Success Over Cancer

Let me show you how natural alternatives can offer hope and success over cancer to you and your pet.

Canine Cancer. It’s devastating, to say the least. . . and when it happens in your family you may not know what to do. Ginger’s success over cancer, hemangiosarcoma, began in October 2006 with her collapse when her spleen ruptured. Her cancer diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, a blood cancer, was devastating news to us. Doctors gave us NO HOPE – even with surgery and intensive care to stabilize her blood sugar (Ginger also had diabetes.) Though we were successful with all the natural alternatives, pet supplements and Reiki for animals energy work we used, her results, winning over cancer and diabetes, may be extraordinary. I’ve developed a cancer healing protocol specifically to support you on this challenging journey.

We are grateful that her story has touched your life and we hope you, like many others, find success as well.

Ginger’s Story- Our success over cancer and diabetes.

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Cancer Healing Protocol

There’s no time to waste when important decisions need to be made. I tapped into healing wisdom I had learned from caring for Ginger through diabetes. My goal was always to help reverse her blood sugar issues – and we were doing well maintaining her diabetes condition with a raw food diet customized to her needs. Little did I know that in helping her to heal from this devastating canine cancer we’d also be setting the stage for good health throughout her entire body – including diabetes. Here’s a cancer healing protocol you can begin to implement immediately – including the most effective way to detoxify and heal, medicinal aromatherapy, pet nutrition, and Reiki energy healing.


cell defender zeolite detox

It takes more than a bottle of Cell Defender to really make a difference. Detoxify means that you’re removing all chemical irritants, discontinuing vaccinations, chemical flea treatments, household cleaners and air fresheners, and avoiding environmental toxins completely – like fertilizers and pesticides. Learn more about Animal Zeolite.


Medicinal Aromatherapy

Though I’ve written articles about frankincense for canine cancer, it’s really more than just getting a bottle of frankincense and giving it to your animal. Medicinal aromatherapy is a holistic practice of working with the energy of pure plant essences – knowing how and what to use in combination with EVERYTHING else – AND choosing the highest quality (not generic or off the shelf) plant essences that really matter. There isn’t a single recipe to follow. I work with individuals based on their specific needs.

Animal Reiki and Energy Healing

success over cancer in dogs Reiki for animals canine cancer

The Value of Reiki for Animals

How can we estimate the healing power of Reiki for animals?

It may be impossible to know for sure. However, I’ve discovered that animals love Reiki and readily receive as much as they need. Reiki also opens the way for better communication, and better integration of any supplements or healing protocols you offer.

Reiki for animals is easily offered in-person or via distance healing sessions.

While Reiki for animals is the initial intention, much can happen as a result of receiving Reiki – for the care-giver and the animals. Reiki is intelligent energy, so as energy flows, Reiki is easily received by you and your animals, as well as the environment and the situation.

Learn more about Reiki for Animals.

Raw Diet or Homemade Food

pet nutrition

This is one step you can begin immediately. Your pet has likely been showing you for a long time that commercial foods just don’t feel good. Not only are they less nutritious with little or no healing and restorative value, you might even notice that, aside from cancer, there are other symptoms you’ve noticed – like infections, stomach upset, skin issues, excessive shedding, low energy, or other signs of dis-ease. learn more about Animal Nutrition here.

Animal Healing

Get help and learn about Natural Pet Health Alternatives.

Sharing Stories of Success in Health

Animal Healing Testimonies are now available to read. Call me to add your story.

Learn the details of Ginger’s success in my book, Heal Together – Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans.

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