Animal Healing Testimonies

The Animal Healing Testimonies on this page are for you to use as a resource.

Keep checking back as more animal healing testimonies and stories are added. Images and stories were given freely and with permission by families with whom I’ve worked, covering health challenges such as canine cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, allergies, and more.

Many images found here may also be seen in my book, Heal Together – Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans

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CASSIE – Cancer

“I want to tell you how wonderful you were when I was trying so hard to save Cassie. When I first called you out of the blue you didn’t hesitate to help me. You were so kind and always talked to me as if there wasn’t anything else you had to do and I so appreciated it. The things you recommended I get really gave her new strength and I was hoping beyond hope that I could save her, however, I realize now that the cancer had too much of a hold on her and ultimately I lost her. 

After just having lost her sister two months before I was devastated but I (with your help) knew in my heart that I did everything humanly possible for her. She was indeed a precious soul. You’re a wonderful, kind person and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. They couldn’t be in better hands. Your knowledge of supplements, oils and food is incredible. I learned a lot from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  Rosaline S.

ROCKY – Adenocarcinoma

After a cancer diagnosis in his lung and airway (adenocarcinoma), Rocky had surgery to remove part of his left lung followed by a single chemo treatment. Choosing to continue with only natural solutions, Rocky’s mom reached out to me for help in March 2017. 

We started him on a natural regimen with supplements, diet, essential oils, and detox. Rocky’s surgery was so invasive that it took him a while to regain his strength.

May 2017

Rocky is doing a lot better. He begs for the food and has an appetite again. He is back to my ol’ Rocky. I’m still giving him the supplements and activated liquid zeolite. He is ok with it now that he is feeling better. I’m a happy mama. Here is a picture of us last weekend. I’ll keep you informed of his progress always. 
Thank you so much Rosemary for keeping us in your thoughts. 
Bambi., MI

CHUCK – Multiple Health Issues

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with me and my 8 year old Boxer, Chuck.  Before reading your book (Heal Together) and talking with you, Chuck was your typical 8 year old Boxer. 

He had broken his radius and ulna two years ago and who had a stereotypical Boxer history of mast cell tumors, ear infections, itchy skin, an easy to upset stomach (that would gurgle so loud I could hear it in the other room) and seasonal flank alopecia that left him with significant in size, dry and flaky bald spots on his back that showed no hope of growing fur.  He also had started acting like what you would expect from an “old dog” and no matter how often I bathed him, he would leave an oily residue on your hand if you pet him.  Around Christmas, someone commented that he looked “swollen” as if he had gained a bunch of weight (which he did not).

After talking with you on the phone, and establishing a holistic approach to better Chuck’s health, my husband thought I had lost my mind.  However, after only two months of following your recommended approach, we (including my husband!) are astonished at the changes we have seen so far and the changes we continue to see every single day.

I’m excited to report that Chuck no longer has to take antihistamines daily, nor does he have to take famotidine to treat his upset stomach any longer.  He hasn’t had an ear infection since following your recommendations, he is no longer scratching, his coat is soft, shiny and no longer leaves a residue on your hands and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in two months, his seasonal flank alopecia seems to be resolving itself and his fur is growing back!  His energy level has skyrocketed and I’ve caught him on many occasions just galloping in the backyard.  I’ve also noticed he isn’t uncontrollably thirsty as he seemed to be a few months ago and he no longer looks swollen and instead looks trim and lean. 

I am grateful to have found you, am glad I didn’t find you at a point that would be too late, and wish I would have found you sooner.  The only thing I have to do at this point in time is get around to teaching my husband how to prepare meals for the dogs, how to administer their supplements and how to apply their essential oils.  

Can’t thank you enough.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you! Janine and Chuck, IL

WINNIE and Cancer

This morning the series of small bumps under her ear are almost gone!  There is still one but it almost seems like it has come to the surface and is a bit crusty.  I’ll view this as a good sign.  I’m going to hold off on bringing her to the vet.  I want to see if she continues to improve without any testing.  

