March 22

Truth or Fear – What Guides Your Actions?

Transformational EnrichmentI thought I had it all figured out. Little did I know that Spirit had a different plan in place for me. My guidance came in fragments, and I worked hard to discern the truth about my place in this world. Oh, I knew what I was doing. I am a healer, Reiki Master and Intuitive channel, guided by Spirit. (serious tone) However, after more than a year and a half of uncertainty, ungrounded living, inconvenience, and fear-based decisions, I finally surrendered to Spirit and found my truth. In the end, it was Black Wolf who sent me a most powerful message.

We put our house on the market for the first time in May 2014 after deciding that Florida was the place to be. The preparation involved in preparing a house to sell was a huge undertaking as we purged 25 years of stuff from our space – the kids toys, extra furniture, clothes hiding in closets and drawers, useful things in the garage closets, and extra sets of dishes, towels, linens, and more. You get the idea. We had saved so many things that were functional, yet forgotten – all of which clogged the flow of energy in our house.

The reasons for moving seemed simple – better weather, easier lifestyle, happier husband . . . none of which were true. As nice as the beach is, Florida has humidity and bugs, snakes and other dangers for my dog. Practicing Reiki might also have been a challenge since the state calls Reiki a form of massage which requires a license. Also, was happiness for anyone really dependent upon a change of address? Maybe my investigation needed more work.

A trip to the desert in February opened my thoughts to the opportunity to live in a desert environment and we explored the option of living in Sedona, Arizona. If you haven’t seen the red rocks and felt the beautiful energy there, I recommend taking a trip. In May we flew to Arizona to see Sedona as a possible home for us. We climbed the red rocks to experience the different vortexes, which also provided glorious views. We hiked along ancient paths and spent a long time feeling the energy of the petroglyphs and native dwellings. We viewed many homes in the hope of finding our place to live and work. In the end, we didn’t feel at home and left early to return to Portland.

Black Wolf

black wolfSuddenly we were anxious about the possibility of getting an offer on our house. We didn’t feel like we would have a place to go. My anxiety became evident in a dream where I felt a little confused and encumbered by stress and decisions that needed to be made. I walked outside (in my dream) to a darkened street where I was met with the shining yellow eyes of a black wolf. In an instant, Wolf was charging toward me. I felt myself fall backward in surrender, expecting the pain from being torn apart. Instead, Wolf jumped clear over my head and stood as defender and protector for a force that leered behind me.

I felt a sense of Peace wash over me, soothed now that Black Wolf stood beside me. What I had feared most was the unknown, trying to find something outside myself that would create happiness, comfort, and security. As I surrendered to Spirit, I became more in alignment with All That Is.

Black Wolf is a powerful totem and guide for Spirit workers. Protector, Speaker of Truth, Guide through Darkness, and Companion all describe Wolf energy. If Wolf appears to you, meditate with wolf energy to discern messages specific to you and your questions.

Energy Shifts into Alignment

We began to look at our home in Portland a little differently. My husband suggested that I completely take over the living room and dining room space for my work – a nice shift in energy from him (thank you vortexes). I created more space for Reiki classes by adding another sofa and a second beautiful shadowbox coffee table to hold more crystals. My other crystals – geodes, clusters, raw and polished gem specimens such as labradorite, quartz, amethyst, and tourmaline I use for healing came out of their hiding places (stashed out-of-sight as we showed our house on the market). I removed the dining room table to create a permanent space for my healing table, essential oils, and tuning forks. You’ll have to come by to experience the new Reiki space!

Since then, my daughter and I have developed a Shamanic Reiki Apprentice program and are officially creating a new site to showcase our work together as Reiki Masters, teachers, and Shamans. Our excitement continues to grow as we move forward with creating a larger version of of work, to reach more people, create more classes, and support our clients and students in their growth and development.

Decisions based on fear never work. Only Truth and alignment to Spirit provides us with answers to the tough questions  that surround safety and security (root chakra), being able to make decisions and trust one’s actions (solar plexus chakra), and knowing that you are guided by Spirit (third eye chakra).

We’re here in Portland to stay. Please join us for Reiki classes or schedule a private Integrative Reiki session. We teach like we practice and include all of the energy healing modalities to support you in your spiritual journey toward health, balance, and well being.








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