April 3

Balanced or Aligned – How Do You See Yourself?

balanced energyChoosing your words carefully does make a difference. Often, I hear people say they feel out of balance. Perhaps they notice that they feel physically “off”, emotionally drained, or energetically “incomplete” in some way. They want to feel balanced.

Balance can feel different to each individual. Balanced financial health, balanced emotional health, balanced life in work and in play – they all can be perceived as something you strive to achieve. The truth is that being out of balance can actually be a good thing. Not only that, but how you align your energies can help you feel more complete, or whole.

How do you see yourself?

Are you trying to make everything fall into place, pushing and pulling against the flow of energy to make things “right” or balanced? Are you feeling a financial pinch at the same time you’re saying that you have no money? Are you hoping to feel healthier, but avoiding the commitment to invest in yourself, make positive changes, and stay the course? If so, then what you may be seeking is not balance, but rather alignment.

Alignment is having a common understanding, purpose or goal. It may be hard to see at first, but visualize yourself at your best. Feel what it feels like to be joyful, at peace, healthy, or vibrant. Know that you have plenty of money flowing just as you need it, without the stress of financial worry. The closer you get to aligning yourself with these positive energies, the more whole you become.

How can feeling out of balance be a good thing?

Feeling out of balance may help you become more aware of areas in your life that require your attention in some way. If sleep eludes you, and you feel tired during the day, you may want to focus more on ways to relax, avoid stimulating foods or activities before bed, or make notes to ease your worried mind. (see my recent blog article, Three Secrets to Sound Sleep)

Here are a few tips to help you not only see the difference between balance and alignment, but also help you visualize yourself in the most positive way – as a whole being, deserving of All That Is.

  1. Evaluate what you really want. Balance may not be the answer. Nobody wants the extremes (ultimate happiness all the time or sleep for 12 hours, for example). But balance can also be boring. We want a little excitement, motivation, inspiration, etc. So, it’s up to you to decide what you really want – and be clear about it.
  2. Look for opportunities, people, events, and hints from the Universe. Be aware that your desires are on their way to you, but it’s up to you to know what they are when they present themselves to you. A new connection may say something that leads you to investigate a new opportunity.
  3. Be open to positive people. Be around people who inspire you and support you in a positive way. Those naysayers have no place in your alignment to your true purpose, goals, and desires.
  4. Make better choices. Once you step closer into alignment with what you want, your choices become easier. Do you want to lose weight? Your choices for nutritious food will suddenly become natural once you align with that vision of yourself. Do you want more money? Spending money will suddenly become more purposeful and less fearful. There will be no fear of loss, lack, or poverty once you align with having cash flow through you.
  5. You are perfect, whole, and wonderful. Get used to it. Once you come into alignment with who you truly are, your choices and outcomes will prove you to be correct.

Spiritual energy healing can help you sift through the fog to see your intentions and desires more clearly. You’ll feel the difference when you come into alignment with your soul purpose. Contact Rosemary now for a consultation and to set your appointment.


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