February 27

Old Dog Health Challenges

If you’re like me, you love dogs at all ages. From wiggly puppies to serene old-timers, I love them all. In fact I tell them so whenever I have the chance! However, with some older dogs we may begin to see particular health challenges that cause great concern. Fortunately, older dogs also respond very well to natural alternatives – even when veterinary medical solutions offer no hope.

Always check with your vet first to determine any causes of distress – injury,  infection, disease, etc. – and utilize laboratory tests as needed. After that, sort out your options for the best natural health care. I’m highlighting a special case to share with you regarding old dogs and their journeys.


Patrea, a 10 year old Rottweiler, had been suffering with frequent vomiting for some time when her mom decided to change from commercial dog food to home-cooked meals. Real food helped, but it was a baby step toward recovery. Damage had already been done to the gut through years of preservatives and poor nutrient availability. In addition, a recent rabies vaccination seemed to make matters worse for Patrea. Veterinary assessment was expensive for this family. In this case, even if the diagnosis would have been cancer, lab work would, at best, confirm the situation and not improve it. The family chose to seek out natural alternatives instead and hope for the best.

When I met Patrea, she seemed in good spirits in spite of her frequent vomiting. The zeolite drops and K-9 mineral spray we started her on a few days prior had begun to work, and a shift in diet toward wholesome raw food was also helping. We continued my usual protocol, and added a few essential oils to her diet and for topical use as well. (Always check the quality of the oils you’re using to make sure they can be given internally. Quality matters!) We used Young Living copaiba essential oil for internal use since it contains up to 72% b-caryophyllene, a CBD (cannabinoid) without any THC as you might find in marijuana derived compounds. Frankincense was also applied topically and given internally.

After a few weeks I was invited to offer a Reiki healing and animal communication session to Patrea. She responded well to our time together, and I was able to apply Raindrop essential oils to her spine. An OM tuning fork held at strategic points along the spine were integrated into the session. Patrea’s diet is carefully monitored now as she no longer eats rice or fatty meats, but eats eggs, vegetables, lean meats and bone broth.

“Patrea is definitely feeling better – dancing around, snuggling, and talking to us.  I am ever so grateful for Rosemary’s coaching thru Patrea’s sickness.  I am learning to listen to my girl and to hear what she is telling me.  Two weeks ago it looked like we were saying good bye to my fur baby.  Today, I am savoring her life. It is mind-boggling to think about the alternative that we faced a month ago. I was saying ‘goodbye’.” ~ P.W. , Milwaukie, OR

You may be wondering if a natural health protocol will work for your dog. Keep in mind that we’re not really ever targeting symptoms, abnormal cells, or diseases as they manifest. Instead, we focus on wholeness and providing the body what it needs to heal. For the most part, we can accomplish this simply with detoxification, real foods appropriate for your animal, specific supplements and antioxidants, and energy work to support healing on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

If we have time, we have hope. Give your older dog a hug for me. I love them, too! Let me know if you’d like a free consultation and health assessment. I’m here for you. ~Rosemary


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