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and advice you have given me.  I’m not sure where we would be if I hadn’t stumbled upon your website.  I’ve been holding off relaying my gratitude because I thought maybe I would jinx Winnie’s progress by assuming she was getting better and beating the cancer.  But after this little scare I realize that its never too soon to show gratitude!  Whatever happens with Winnie you have opened up a whole new world of holistic healing to me and my family.  I realize that the healing process works on so many levels by connecting with our mind, heart and our physical body.  Thank you so much for everything! I’ll keep you posted on Winnie’s progress! Sincerely, Melinda & Winnie  Barrington, IL

BOULDER – Lymphoma

“Rosemary gave me hope where there was almost none. My 11-year-old lab, Boulder, had been fighting off lymphoma for three years through chemotherapy. Serendipitously, before Boulder ever had cancer, I had searched online for Reiki training and found her website information attractive, all this while living 900 miles away. 

I moved to Portland last year and when Boulder began to no longer respond to chemo, I got online to search for help. Turns out Rosemary lives less than two miles away. She taught me how to prepare him healthy food, introduced me to Reiki energy work, essential oils, activated liquid zeolite, and many other supplements. Boulder’s lymph nodes actually shrunk for months after that and he was healthy and happy. Although he was not able to beat the cancer after such a long illness and chemical treatments, his last months were robust and energetic until his final few days. Rosemary is a font of wisdom and loving energy. So much love and healing.” David H., Portland, OR


GINGER – Hemangiosarcoma

Ginger’s success over hemangiosarcoma began in October 2006 with her collapse when her spleen ruptured (hemangiosarcoma is a blood cancer). Her cancer diagnosis was devastating news to us. Though we were successful with all the natural supplements and Reiki energy work we used, her results (winning over cancer and diabetes) may be extraordinary.

We do not offer Ginger’s story as a treatment for you or your pet as results vary with each individual. We are grateful that her story has touched your life and we hope you, like many others, find success as well.
Learn more about Ginger’s story and her success over hemangiosarcoma.

Contact Rosemary for details, guidance, and hope for you.


KYA and Hemangiosarcoma

“I have a female 10 1/2 yr. old Husky/Shepherd mix dog, that I love with all my heart.  She isn’t a big eater so we are always trying to find something she will like. 
Recently she showed signs of distress and weakness. By late afternoon she was very shaky and I could see she was not doing well at all.  

At this point I thought it was the stomach ache the dog food salesman spoke of.  So for dinner I picked up all the new food and put it away, then I fixed some pork and potatoes for my dog for dinner.  She was happy to get it and ate it all.  But she was still not acting normal, and after a while she couldn’t walk.’ activated liquid zeolite on hand and started giving her drops every hour. She seemed much better, but I brought her to the vet as soon as I could. He found a tumor on her spleen (hemangiosarcoma) and we requested to have the surgery right away, encouraged by Rosemary to act quickly.’

“Today, just 3 days later, Kya is doing really well.  She is even eating better then ever before,  which makes giving her the medicinal mushrooms easy too. I will continue with Reiki, 
activated liquid zeolite and medicinal mushrooms. Thanks, Rosemary, for being there when I needed you. I know we have a good chance of keeping Kya with us.” Susan, Portland, OR

Hey Rosemary,   just wanted to let you know that Kya is doing really well.  She is even eating better then ever before. No matter what the outcome,  the products are amazing,  we don’t know what her highest good is.

LADY and Hemangiosarcoma

“On February 1st 2012, four and a half weeks ago, Lady, our  9-year old Golden Retriever, had an emergency splenectomy. A week later, we got the devastating news that the rupture of her spleen was caused by Hemangiosarcoma.’

“That is when I Googled “Hemangiosarcoma survival story” and came upon Ginger’s Story and Rosemary’s website. Ginger’s story was so similar to Lady’s and there was finally a ray of hope! With that came additional questions about what Rosemary had done to help Ginger, so I wrote her an e-mail and within a couple of hours got an e-mail back and later that same day a phone call from Rosemary! There was a real, sincere person at the other end, willing and able to help! What a blessing! We discussed Lady’s diet and supplements and Rosemary suggested that I start activated liquid zeolite and medicinal mushrooms. Also, Rosemary offered to give Lady Reiki to help her heal.’

“Lady has recovered very well after her surgery, a little tired at first from the blood loss from her surgery, but being fed lots of organ meats and dark vegetables seemed to help her get her energy back.’

