Healing Power

Natural Healing Alternatives Simplified

What if you could trust natural healing alternatives? When you’re first diagnosed with cancer, what are your choices? Though fear may influence your choices, you have options to become more empowered with Reiki healing, vibrational sound healing, crystal energy, and medicinal aromatherapy as well as spiritual healing wisdom from your guides. Don’t let fear about your cancer diagnosis control you. Heal Develop your intuitive skills with Shine Spiritual Mastery. I also offer intuitive animal healing – holistic health for people and pets. Take back your healing power.

5th Dimensional Consciousness

5th Dimensional consciousness encompasses increased awareness of self in connection to other, overcoming separateness in favor of wholeness. This, of course, is a concept that may feel hard to grasp because many of us feel disconnected, unworthy, depressed, in pain, dis-eased, and disillusioned. Chemicals in the environment, toxicity, radiation, EMFs, fluoride, drugs, and other physically challenging circumstances interfere with spiritual enlightenment and clear thinking, clear seeing, clear feeling, and clear knowing. These clears represent that clarity you have when you fully detoxify, heal, and activate your pineal gland.

You Have the Power to Heal.

You Have the Power to Heal, Feel Whole, and Manifest Joy and Abundance RIGHT NOW.

I believe:

  • In intuitive guidance and that we all possess a natural ability to connect to a Higher Source for healing.
  • That the memory of vibrant health lives in every cell of the body.
  • That detoxifying heavy metals and lower vibrations provides a stronger foundation for the body to express wholeness.
  • That a healthy lifestyle must include beliefs that support the highest potential for healing.
  • These beliefs must be acted upon from empowerment rather than fear.
  • Strong connections to nature, animals, sound, energy, and the environment build a stronger immune system through relaxation and harmony
  • We’re here for a reason – to live life with love, the fullness of abundance and joy, with the many of gifts we all bring to the world.

Learn Reiki and Sound Energy Healing

Enrich your intuitive gifts, invest in your training, and develop your compassion, caring, and healing wisdom. Learn energy healing and get certified with online and live Reiki, Sound healing, and Shamanic training courses. Learn Lightworker Healing

Animal Healing

Discover a holistic approach to healing and recovery for animals. Receive intuitive counseling, energy healing, recommended diet and powerful supplements for your pet’s best hope for healing. Animal Healing

Spiritual Mastery Courses

This series of shamanic courses is uniquely designed to enhance your intuitive abilities, practice shamanic teachings, and hone your skills as a Lightworker. You’ll enjoy an integration of small group in-person classes as well as online learning – a perfect combination! Shine Spiritual Mastery

Optimal Healing Online Courses

Natural healing wisdom for the modern world. Ultimate Healing Secrets Revealed. Say “YES” to healing, even in the face of a serious health crisis such as cancer, heart disease, trauma, depression, and toxicity. Optimal Healing

FREE Toxicity Test to Optimize Your Healing Potential

You can’t avoid environmental toxins. Personal toxicity builds up over time – and across generations. How toxic are you? Furthermore, are heavy metals causing dis-ease symptoms? Take the Toxicity Test to raise your awareness of personal toxicity and heavy metals.

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