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Pet Supplements

I’ve chosen what matters most for pet health to make it easy for you to follow a Holistic Health Protocol.


I’ve done the research for you in selecting the best, all natural, supplements for your pets. These products have been chosen from various companies I trust to bring you the best for you and your family. I make no substitutes, nor do I compromise on my choices on the few products I have chosen to support my clients on their natural healing journey. You’ll notice that most of these products are actually formulated for human consumption.

The concepts for human health and for pet health are very similar:

  • Detoxification
  • Relieve tissue distress and discomfort
  • Support and modulate the immune system
  • Regenerate healthy tissue
  • Support active, healthy digestion

Why give supplements to your pets?

Remove toxins, heavy metals, excessive chemical treatments and acute chemical toxicity

Balance and support stressed tissues and organs

Promote good health at any age

How to buy supplements mentioned in my book, Heal Together:

     My book is a great resource for you – a way to begin learning about what causes disease in pets, and how to support health and healing for you and your animals. Though I don’t name specific products in my book, I offer them here with direct links so you can easily place an order.

     Some products are available to you at wholesale prices, with the initial setup of a wholesale account through me. Other products may offer a discount code. Personal consultations are always free. Let me help you design a protocol for your pet’s needs.

Animal Healing

Get help and learn about Natural Pet Health Alternatives.

Detox Solutions

Heavy Metals – The Zeolite Solution

NAVAN zeolite detox

Daily DETOX Plus

We all have toxins. No one is completely free of the harmful effects of toxicity. But we can help you get the toxins out, safely and without side-effects.

I feel that detox is so important that no supplement program is complete without it.

Yes, I have my preferences!

After working with supplements for more than 15 years, I can say that I offer only the best, most unique and most vital supplements for my clients.

We start with an effective and safe process using supplements for detoxification. If you prefer a holistic approach to detoxification, you’ll want to include several supplements which target different types of toxicity.

These are elements such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, and lead. They cause neurological damage, interfere with every organ and cell process in the body, steal oxygen from your brain and blood, destroy bone strength, and, in high enough concentrations, heavy metals are instant killers. They accumulate in the body causing chronic disease and debilitating symptoms of every kind.

Order Daily DETOX Plus from NAVAN


Plastics and Petrochemicals

The Essential Oil Solution

Plastics and Petrochemicals are organic compounds (chemically, they contain carbon atoms and are referred to as “organic”, but they are not good for you).

You’ll find them leaching into your water from water bottles, in personal care products, foods, and many other sources.

They mimic hormones, interfere with body processes, and cause a multitude of other side effects.

If you have not yet discovered the beauty of natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, you’re missing out on some of Nature’s finest gifts. Lemon essential oil, for example, can easily dissolve glue and grease – try it on a stubborn sticker or greasy pan and you’ll see what happens.

In the body, lemon essential oil acts as a natural degreaser. It can help clear and clean the body of petrochemicals that are stored in vital organs such as the liver and fatty tissues in the body (including the brain).


Detox plastics and petrochemicals with essential oils. Choose the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living for wholesale pricing.

Essential Nutrients – Supplements to Support Complete Nutrition


What are antioxidants?

These are nutrients that bind with free radicals. Antioxidants ameliorate the damage and promote repair at the DNA level.
Learn more about my favorite antioxidants:

  • Ningxia Red – Liquid Nutritional Goodness, antioxidants and essential oils
  • Essential Oils – Many essential oils, especially citrus essential oils such as Lemon, Grapefruit, and Tangerine, are very high in antioxidants . . . more so than just eating the fruit!

Today’s diet offers more chemical additives, fats and sugars than ever before. These substitutes for good nutrition create not only imbalances in our systems, but a toxic environment for the growth and regeneration of healthy cells.

We see it as diabetes, obesity, early aging, brain fog, and susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Free radicals are the especially reactive atoms that steal electrons from chemical reactions in the body. They damage cells and body tissues, create inflammation, DNA degradation, and cause many other forms of damage.

In conjunction with better food choices, it is essential to supplement with key nutrients not found in our foods. We’d have to eat mounds vegetables and fruits to get enough fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins necessary for optimal health.



Unlike vitamins and antioxidants, vital minerals provide a foundation for health and healing at the core. Minerals are needed for every chemical reaction in the body. They help regulate hormones, fire nerves and muscles, form bones, regulate homeostasis, and, well, compose every part of the body.

All life is composed of minerals and water, yet minerals have become depleted in our foods – and even in the earth on which plants and animals grow. Replacing minerals for body functions is the perfect complement to detoxification. First, remove toxins. Then restore vital minerals.

Learn more about Vital Minerals here.

Targeted Nutrition Solutions

Many of the products I recommend are great for the whole body. However, sometimes, it’s a good idea to add extra support when needed. Joint health, bone health, heart health, and many more aspects of nutritional wellness can assist with special needs. Here are a few of my favorites:

MultiGreens from Young Living contains a superior blend of chlorophyll and a custom blend of essential oils designed to boost vitality and to help support healthy blood, glands and nerves.


Immune Support – The Medicinal Mushroom Solution

Supplements for the Immune System

Medicinal Mushrooms

Immune Support



The immune system is a complex system of defenses in the body that work together to keep us healthy. Your first line of defense is your skin. Unbroken, it protects you from the invasion of germs in the environment.

However, the immune system is much more than that. Fine hairs and mucous membranes in your respiratory system, acid in your stomach, and white cells floating in the blood all have different roles in fighting germs and fending off the growth of abnormal cells. The best way to support these important functions is to feed your immune system.

When you need immune system support in the house, we have the right one for you. Did you know that medicinal mushrooms have been used therapeutically for hundreds of years?

  • Powerful immune support with the simplest of solutions; a medicinal mushroom complex with added zeolite combine to:
  • Feed your immune system
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Help fight infections and disease
  • Give you the easiest way to be healthy and fight germs in today’s world
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