Had we not found Rosemary and Ginger’s story, we would have had very little hope, and we are forever grateful for her being there. Our decision to do chemo goes against Rosemary’s convictions, but that has not changed anything in her support and willingness to help answer any questions, we might have! It is like having a close friend by your side.
I will keep you posted on Lady and how she does. Tomorrow, she goes in for her second chemo treatment and I pray, she will be ok!
Thank you, Rosemary, for being there!!!! Warm thoughts from Susan in Georgia”

ANGEL and Hemangiosarcom

January 29, 2012- “My dog, Angel, is a 10 year old rottweiler mix. We rescued her 3 yrs ago after she spent 4 yrs in a shelter.  We had a consult with the oncologist today and after telling us we would spend thousands of dollars she really gave us very little hope. We are looking to use a more natural method obviously not to cure Angel but to perhaps lengthen her time with us.” 

I spoke with Angel’s mom and offered a simple protocol which included suggestions for her diet as well as specific supplements to help strengthen her immune system.

“Thank you sooo much for helping us and for your support. After dealing with the cold, uncompassionate vet, speaking to you was like a breath of fresh air.” 

“Just wanted to update you on day one. Angel has had the zeolite 4 times already, once more before bed. She didn’t like it squirted in her mouth so I mixed it with some yogurt. The bottle said mix with a favorite food or drink. She has had 2 mushroom pills. Her bloodwork taken on Thursday came back perfect per the vet so we took that as good news.’

“We are using the liquid zeolite (5 drops) about every 2 hrs.  We have been able to fit in about 9 times during the day. I have added in a small meal in the afternoon and Angel is getting 3 mushroom pills (MD) per day. Her appetite is good, her attitude is good. Thank you!!”
  Lorri T., NJ  

TIMI and Hemangiosarcom

On March 15, 2008 as I took the dogs for their walks, we encountered a cat which, as you know, creates a situation with dogs running, chasing, howling and barking. In all the chaos the Lab stepped on Timi, my Dachshund, who began yelping at the top of his lungs. 

I knew he was in excruciating pain and upon arriving home noticed that he was lethargic, in pain, and had pale gums. I took him to a local veterinarian who took digital radiographs and concluded he had a hematoma on his left shoulder and a bolgin disc. The veterinarian administered a steroids shot and prescribe Prednisone and the following week we went to our holistic veterinarian, where I was relieved to find that Timi appeared to be doing fine.

Timi was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma and anemia due to the cancer. I was lost, confused, and sad. The world kept moving around me but I was frozen. We heard all the options and treatments available but due to limited financial resources, I told the oncologist I needed time to evaluate my options.

Determined not to give up, I prayed to God to help and guide me in my decision and expressed to Him that if it was His will to take Timi with Him then I would accept His decision. My prayers were answered on April 5, 2008 when I opened my email and had a message from one of the members of the cancer support group. In it was Ginger’s story. I decided to contact Rosemary, her owner. The protocol Rosemary followed with Ginger included natural supplements and since I believe in natural medicine I decided to start Timi on natural supplements as well.

On April 8, 2008 Timi started on natural supplements which included activated liquid zeolite made of volcanic minerals and medicinal mushrooms. By the second day of taking the supplements, I started seeing improvements in his appetite, energy, mobility and his pain began to decrease. By the third day, his gums were pink again. I administered 50 drops of Zeolite a day every 4 hours and 15 drops a day of medicinal mushrooms every 4 hours. I applied the supplements directly in his mouth with a medicine dropper. Since these supplements are non-toxic, there are no side effects.

Since diet plays an important role when treating a dog with cancer, I changed his to one that would starve rather than feed the cancer. His new diet now consists of cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans, cottage cheese, boiled or bake chicken, liver, beef, blueberries, fish (salmon or mackerel), eggs, and once a day fish oil supplements 1000mg. I feed Timi twice a day.

This improvement was noticed when we went on May 1, 2008 for a CT scan with the oncologist. Timi’s PCV went from 17 to 27; his mobility improved and his pain decreased. The oncologist could not explain this wonderful improvement and asked me if Timi was taking Prednisone or medications to which I responded no. I explained the protocol that I was following and left information on the natural supplements. He then recommended surgery to remove the tumor and radiation therapy in case the tumor could not be removed.

Once again, I was facing limited financial resources. The oncologist presented an option to help with the financial situation. There exists a foundation that donates money to help pay for medical expenses but unfortunately, they choose only one dog per month. Since I didn’t know if we would be selected, I asked my groomer and the kennel if I could place a jar for donations on their counter, to which both agreed.

