cardiovascular and nervous systems to relax – an important function in view of hypertension, and stress. Clinically, nitric oxide is just coming into view as a gentle way to support health and healing – wherever blood flow is important.

What does Nitric Oxide do?

Nitric oxide stimulates blood vessels, muscles, and cells to relax. Take a deep breath now. Notice how tense you feel as you inhale, and perhaps hold your breath for a second. Now exhale completely. As you exhale, feel your shoulders, back, and body relax. Even your mind “lets go” for a moment. The feeling you have upon exhalation is similar to the cell’s experience as it produces, then releases, nitric oxide. When nitric oxide is present in small amounts, surrounding cells respond. In addition, nitric oxide becomes complexed to glutathione, hemoglobin and other proteins – then dissociated back to nitric oxide. As a result, nitric oxide benefits may be felt throughout the body as it’s easily transported as complex molecules.(1)

Research shows that nitric oxide affects the immune system, encouraging the germ-eating white blood cells to become active. Also, the cardiovascular system responds to the presence of nitric oxide by dilating blood vessels, thus promoting increased blood flow and reduced blood pressure (2). In addition, as an anti-inflammatory compound, research shows benefits as a pain-reliever and free-radical scavenger (preventing cell damage and aging). Bone and joint health as well as recovery from injury are supported with nitric oxide. Memory improvement, learning, and memory tasks benefit from the presence of nitric oxide (3).

Cells can, in fact, produce their own nitric oxide under the right circumstances. However, due to free-radical damage, the benefits of nitric oxide seem dwarfed to the task of keeping up. Your intention for healing then becomes more important as you focus on the WHOLE body, rather than on just one molecule, thing, practice, supplement, or modality. Fortunately, when you begin healing the WHOLE, you also support the tiny aspects of healing we take for granted – like nitric oxide production. You can promote the production of nitric oxide in your own body very simply. Here’s how.

How the Body Makes Nitric Oxide

Vibration holds the key to making and transporting nitric oxide within the body. Vibration exists everywhere as sound, movement, light, water, nutrients, plants and animals, etc. Therefore, supplements high in antioxidants have important value in helping to create nitric oxide. So does connecting to nature, like listening to crickets, birds, and trees blowing in the breeze, or waves lapping on the shore. Choose all of the “right” vibrations that help bring that feeling of relaxation – like the exhale we practiced early in the article.

Tuning forks may be one of the easiest ways to directly stimulate the production of nitrix oxide in the body. In particular, the 528 Hz tuning fork as an auditory tuner, or body tuners (weighted tuners that carry vibrations down the stem) have tremendous benefit. Whether you’re listening to the healing frequencies, or feeling the vibration of tuning forks placed directly on the body, nitric oxide produced by the cells begins its healing magic.


Learn More about Sound Healing

Sound healing with Solfeggio frequencies in tuning forks is a do-it-yourself method of stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Contact Rosemary to learn more, experience tuning forks in a healing session (ultimate relaxation!) or participate in a class for using tuning forks with your clients. Rosemary now offers 12 Continuing Education hours that may be applied toward licensing for health care practitioners.


(1) Nitric Oxide: The Coming of the Second Messenger by Ferid Murad, US Library of Natural Medicine, 2011

(2) – Nitric Oxide Relaxation Factor

(3) –

When Your Heart Speaks, Are You Listening?

In all my biology classes that I ever attended or taught, I never learned anything about the heart like I’m about to share here in this class for Spiritual Mastery. The heart’s physiology is indeed fascinating. I was hooked on the heart’s anatomy and physiology at a young age – enthralled by the transparent images overlapping one another in my encyclopedia when I was only about ten years old. I followed the arteries and veins of the circulatory system as arrows pointed out the direction of deoxygenated blood flowing from heart to lungs, then oxygenated blood flowing from lungs to heart, up to the brain and throughout the body. I loved the idea that valves opened and closed, directing not only the direction of the flow, but also the rhythm and speed of the pump. Lub-dub, lub-dub. Lub-dub. I felt for my pulse inquisitively in my neck and wrist, marveling that my whole body echoed the rhythm in my chest.

When you’re a child, there’s room for delight and discovery with the physical nature of the body.  Our embodiment as spiritual beings carries the essence of life, vibrating in harmony with life in the universe. Just as we stir in the early hours of the day to awaken our physical awareness, we also activate our harmonic coherence to the rising sun in its warmth, light, and sounds of nature awakening also. We’re in rhythm with earth’s rotation facing us toward and away from the sun, as well as its yearly revolution informing us of the seasonal changes. In our dream state we harmonize with the rhythm of our breath, letting the innate systems of our bodies forget the tasks of thinking, remembering, and doing to simply BE in a state of harmony while we sleep.

Yet, as adults (or even as school-age children) we subject ourselves to a different timepiece – one of obligation, judgement, habit, and resistance. How do these rhythms affect our lives as we continue to live and grow in our relationships, at home and at work? How can we tap into harmony, health, prosperity and abundance with ease?

The forgotten piece of the puzzle is the heart. I don’t mean its anatomy or physiology. I’m referring to the spirituality of the heart that is closely tied to innate wisdom. Learn more in my Spiritual Mastery Webinar. Then give me a call to set up a time when you can tap into your heart’s wisdom – the wisdom to which your brain seems to not always listen.

