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Essential Oils for Higher Vibrations

Essential Aroma OilAccording to the book by Robert Becker, The Body Electric, much can be learned by the health of a person based on that person’s frequency or vibration. The normal, healthy body vibrates at a frequency of about 72-75 Hz. Stress, poor diet and toxins can actually lower your frequency.

It makes sense that we can then employ various natural solutions as remedies for good health. Just reduce your stress, eat better, more natural foods, etc. But it isn’t always that easy . . . or is it?

Did you know that essential oils can help raise your frequency? Clove essential oil is extremely high in antioxidants, as is lemon essential oil. However the frequency of rose essential oil may be among the highest vibration – so a little goes a long way in helping to raise your frequency.

Essential oils are considered to be the “life blood” of plants. That can mean a lot to you when you’re experiencing low frequencies like depression, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness, or chronic illnesses such as cancer. It may be impossible to know for certain, but wouldn’t it be interesting to assume that we can effectively raise our vibration to help eliminate illness? Science may just be catching on to the idea that natural alternatives hold the key to total wellness.

What’s your magic formula for good health? You may be surprised with the wonderful results you get just by inhaling or applying pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Which oils would help you the most right now? That’s easy! Just ask me for a free consultation. Your intuitive assessment will help you map a plan for wellness. Contact Rosemary now.You can also join us for free workshops and events with essential oils. Check our calendar for Health Classes and Workshops here.

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