On May 5, 2008, our oncologist called to give us the news that Timi was a good candidate for surgery with a few concerns and had a good chance to qualify for financial assistance. We then had an appointment with the surgeon on May 14 to further discuss Timi’s options.

After hearing all of the options, I made the decision for surgery with no chemotherapy or radiation therapy and was confident that I had made the right decision. Timi was then approved for financial assistance in the amount of $1,500. With a deadline of two days, I also had to come up with $1,500 so I prayed to God for help. I started calling friends giving them the news some of them decided to donate money for the surgery. With their donations and the jars from the groomer and kennel I had the money and the surgery was scheduled for May 19 at 8:00 am.

Surgery went very good and a tumor, 6x10x4 cm and weighing 1.2 lbs, was removed.

Timi is still improving and I am very thankful to God for providing me with the strength, courage, and determination this ordeal. I am also very grateful to Rosemary for sharing with me her knowledge and experience and to my wonderful boyfriend who gives me unlimited support and stays at home to care for Timi while I work weekends. Thank you as well to my family, my wonderful and caring friends, coworkers and supervisors for welcoming the idea of bringing Timi with me at work everyday.

MISTY and Hemangiosarcoma

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that after one month, Misty is still doing fantastic. She actually seems to have more energy before and getting/up down from a laying position seems to need no effort these days as well.  

So if her regimen is doing nothing other than that, it’s still good news. She acts just like the puppy she used to be like with more stamina. She would still act like a puppy  before but it was short lived and you could see that stairs, etc were difficult for her. J.H., Moorhead, MN

RICKY and Hemangiosarcoma

Ricky’s manifestation of hemangiosarcoma appeared around the heart. This is one of the more difficult situations since surgery to remove the mass is very difficult, if not impossible. We supported Ricky’s good health with detoxification, immune support, and energy work. His energy was good as he kept his strength as long as possible.

PEKUA and Cancer

Pekua is my Gracie’s best friend. Several years ago, Pekua had a dark bump on his skin, appearing on the side of his body. It was shown to be malignant, and was surgically removed. In follow up, his mom was very open to using zeolite and medicinal mushrooms to support his immune system. 

Throughout the years, Pekua continues to have good energy, and continues to support his immune system with our medicinal mushroom blend. We have since added essential oils, especially to calm his stressful life as boss and caretaker for a family of girls.

SUGAR – Osteosarcoma

My dog Sugar, now a 12 year old yellow lab was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the form of a rib tumor in November 2014.  I set out to do as my research as possible and was looking for natural alternatives in addition to some conventional treatment and found Rosemary’s name on a blog for dogs with cancer.  

I connected to her website and gave a her a call.  It’s been such a relief to find someone who had suggestions and really helped with the care of my sweet Sugar Bear. 

Through all of Rosemary’s research and insight I have been able I feel to give Sugar the very best chance of extending her life.  I have been using zeolites drops which I definitely would not have known about if it wasn’t for her.  In addition I have taking the drops as well as treating one of my cats for UTI. 

Also Rosemary has introduced essential oils, techniques and many other useful tips and suggestions that have truly been invaluable to me.  It’s such a comfort to know that I can call on Rosemary! We are going on 7 months diagnosed and the cancer is stabilized.  I would highly recommend Rosemary to anyone looking for safe, natural alternative to any kind of pet care.  Tracy B., TX

MUNCIE – Lymphoma

Muncie came into our lives Valentines Day, 2007.  We loved him at first site. At 8 years old on March 27th, 2015 he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  After multiple trips to the vet and oncologist our family decided not to treat him with chemotherapy.  Rather, we chose a more holistic approach. 

After hours of searching online I came across Rosemary’s site.  I was so thankful.  Muncie gets zeolite and a mushroom complex a few times a day, along with many essential oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes and other vitamins and nutrients.  He is on a completely raw diet. 

We’ve had a Reiki session which I believe helped me to understand him more.  I truly am so grateful for the days and weeks we’ve had with him.  Each day is a blessing spent with him.   Thank you for all your help, love and support.  We’re forever grateful. Cromer Family, AZ

Health, Diet, and Supplements

Zeus and Digestive Issues
“We got Zeus, our German Shepherd, at 8 weeks old in San Diego and he had problems from the beginning.  He had a herniated umbilical cord and terrible skin allergies.  At the time we had him on the food that the breeder recommended, a pretty good dry food.  We soon changed food because he had diarrhea and vomited more than we thought was normal.  

