Optimal Healing

Optimal Healing ~ Your Guide to Total Wellness

There’s no time to waste in a health crisis . . . yet this is where most folks fail to optimize the greatest healing outcome. Cancer recovery? Trauma? Injury? Surgery? Depression? Anxiety? Or maybe you just don’t feel good. It’s time for Optimal Healing and alternative healing options. Which natural alternatives can support you in your healing and recovery?

Power to Heal ~ Life is Meant to Be Good

Optimal Healing is a monthly mini-course series taught LIVE by Rosemary through the Wellness Universe course platform. The recordings are available for free when you visit this link and register for the Wellness Universe course series. These webinar classes are offered free or donation-based.

As an extension of the course series, you can access printed materials and class outlines by registering below. A coupon is offered by viewing any of the recordings or participating in the LIVE webinar.

Certification for Optimal Healing

Certification is available for the second series of the Optimal Healing  course. If you're a student in my Licensed Spiritual Healer program, you may take Optimal Healing Series 2 (Classes 13- 24) as a course option with additional assignments to obtain certification for credit hours that may be used to maintain your license as a Spiritual Healer in my program.

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified as completing 20 credit hours that may be used toward maintaining your status in my personal program as a Licensed Spiritual Healer.

In order to become certified, you must submit the intention that you wish to become certified and purchase the online course version through my website,  and complete the course for certification. If you're interested, please contact Rosemary directly to customize your entry into the program.

Empower yourself with natural alternatives, educate yourself on how to support your healing system, and work WITH the body to promote healing. It all matters.

When you get a serious diagnosis, what could be worse?

– Not knowing.
– Making choices out of FEAR instead of EMPOWERMENT
– Feeling helpless and hopeless.
– Worrying about the future.
– Adjusting to the disease journey as opposed to the healing journey.

Years ago when my mother first discovered she had breast cancer, I was newly married and living in South Korea. I can’t say I knew what my mother was thinking when she filled a suitcase full of tomatoes from the garden and went off to visit my brother . . . maybe loving and enjoying life first to fit in all the good stuff – literally!

By the time I received a letter from her to tell me about her diagnosis, she’d already had surgery and was set up for radiation appointments before starting chemo. It was that fast! I arrived back home as quickly as I could, only to find her at the hospital in a tiny room wearing a small hospital gown, waiting for her next treatment.

That was her choice.
It was the only treatment option for her at the time. 

It would definitely NOT be my choice. I KNOW what I’d do.
But I got to wondering, does everyone know what they’d do if cancer or any other serious illness were diagnosed? Is there an assumption that you’re going to be healthy your entire life?

Oh, but IF you or someone you loved were diagnosed with cancer, what would you do?

Throughout the course you’ll learn:

– That do no harm is a powerful message
– That the body already knows how to heal and in fact, has a healing system!
– That you have natural healing choices most doctors don’t use, promote, or even know about

The Optimal Healing Course is filled with daily practices to help you feel EMPOWERED in your health and healing process.

  • Beliefs and Optimal Healing
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Medicinal Aromatherapy
  • Sound Healing
  • Crystal Medicine
  • Alignment to Source
  • Shamanic Tools for Healing


Energy Healing and Shamanic Principles

Vibrational Medicine

Products That Work to Support Healing and Recovery

How to Create a Stronger Foundation

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