February 27

What’s Your Dog Cancer Protocol?

You noticed something was wrong and brought your dog to your trusted vet only to hear the bad news. Your dog has cancer. What’s worse than that? Well, you noticed something was wrong, brought your dog to the vet and they found “nothing”. You’re not at ease with either scenario. Something is still very wrong. What is it and how do you do the best for your dog in this situation?

Fast action is usually required because, as you know, your dog has been really good at hiding symptoms of disease and distress. However, the course you choose right now can make a difference in how your pet enjoys the rest of his or her life . . . AND if canine cancer can be treated in a holistic, natural way.

What determines your dog cancer protocol?

How do you feel about toxic chemicals such as the ones frequently offered as chemotherapy? How do you feel about the body’s ability to heal itself? Your beliefs matter, which is why I’m asking. Look at it this way. Your dog has many more healthy cells than dis-eased cells. Cancer cells manifest as a result of imbalances in the body – the presence of toxins, poor nutrition, and even stress. I call these The Big Three You Can’t Ignore. Cancer, then, is a symptom of imbalance. If you target the cancer cells, you’re missing the opportunity to bring balance and wholeness through which your dog has the chance to heal from cancer – naturally. There are a few determining factors that present challenges.


How long has your dog been sick? How long has your dog been hiding the warning signs of disease? Time gives the advantage to cancer by giving it a head start. As cancer cells grow and spread, time for your action becomes more relevant. Research quickly, then find a trusted resource to guide you.


Veterinary care is very expensive – but you probably already know that. The equipment, lab work and veterinary training plus all the business expenses of paying staff and running an office reflect in your bill. Yes, you should use and trust your vet for the diagnostic tools and expertise they provide. However, after the tests and diagnosis, the standard of care offered is often conventional western medicine – chemotherapy, surgery, radiation. If you already know your dog has cancer, lab tests can, at very best, provide information – not solutions. The $500 you spend on an ultrasound might help you know what you’re dealing with, but not provide any benefit toward healing. Though surgery might be in your dog’s best interest, it probably won’t provide a complete solution. Might it be possible to direct expenses toward natural solutions for healing – some in which surgery may not be required? 

The Right Products and Protocol for Cancer

The best cancer protocol is not one that poisons and burns bad cells, but rather one that supports wholeness and healing in a natural way. Does such a protocol exist? I believe it does, and that’s why I share this message with you – to help you begin your own investigation for natural healing.

I like to start a conversation about your pet knowing a little about the diet, history, activity, age, vaccinations, etc. Everything matters. Then, we begin to talk about solutions you could employ for your dog’s cancer.

In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of products that mimic the real ones – ones that use research and claims from products that work to support their own agenda. Sifting through the confusion can be overwhelming. How do you know what really works and which products are just jumping on board? It’s hard to know for sure. Having an understanding of science and biology can help. Reading labels and reading between the lines is an important skill. For example, is a zeolite with added trace minerals better? (NO). Are all mushroom products effective? (NO) Can frankincense from my grocery or health food store work on cancer? (PLEASE DON’T DO THAT). Is a prescription diet from my vet the best choice? (PROBABLY NOT).

My Best Cancer Protocol

I’ve narrowed down the cancer protocol to a few distinct, necessary elements. Click any one to get started. Then call me to set an appointment or consultation for your dog with cancer. You may find that the natural cancer protocol is not only good for your pet, but also for yourself. 

  1. Detox
  2. Immune Support
  3. Diet
  4. Treatment
  5. Understanding


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