We took him to a dermatologist for his skin allergies and he went on antibiotics and steroids consistently for several years.  We also had him tested and went through giving him daily shots for a while, which did not help, he hated the shots!!!’

“After all this we found that low dose steroids daily was the only thing that made him comfortable for any amount of time.  The vomiting and diarrhea continued after several changes in dry foods, we also mixed canned food, only to make it worse.  His allergies seemed to get better so we stopped any medication and he still has some episodes, but much better.’

“About 10 months ago, in November 2010, we met Rosemary and after considering it and talking about it, I decided to try a new raw diet and 
activated liquid zeolite.  He eats only raw meat and fresh vegetables.  It took about a month to see a difference, and about 3 months to REALLY see a difference.  Zeus is like a new dog, he no longer has diarrhea, no more waking me up in the middle of the night to go out, AMAZING!  He would have to go out during the night about half the time and was miserable.  Zeus is the best dog, he is gentle and calm and the most loving animal, I am so happy to see him healthy!”  Elaina Coffey, Portland, OR


Spanky and Valley Fever
“My Spanky had recently been rushed to the Emergency Room with heat stroke. Prior to the that she had been diagnosed with valley fever and on Sunday, elevated white count. Picked her up today from the hospital and she has no side effects from the heat stroke. 

Also received a call from my regular vet…..her valley fever test came back negative and her white counts are back in the normal range. I have been giving her activated liquid zeolite for a couple of weeks now and know this is what has pulled her through. Wahoo!!!  Thank you Rosemary!” Jenny H., Arizona


GOOSE and Skin Issues

“My 13 year old cat, Goose the Moose,  has suffered from fatty liver disease his whole life. I had a bottle of your activated liquid zeolite on hand and thought I might as well try it on him to see if it would help his skin condition. I have had him on it for two weeks now and the dander has completely disappeared. The Goose and I want to say thank you. I am very relieved to have a more lively happy cat who I can cuddle!!” Jill Picard, CHC March 2012


ALUNA and Kidney Disease 

“Just wanted to give you an update on my Aluna girl. I decided to take her in for a 3 day IV kidney cleanse/flush to see if we could bring her levels to normal range, and then to see if she could keep them there. They tested her kidneys before the flush…and they were at normal healthy levels!! 

Between the anti-biotics and activated liquid zeolite drops … I had been giving her it seems to have worked. She is back to eating and drinking fairly normally. Thank you very much.” Aymey S., Portland, OR

LaDacious and Toxicity

“LaDacious is on her second day of activated liquid zeolite drops. It’s amazing how well she is doing with taking them. In that past she would of rejected such thing. Dacious seems more lively now since her Reiki and drops. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”  Shelby

Update- “LaDacious has about 2/3s of the bottle that you sent still. This morning she was able to soak up the great energy from the sun for about 3 hours outside. Which she loved very much.” =D

Reiki for Animals

COSMO – Spiritual and Physical Healing

“Cosmo is So Much Better yesterday and today! He was so much better last evening when I got home from work, we went for a walk and he really enjoyed it. He seems so much happier, and Much More Mobile than prior to your session. 

Another thing I noticed today – Where Cosmo was panting almost nonstop on the days and nights prior to your session yesterday, he hasn’t been panting at all today and he’s breathing normal!! Thank you!! We’re so Appreciative!”
Barb Ralston., Tigard, OR

BooBoo – Holistic Healing, Diet and Reiki

“I wanted to let you know the Reiki must have been very beneficial for BooBoo!  He slept so well and peaceful last night that I had to check his pulse a couple of times to see if he was still breathing! In addition, he didn’t cough once! I want to continue with this therapy for him!

His coughing is calmed down quite a bit in fact three nights since Thursday he didn’t cough once!  He seems to love his new diet you suggested!  Yes, homemade food !! Thank you so much Rosemary and I will be making an appointment with you for my arthritis soon.” Rita McIntire., Spokane, WA

LUNA and Surgery Recovery

“I wanted to give you an update on Luna’s recovery. He is doing amazingly well and recovering at a extremely fast rate. The doctor is just amazed at his progress and I am so happy about how well he has healed. I’m not supposed to introduce him to stairs until 6 weeks out and yesterday I caught him Running up the stairs! 

