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Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
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Animal Healing and Soul Connections


You have deep roots of love and connection with your animals. Yet, a health crisis brings great concern.


Life’s Journey With Your Pet

From precious puppy to sensitive senior, your pet means the world to you – and I completely understand. What I hear my clients say about their animals is “soul mate”, “child”, and “love of my life”. I know you want the best for your four-legged fur family. 

But right now you feel LOST in a maze of confusion. Your vet has offered NO HOPE, or only invasive drugs and surgeries. Even with medication, your pet still SUFFERS symptoms and shows no sign of healing. You’re at a loss for good choices that will bring your animal back to vitality and health.

You KNOW that there are NATURAL WAYS to get through this . . . but where to start?

You want to know that the choices you make are the best ones for your animal’s healing and recovery. You need support on the right food, the natural way to prevent fleas and avoid debilitating allergies, arthritis, and even cancer!

Free 15 Minute Reading

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Find Out Why Your Dog Is So Sick.


  • You want to know how your pet really FEELS . . . about you, your care, other animals in the family.
  • You want a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE from a medical intuitive – an animal communicator –  someone who can tap-in to your pet’s energy and real feelings about healing and recovery.
  • You want HOPE, even when your vet says it’s impossible.
  • You want GUIDANCE from someone who’s been there, someone to guide you through the maze of choices that overwhelm you when tough decisions need to be made.​


You want an animal communicator, a coach to stand by your side, show you the risks, talk about managing your specific issues, and personalize your life’s experience with your pet.

rosemary levesque animal communicator

Our first conversation is free.Here’s what we can do ~ TOGETHER:

  • Discuss your OPTIONS (yes, there are always options)
  • Go over what you’re currently doing, and employ NEW STRATEGIES
  • Review the POSSIBILITIES
  • ​Decide on NEXT STEPS

If you decide to work with me, SELECT Unlimited, Unleashed, or Ultimate.
​You get:

  • UNLIMITED support via emails, phone or online conversations
  • Resources, recipes, product recommendations (and product support) specific to your pet’s needs
  • Intuitive Guidance and check-ins for your pet
  • ​Healing energy and animal communication for your pet’s specific issues
  • A FREE digital copy of my book, Heal Together ~ Natural Health Solutions For Animals and Their Humans

Balance and Harmony Healing for Animals

second nature healing for animals

Balance & Harmony Reiki healing sessions are 60 minutes long, in-person, in Portland, OR or over the phone worldwide. Receive intuitive counseling, energy healing, Chakra and system balance for your pet. More than one pet may be included in this session.

You’ll receive an audio recording of your session(s) to listen to anytime.

Ask for a free consultation, then we’ll discuss how we can work together to support your goals.


When you select any option below, you get my Course based on my book, “Heal Together, Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans.”

OR, just choose the Heal Together Book as a single purchase for $29.95.


second nature healing for animals

Option 1 – Unlimited

Unlimited Check-ins $97/month

We both want the greatest success for you and your animals on their journey. That’s why you’ll find my UNLIMITED program so much more effective. As your animal heals, we follow the progress together. Changes happen, sometimes very quickly. So you’ll be pleased to know that my UNLIMITED program includes as many check-ins as you need. 

Includes consultations, assessments, answering your questions – unlimited for 30 days

second nature healing for animals

Option 2 – Unleashed

Unlimited Check-ins PLUS

Add Animal Communication and Healing to my UNLIMITED program which includes:

  • One Hour Healing and Animal Communication (can be divided into 2 shorter sessions)
  • Essential oils, crystals, and tuning forks, customized to your needs, used during the sessions.
  • Audio recording of each session to listen to as often as you like.
  • UNLIMITED check-ins


Heal Together second nature healing for animals

Option 3 – Ultimate

ADD A Customized Starter Kit to Any Choice.
Your Starter Kit May Include:
~ Detox
~ Immune Support
~ Essential Oil(s)
​~ Vital Mineral (spray)

Prices vary from $50 to $300 or more (plus shipping, tax, and handling). An Invoice will be sent separately – or choose to purchase at wholesale. You decide!

Customized product selection sold separately.

You’ll Love My Holistic Approach to Healing and Recovery

Pet Health 101

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Dog Knee Recovery Without Surgery

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Cancer, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, infections, injuries, and so many health challenges . . . you have hope, and you have me as a guide, offering natural healing solutions for you and your animals.

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