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Animal Zeolite

Looking for natural ways to stay healthy?

Protect your pets from toxins. 

Use NAVAN original liquid zeolite.

What are the Benefits of Zeolite?

Daily DETOX Plus zeolite is a natural product that has been refined to be more effective than ordinary zeolite products. We love these benefits from Daily DETOX Plus:

  • Removes heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, etc.
  • Removes other toxins such as pesticides, flame retardants, fabric protector, and other harmful environmental toxins.
  • Helps balance pH and reduce body acidity
  • and much more!

How Can Zeolite Help Animals?

We’re glad you asked! So far . . .
– better skin, no more itching.
– more energy, we can run upstairs again.
– Mom isn’t worried about that “lump” anymore. It’s getting smaller.
– Our tummies aren’t upset anymore either!

Protect Your Family

Protecting your pets from toxins is easier once you know how. More importantly, the benefits of following these simple steps will help provide your pet with a longer, healthier life.

I like to recommend a 2 Step Process for Pet Health Protection against toxins.

1. Avoid Toxins


Flame Retardants

Food Additives and Preservatives

Toys, Treated Decks, Bedding

– Be a detective. Find chemical irritants, cleaners, fragrances, pesticides and sources of toxins in your home and garden. Eliminate them.
– Avoid toxic chemicals in the home. Use water or safe substitutes to clean.
– Vacuum often. Take shoes off when you come inside. Wipe your dog’s feet.
– Filter the water and air in your home.
– Make home-prepared, natural foods to reduce harmful additives and increase nutritional value.
– Avoid chemical flea and tick control. Use non-toxic, natural alternatives.
– Become aware of other sources of toxins. Avoid toys contaminated with lead, treated wood decks and other sources of heavy metals.

2. Actively Remove Toxins From the Body

NAVAN zeolite detox

Activated Liquid Zeolite from NAVAN –

Your Daily DETOX Plus

There’s only one safe and effective way I have found to remove toxins. Whether for daily maintenance or occasional special needs, remove toxins with a few drops of Daily DETOX Plus, original liquid zeolite formulated by Rik Deitsch. Given straight orally or mixed with food, this natural mineral detoxifier works quickly and without side effects.

How much zeolite you use and how long you continue to use zeolite depends largely on the task at hand. Maintenance dosage for a non-toxic pet is just a few drops 2 or 3 times per day. However, more serious health challenges may require a more aggressive protocol. I help you customize a program for wellness according to your pet’s needs. Just ask for a FREE Consultation.

When is Zeolite Need Most?

Zeolite is needed most when you least expect it. That’s why a daily maintenance is best.

However, here are some circumstances where you may want to dose a little extra zeolite for protection:

– walking through areas recently sprayed with chemicals
– exposure to another animal suspected to be ill
– frequent visits to the park or day care where there is close contact with other animals
– suspected or known exposure to tainted foods or treats
– suspected or known exposure to tick bites, bee stings, snake bites, spider bites or other venomous creatures
– after sharing a bowl or toy with any other animal
– if you see signs of distress, weakness, infection, vomiting or diarrhea.

In all cases, please see your vet if you have any serious warning signs. Zeolite is not a substitute for veterinary care… but on your way to the vet, give zeolite. It can’t hurt and it could save a life.
Every success begins with hope.

Daily DETOX Plus Zeolite

​Though zeolite is a natural product, I can only recommend Daily DETOX Plus from NAVAN as the best detoxification mineral available. Since 2006, I have used this particular product for not only general detoxification, but also in the critical care needed for my own dog, Ginger who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and diabetes. (Read Ginger’s story here.)

​Daily DETOX Plus zeolite goes through a process to clean and micronize the crystals of clinoptilolite found in the United States. This careful, patented process, in my opinion, makes the best product to pull heavy metals and other toxins out. I just cannot rely on or recommend zeolite from any other company. To get the results we wanted for Ginger, we used the best. We hope you do, too.

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