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Warning Signs of Disease in Dogs

Is your pet experiencing ANY of these warning signs for illness?

These signs may seem like symptoms of aging and may even feel “normal” to you. But any of the warning signs of disease listed here could mean a call to action for you, before a more serious diagnosis occurs.

Could a simple bath be enough to take care of a stinky coat?


Is the odor coming from inside the body, where trouble may be brewing?

Is your pet tired because of old age?


​Is there something you can’t see inside draining all of his/her energy?

Is your pet getting good nutrition from minimally processed real food?


Is your pet nutritionally starved from eating highly processed foods?

Are fleas a problem because it’s a really bad flea season?


Are fleas attracted to your pet because of a poorly functioning immune system?

Animals instinctively hide their health issues. 

What’s your pet trying to tell you?

Heal Together

Your natural healing protocol includes Reiki, animal communication, and guidance for natural healing choices available to you.

Warning Signs of Disease

• Stinky coat, breath, or ears     
• Fatty lumps
• Course, dry fur                           
• Fleas and other parasites
• Weepy eyes                                 
• Pain, stiffness and discomfort
• Frequent infections                   
• Allergies, rashes and sensitivities
• Sensitive digestion                   
• Excessive shedding, fur loss and hot spots
• Excessive thirst                          
• More sleep and disinterest in playing

If you think your pet is healthy but is showing warning signs of disease, you will want to act quickly. Animals instinctively hide their health issues. Your veterinarian can help with emergencies, diagnostics and drug therapies. But for total wellness and holistic health we have a few very important ideas to share with you.

Diet – Find out what’s best to support a healthy body. Is processed food really right for your dog? Maybe not!
Learn more about Animal Nutrition here . . .

Supplements – Specific nutrients target specific health concerns. Did you know that medicinal mushrooms help modulate the immune system? Did you know that antioxidants are great for revitalizing the body? Healing and recovery require targeted support.
Learn more about Healing and Recovery here . . .

Detox – Animals are smaller and much more vulnerable to the effects of toxins. Did you know that synthetic air fresheners, commercial household cleaners and even many pet products are too toxic for your pets? Did you know that it’s easy to over-vaccinate your pet?
Learn more about Detox and Animal Zeolite here . . .

Crisis management – I know that your animals mean the world to you. When trouble strikes or conventional medicine has little to offer for natural health and support, I’m here for you. I have researched extensively and tapped into ancient wisdom with a modern twist to offer a customized protocol to help meet your pet’s health needs. Understand what your pet is trying to tell you.

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