Heart Wisdom – Spiritual Mastery for Lightworkers

Our webinar series, Spiritual Mastery for Lightworkers, continues in 2018 with Heart Wisdom.

In today’s world, intelligence is valued over intuition. How smart we are is of great concern in schools where intelligence, memory, ability to analyze, process facts, calculate, and THINK are measured and tested daily. In fact, testing for intelligence determines which track a student may fall into – career and college, vocational, etc. Life skills and intuition don’t seem to have as high a priority in schools. Where does that leave students as they become adults in the community? Furthermore, as we take up our roles in society, we may – by default – become entrenched in societal expectations. We have many terms for these expectations – rat race, parenthood, senior citizen, teenager, etc. In fact, we can stereotype a person and possibly even their intellect based on age, occupation, how much money they have (or don’t have), their appearance, etc.
All of these stereotypes and terms include judgement based on intellectual criteria. Where society has set the standard, we find evidence of THINKING over FEELING.

As intuitive lightworkers on our journey, we’re looking for the answers to questions about how to improve our intuition, feel more heart-centered, and guided by INSPIRATION. What is inspiration? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, inspiration is a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.
The brain is intellectual whereas the heart is intelligence – which is driven by a universal consciousness. The heart is not limited by intellect. Innately, we have universal truth which makes us connected to everything and each other.
The brain often uses and exploits the heart. By the time we reach adolescence, the brain takes over, making heart the slave. The brain perceives the world through senses and feeds the heart information. The brain says, “I want you to feel what I’m thinking.” If the heart receives the message of “fear” from the brain, fear becomes an emotion that manifests in the body.
What does that look like? Heart disease? Can heart disease be an overuse of the brain to the heart, that the heart feels so useless and not able to be what it was created to be. Does the heart commit cerebral-coronary suicide? If so, does the brain become the executor of the heart?

Learn more by watching the webinar here:


Would you like to be included in my Inner Circle for Spiritual Mastery? Join here to receive all webinars and invitations to new classes.

Questions? I’d love to hear from you! Please call me.

Heart Wisdom

SNHpodsqWhen we think of “wisdom”, our thoughts often go directly to “intelligence” – something that can be measured to indicate how “smart” a person is. On paper, intelligence is a number that tries to represent cognitive thinking abilities, reasoning skills, analytical and linear processes usually associated with the left brain. In school we learned how the brain controls all body functions, sort of like a conductor for the body. The brain receives information from the environment through the senses and develops a belief system – like grooves of a record within the brain. It’s easy to get “stuck” with behavior patterns repeating themselves without conscious thought.

Though there is much we don’t understand about the brain, we might even say that there is even MUCH MORE we don’t understand about the heart. The heart and its misunderstood intelligence has a lot to offer us for living consciously, acting intuitively, and being more effective in the world in all our roles – as parents, teachers, workers, leaders, care-givers, etc.

What Has the Brain Made the Heart Forget?

Wisdom that comes from the heart was pushed aside as the brain developed in-utero and became more active. The brain is the house of EGO, which helps ensure our survival early in life. Our brain, hungry for learning all the motor skills, intellectual challenges, and thought processes, dismisses the more feminine aspect of our development – our intuition. When we explore the intuitive aspect of survival, growth, spirituality, and wisdom, we gain a broader sense of not only who we are, but where we fit in the Universe. We become a little more in-tune with nature, harmonizing with the intention of advancement as spiritual beings. The heart remembers who we are as individuals and as a species.

Exploring Heart Wisdom

Spiritual Mastery;Master Class Series

I’d like to invite you to learn more about the wisdom of the heart. Learn how your heart can be your guide to a higher, more developed sense of intuition. In February, I’m honoring the wisdom of the heart in a special Master Class from my Lightworkers Spiritual Mastery series. You can join for free. Register for Heart Wisdom here.

Your Aura Has a Body

Your Aura Has a Body (1)Your aura, the energy field that surrounds you, can be seen and felt by many intuitive people. You can also probably tell by how you personally feel if your energy feels low, stuck, lacking clarity and purpose, unwell, or missing vitality. So here’s the question I pose to you. Does your body, in its current physical state, create the aura? In other words, is your aura determined by how you feel? OR . . . is it the other way around? Does your energy body determine your physical state?

Research and human experiences help provide some of the answers. What sometimes happens after we have traumatic experiences such as divorce or death of a loved one, injuries and accidents, surgeries, “bad” news, and other “negative” situations? The body remembers these experiences and holds these memories within the cells. What we sometimes see is dis-ease AFTER trauma – physical manifestation AFTER emotional experiences.

Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, says, “We’re not just little hunks of meat. We’re vibrating like a tuning fork — we send out a vibration to other people. We broadcast and receive. Thus the emotions orchestrate the interactions among all our organs and systems to control that. . . . “As our feelings change, this mixture of peptides travels throughout your body and your brain. And they’re literally changing the chemistry of every cell in your body.”

Your Aura Has a Body is a 2 1/2 hour workshop which brings together instruction and experiences to develop the concept that we are energy bodies experiencing a vibration that manifests in physical form.

  • How can we use our senses to detect fluctuations, imbalances, and strengths in our aura.
  • How can working with the aura alter and improve our well being?
  • How can we work with energy tools to enhance our energy bodies?

YOUR AURA HAS A BODY is a wonderful introduction to using energy tools for clearing, protecting, and balancing the body. Check my calendar for upcoming events and classes.

Questions? Please ask. Contact Rosemary