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The Zeolite Story

Why I only use Natural Cellular Defense for my family and my clients


Science proves what we already know to be true. Zeolite works to help detoxify and support the growth of healthy cells. Find out how zeolite works and why I only use Natural Cellular Defense, especially for critical care.


Important Information About Zeolite From Rik Deitsch - 3 November 2015



Absolutely the BEST detox for your body and the absolutely BEST zeolite detox.


NCD zeoliteNatural Cellular Defense liquid zeolite is specially formulated for human consumption and for the most effective way to capture toxins in the bloodstream.


Though zeolite is a natural mineral compound, I use and only recommend a liquid form of zeolite called NCD that came to market in 2005.


Unlike powders and unlike any other form of liquid zeolite imitation, NCD is especially valuable and unique for several reasons:

1.    NCD is made with only clinoptilolite, proven to be the one zeolite trusted over centuries to remove toxins effectively.
2.    NCD is micronized. Through an intensive process, clinoptilolite zeolite is ground into a powdered dust where 99% of the zeolite mineral particles are less than 5 microns, smaller than a red blood cell which measures 6-8 microns.
3.    NCD is activated. In nature, zeolite is already dirty, full of environmental toxins, heavy metals and even air pollutants to which it has been exposed. Through a series of gentle, slightly acidic baths and a little heat, zeolite bars of the crystal cage bend to allow toxins to wash away. Clean Natural Cellular Defense zeolite is called activated because it has more clean surface area to trap more toxins in your body.
4.    NCD is pure. There are no additives, no harmful humic acid or fulvic acid, no preservatives, no bacteria and no trace minerals in any bottle of NCD zeolite. Each bottle is sterile and ready to use. Each drop of NCD zeolite is extremely efficient at capturing toxins in the body.
5.    NCD traps all toxins. Unlike other chelators or other zeolites, NCD zeolite captures the full spectrum of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, etc. NCD zeolite safely captures and removes aflatoxins, toxins from molds, volatile organic compounds such as benzene, plastics, fragrances, flame retardants and other toxic chemicals which accumulate in the body over time. 


Beware of imitations! NCD is the original liquid zeolite. All others try to copy but don't even come close to the safety and effectiveness of our Natural Cellular Defense.    Buy Waiora Zeolite now. 


Zeolite Crystals - Earth's detoxifier


Zeolite is a unique product of nature. It is born in a volcano! Zeolite is a beautiful crystal mineral that forms every time molten lava and ash meet sea water.


zeolite crystalsClinoptilolite is a special type of zeolite. Unlike most zeolites and any other minerals, clinoptilolite is a smooth zeolite and has a negative charge. This negatively charged mineral immediately upon formation in nature, every time lava and ash meets sea water, begins to draw heavy metals to it, pulling toxins from the earth. Because zeolite is a toxin "magnet", zeolite in nature is already dirty. It is Earth's environmental detoxifier, pulling toxins from its immediate surroundings, including the molten heavy metals from the volcanic eruption. In its crystalline form, zeolite is known for its metaphysical properties to remove toxic and negative energies.
Though zeolite crystals are beautiful, they are not fit for human consumption as a crystal for detoxification.

Be sure to use only NCD zeolite for cleanse.                    Buy Waiora Zeolite now.                  __⇑TOP

zeolite powder

zeolite powderHistorically, people have been known to eat clays and received health benefits. In fact, for more than 800 years the clays some people ate contained clinoptilolite. In more recent years, zeolite crystals were ground into powders. Why? Zeolite powders are great in water filters, air filters, pool filters and fish tank filters. Zeolite chunks and powders are known for their ability to absorb toxins. For decades, zeolite powders have been used as a natural nutritional enhancement when added to the diet of cows, goats and sheep. In fact, some dog foods also contain zeolite powder.


Powders are good for filters, but not to detox your body.

Be sure to use only NCD zeolite for cleanse.   