I keep it blocked off so he doesnt use them but he just looks like a brand new puppy and I know he is feeling so much better. I have been doing Reiki on him now almost every night since we did the attunement and I wanted to thank you for all the Reiki you have sent his way.” Jodi O. Portland, OR


Chiquita and Jack – Allergies

“Your Reiki on me after I fell I’m the snow helped enormously, thank you so much. I took Chiquita and Jack off dog food and have been feeding them real food. The improvement has been dramatic and was immediate. Chiquita no longer has to take allergy medicine and doesn’t try to scratch her skin off anymore. Truly miraculous to mind… I’m deeply grateful you were able to communicate with them. ” Christy T., Portland, OR

MARIAH and Transitioning

Yesterday we lost one of the cornerstones of our house, Miss Mariah.  She lived life with total bully flair, throwing her 23 pounds around and keeping everyone in line.  Ever wonder why they call mean kids on the playgrounds bullies?  Try living with one – lol.  And it is because of her sassiness, we would not have traded her for the world.

Enter your text here...Before her transition, my friend Rosemary became aware of Mariah’s situation and she sent tons of healing Mariah’s way and the effect was noticeable.  What a relief to have the contributions of healers everywhere helping her on her journey. Jayne A.,Trenton, OH

PRECIOUS and Hearing

Precious, was blind by the time she was 1 yr. old due to a retinal dysplasia from her parents. Possibly she had been born in a puppy mill as these dogs should not have been breeding.  I adopted her (via a posting on Petfinder) in October 2011. 

Upon her arrival from New Hampshire, she quickly “mapped” my house and settled in to a brand new life with other dogs and a cat.  She amazed me as she would “lead me” on walks even though she could not see at all. She relied on her hearing so much – she would look up at the sky when a plane flew over or try to chase the sound of leaves blowing down the street.  And, in the yard, when I called her name she would come running to the sound of my voice.  No blind human would do that!  When she lost her hearing it was devastating.  She just stayed in the corner all day and all night and would only get up if I went and got her to eat or go out.  I vowed not to accept this as a permanent condition.
I am overjoyed to send this wonderful report.  On November 29 Precious lost her hearing and while her life changed dramatically, her amazing personality did not. True, she slept much of the day – in fact she wouldn’t get up until I touched her. I had to take her out on a leash, she never knew when it was time for a treat or a meal and  she didn’t greet me at the door because she did not know when I came home.  In fact there was very little communication unless I was close to and/or touching her. Still she had that cute wagging tail.

But through prayer, Reiki, flower essences, zeolite, healing pipes and a belief that her hearing would return – it has. It started very gradually on Dec 18, by first hearing the sound of a clicker at close range, but really nothing more until the past few weeks. Last week she heard the microwave door close, then a drawer and a few days ago she  heard me whistle and today – from a bit of a distance she heard me talk!

Perhaps, this has been more of an ordeal for me than her – because she “adjusted.”  But I never wanted to think about it that way because so much of her life had disappeared – her world was not just dark, it was silent. Today she has been awake a lot more and listening around  – because she can hear the sounds of life around her – once again she is engaged!

Right now it is almost dark and Precious is outside enjoying the cold weather and the best news is when I want her to come in – I can call her!

For Precious, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

GRACIE – Recovery from Trauma and Injury

We adopted Gracie from a foster group through Pet Finder when she was about 11 months old. She was a challenge from the beginning – abused, malnourished, abandoned, flea-ridden and very sick. Throughout it all, she never let on that there was anything “wrong”, even when we connected with her through animal communication.

Throughout the years we worked with her to support her on all levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What an amazing dog she is – smart, healthy, energetic, and very sensitive to energy. I’m pleased to say that we could only have succeeded in helping Gracie be well by using a holistic approach. She needed 2 major surgeries early in her life. We helped her recover with a raw diet, zeolite, specific supplements, and essential oils. Next week, Gracie faces knee surgery for a torn cruciate ligament in her knee. We’re still hopeful for non-invasive, non-surgical, treatment and recovery, and continue with raw diet, supplements, Reiki, zeolite, and essential oils. RL Portland OR


We found a custom-made knee brace that supports Gracie’s knee while she heals. Today she runs and plays, walks, and moves freely without her brace. However, we like to still use the Posh knee brace for active play to prevent re-injury. See details on my Animal Healing page.

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