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Three Secrets of Sound Sleep

What’s keeping you up at night?

AwakeIf you’re awake, you’re not alone. Someone, somewhere has their eyes open and may be tossing and turning with restless legs or a restless mind. In fact, chronic sleeplessness provides the impetus for countless sleep studies costing multiple billions of dollars in research and health care costs.

You might know WHY you can’t sleep. Worry and stress, that inability to turn off your brain, may account for a high percentage of sleepless nights. Pain also wakes us up and keeps us awake. If you experience chronic pain, you may find that just getting to sleep is difficult. Even your daily habits, exercise, and diet play a role in sleep quality. Fortunately, you don’t have to give in to the prescriptions that may cause multiple side-effects. There are real, natural alternatives that could make the difference between energetic, happy days or sleepy, unproductive, and stressful days.

Our Secrets of Sound Sleep may surprise you. They focus on you as a whole person rather than trying to treat a symptom – poor sleep. To better understand our natural alternatives, let’s take a deeper look at what’s really causing you to sleep poorly.

Causes of Poor Sleep

Pain – Need I say more? If you hurt, it’s almost impossible to get comfortable. Comfort, of course, is the biggest strategy used to sell mattresses. However, aside from having a comfortable mattress, your body may still actually hurt. Pain is a real concern and is the driving force behind the sales of over-the-counter pain medications and prescription medicine for pain.

What really causes pain? Inflammatory foods in a poor diet, injury, side effects of other medications, and heavy metals stored deep in your body tissues all contribute to pain. Stress can also create pain in the form of headaches, stomach upset and other digestive issues, as well as rapid heartbeat, chest pain, or even difficulty breathing.

Stress – If someone suggests that it’s “all in your head,” they may be right. Stress and emotional trauma also contribute to loss of sleep, and disruptions in sleep, even if you’re not aware of losing sleep. You may wake up feeling exhausted because of poor sleep quality due to stress.

Stress can come in the form of excess exercise late in the day, revving the body up when you should be winding down.  Stress from improper nutrition can also interfere with sleep. Alcohol, stimulants from caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate), metabolic stimulants for weight loss such as guarana and ginseng, and B vitamins which give us an energy boost may be better if ingested earlier in the day. Sugar should be avoided all together.

Environment – You’ve heard some people claim that they can sleep through anything, but maybe that’s not you. A good sleep environment is sufficiently dark, quiet, and free of interruptions from pets or your snoring partner. Also, our daily exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) play havoc with our personal energy. Computers, cell phones, televisions, alarm clocks or other electronic devices should not be included in a natural sleep environment, nor should you activate your mind with the busy electronic vibes before bedtime.

Three Natural Secrets to Sound Sleep

Solutions for naturally sound sleep may work instantly, or you may need more time to incorporate good habits into your lifestyle. Regardless, when you begin to use natural sleep remedies and practices, you’re likely to not only sleep better, but have better days, too.

Reiki self-healing, female faceMeditation and Reiki – Don’t underestimate the power of your mind. Instead, learn how to tap into its greatness. Relaxation techniques such as Reiki, yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation help soothe and quiet not only your mind, but also your body. All of these practices just require your participation and practice. Each technique can easily be learned. Start with what you can do right now. Even a quiet stroll, calm breathing, or artistic outlet such as painting can set the stage for emotional well-being and stress reduction, and even helping to alleviate pain.

If you do learn Reiki, you can practice on yourself daily. Reiki utilizes intelligent, life force energies to work on physical, emotional and spiritual levels – all of which can help promote peace and healing.



dropsDetoxification – One of the most overlooked causes of pain, discomfort, and disease, toxins are shown to be at the foundation of most chronic and acute health issues. Detoxification, the removal of heavy metals and other toxins, becomes essential for not only sleep but good health all around. There are several methods of detoxification, some of which are efficient and easy. I like to use and recommend a do-it-yourself cleanse with activated liquid zeolite. Please see my website for more information on this amazing method of detox.






Essential Aroma OilEssential Oils – Nature’s gifts in the form of pleasant, soothing aromas go beyond the conscious mind to the limbic system – your emotional system in the center of your brain. People of long ago knew that the natural scent of lavender was relaxing. Using a few fresh or dried sprigs of the blossoming plant in a sachet helped bring about a sense of calm. Rose essential oil is wonderful for many reasons. Not only will it bring a sense of calm, but also joy as its own vibration helps to increase your personal, spiritual energy. Floral scents from essential oils aid the emotions and spiritual mind to help bring about a sense of peace and calming, without the side effects of medications.

Long ago, essential oils were for kings and rich people, highly sought after for their healing properties. Today, we can easily afford the best essential oils, readily available for everyone who seeks natural health. Use the concentrated, natural essential oils from pure, organic sources to provide relief almost instantly. My choice for essential oils is simple. Young Living.

Try applying one or two drops of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils on the bottom of your feet and the back of your neck before bed. Inhale deeply and expect to feel calmer. Essential oils are also wonderful to help alleviate physical discomfort. Specific essential oils, applied directly to uncomfortable or painful areas such as head or joints, can prove to be beneficial when used consistently. Try our special blends such as Peace & Calming, Stress Away to soothe and relax. Try wintergreen, oregano, or marjoram essential oils to help bring warmth and calming to inflamed muscles and joints.

Buy essential oils.

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You don’t need to suffer in silence. Call Rosemary to learn more about natural methods for healing and relaxation. Whether you’re concerned about sleep, other health challenges, or just want to explore natural methods of being well, your questions are always welcome.


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