Buy Waiora Zeolite now.                       __⇑TOP


Zeolite Powders help remove radiation from the earth

Environmentally, zeolite powder is extremely effective at removing radiation from nuclear disasters. In fact, 500,000 metric tons of clinoptilolite zeolite powder was dropped and spread over territories in and near the Chernobyl (1986) and Three Mile Island (1979) nuclear incidents. At Chernobyl, zeolite powder was baked into biscuits and fed to children and animals to remove radioactive Strontium and Cesium. Contaminated soil and water treated with clinoptilolite zeolite helped return it to near zero levels of Cesium and Strontium. At Three Mile Island, zeolite was added to cement to cap the reactor and contain the leak.

More recently at Fukushima, Japan, clinoptilolite zeolite powder was dumped into the ocean around the nuclear disaster to help begin the cleanup of nuclear fallout.

Though zeolite powder is good for filters and the environment, the powdered form is not meant for human consumption as an effective detoxifier. Powdered zeolites aren't clean and are not small enough to get into your blood to clean your body's filters- the kidneys, lungs, liver and other organs.  Buy Waiora Zeolite now.   __⇑TOP


Zeolite and apoptosis

The most interesting aspect of the zeolite story is perhaps zeolite's possible effects on cancer cells. See my disclaimer.

First, let's talk about apoptosis. According to medical definitions from the Concise Encyclopedia, apoptosis is:

"Mechanism that allows cells to self-destruct when stimulated by the appropriate trigger. It may be initiated when a cell is no longer needed, when a cell becomes a threat to the organism's health, or for other reasons. The aberrant inhibition or initiation of apoptosis contributes to many disease processes, including cancer. Though embryologists had long been familiar with the process of programmed cell death, not until 1972 was the mechanism's broader significance recognized. Apoptosis is distinguished from necrosis, a form of cell death that results from injury." - 1

 Apoptosis is a normal function that occurs in the body to help recycle old or injured calls. However, sometimes the mechanism that causes apoptosis gets turned off. Scientists suspect interference with any of a number of genes related to "cell suicide".

"The apoptosis factors are distributed throughout all cellular organelles and many signalling circuits, but one distinct signalling pathway connects at least some of the isolated genes. Comparisons with microarray data suggest that several genes are dysregulated in specific types of cancers and degenerative diseases." - 2

What would it be like if perhaps zeolite was effective in not only removing toxins, but also activating the mechanism of apoptosis - especially for abnormal or unhealthy cells that should be tagged for self-destruction?

Though we can't actually see what's happening within the body, evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, suggests that zeolite may in fact assist in this mechanism to reactivate important genes.  

Buy Waiora Zeolite now.   __⇑TOP


zeolite and cancer

cancer cellWhat does the benefit of apoptosis mean for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or are hoping to prevent cancer? If zeolite does, in the process of removing heavy metals from the body, assist in activating genes for apoptosis in degenerative or unhealthy cells, then the body may finally have a way to become healthier - simply by doing the functions it is supposed to do.


To the degree that these health issues are caused by toxicity, zeolite can help, first by removing toxins and second by allowing the body to function normally. - 3      Buy Waiora Zeolite now.        __⇑TOP





Anti-viral Properties of zeolite



Studies now show us that the health benefits of zeolite go far beyond removing heavy metals and other toxins. Evidence points to zeolite's anti-viral properties. - 4


In the image to the left the virus is represented by a green sub-cellular particle floating in among red blood cells. Viruses replicate (make copies of themselves) by attacking healthy cells and using our own DNA to manufacture more viral particles. Zeolite appears to interrupt this process by capturing viral particles away from the assembly line as viruses attempt to replicate.  Buy Waiora Zeolite now.      __⇑TOP



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3 - Anti-cancer Properties of Zeolite

4 - Anti-viral Properties of Zeolite


 *Disclaimer- The information on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is not intended as medical advice or to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. You may wish to consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, nutritional supplementation or exercise program. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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