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Emotional Causes of Pain and Disease

What’s the connection between headaches and stress? How about knee pain and ego? Though many doctors have addressed the underlying issues of pain – injury, poor diet, overuse, inflammation, drug side-effects, progression of degenerative disease, etc. – it’s becoming more evident that pain may run deeper than the more obvious causes may reveal.

The Deep Zone of Pain

The issue of pain has become one of the most studied, and most expensive, health challenges today. Though people may find temporary relief with over-the-counter medications, the roots of pain – and what causes pain – go much deeper than we suspect. It’s in this “deep zone” of pain that I believe we can finally find relief and freedom from pain. What’s in the “deep zone”? Past trauma, stress, guilt, blame, resentment, inability to forgive and let go, inability to make decisions, lack of confidence, or inability to express yourself truthfully, cause pain that runs deeply with emotions. Even physical trauma can stay a long time within the cells, after the body apparently heals, only to reveal itself once again as pain later in life.

The Good Part of Pain

Pain is a natural mechanism the body uses to get your attention. The first thing you do when you bump your shin is to perhaps put your hand over the hurt. Pain helps you recognize and attend to your injury, offering signals that keep your mind on protecting the area from further hurt, using bandages, if needed, or avoiding additional physical stress to the area while your body heals.

In the same way that we pay attention to physical injury and pain, we must also recognize emotional trauma as a cause of chronic, physical pain. Now we may begin to view chronic pain as an opportunity to heal more deeply, beyond the tangible signs.

Chronic Pain and Disease

Where and when does pain begin? Where do you hold your pain? What sustains pain? Many of us have more questions than answers at this point. Pain that lasts more than 3 months is considered chronic pain. After injury, or another cause for pain, the body is expected to heal. Pain that persists could signal that physical healing is still at work (bones take longer to heal than skin, for example). Honor the healing process with time and rest. However, when chronic pain persists, it may be a sign that dis-ease (or disharmony) has manifested into physical form. Fortunately, there are natural solutions available to you to assist you in your healing process.

Vibrational Wellness

Everything has energy – everything IS energy. The particles that make up our physical bodies, the forgotten spaces between the particles, our thoughts and intentions, sound, light, and scents all vibrate in an attempt to harmonize with earth and the Universe. Science shows us that everything has a frequency (a measured vibration). When we come into alignment with harmony, we allow healing to take place.

What is harmony? Imagine for a moment that you feel peaceful, serene, connected to All That Is, Spirit, God – your highest and most wonderful possible state of being. That’s harmony. When one voice sings, others join in to copy the same vibration. When one tuning fork vibrates, it causes other tuning forks near it to also vibrate. When healthy cells vibrate, they stir a healthy vibration in the body that brings about harmony. There are many more healthy cells in the body than there are unhealthy cells. Yet when people feel pain and the effects of disease, they give their attention and their power to pain and disease.

Might disharmonious vibrations cause pain and disease? I believe so. The stress from perceived burdens shows up as shoulder pain. Grief from divorce, separation, and death has been shown to manifest as breast cancer or heart disease. Choking back your thoughts and inability to express yourself truthfully feels restrictive to the body and can manifest as neck pain, difficulty breathing, anxiety, and pain in the jaw (TMJ). According to Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, we are not our genes, but rather a manifestation of thoughts interacting with our environment. If health is more about harmony than disharmony, then we can look at health as vibrational wellness.

How To Change Your Vibration

The benefits of “good vibes” may be seen and felt immediately. For example, a smile and a hug tends to bring about a similar response, whereas anger and aggression bring about feelings of defense or escape. Which action is the one that offers healing energy? Much like smiles and hugs, laughter, deep breathing, beautiful sounds, etc., bring us closer to harmony – that vibration that resonates with our wellbeing.

Harmonious vibrations have many benefits:

  • bring oxygen into the cells
  • help destroy viruses and germs
  • stimulate circulation
  • help us recall pleasant memories and feelings
  • soothe and relax
  • offer a better environment for sleep
  • stimulate cell regeneration
  • improve body defences
  • change our outlook on life
  • improve attitude and productivity

How do we change our vibration? Here at Second Nature Healing, we offer a holistic approach to integrating vibrational wellness. We offer the entire assortment every time, because everyone responds so beautifully to the combination and protocol I’ve assembled.

  • Reiki – This global method of healing and relaxation is as effective in remote sessions as in person.
    Guided Intuitive Messages from Spirit – let Spirit be your guide with your transformational healing.
  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils chosen specifically for you during your session. Remote sessions also use essential oils as needed. More information is available in our follow-up work.
  • Sound Healing – Special Solfeggio tuning forks of the highest quality are used in your etheric field and on your body for an ultimate relaxation experience.
  • Crystals – Placed on you, in the room and/or under the table to assist in energy flow and balance. (if you have a remote session, I send you an image of the crystals we used to hold the energy for you as you further your integration and transformation)
  • Nutritional Supplements – The right supplements help change the vibration of your physical and emotional body by integrating with cells. They allow cells and body tissues to become healthier. . . a beautiful and simple way to increase vibrational wellness.

Call now for a free consultation or schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.


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