September 16


munciefamilyHI Rosemary!

Here is Muncie’s story.

Muncie came into our lives Valentines Day, 2007.  We loved him at first site.  He’s enjoyed thousands of laps in the pool, long walk and runs with his mom and hours in the car driving to California to see our family and run laps in their huge yard.   Muncie has witnessed 3 births, first steps, first words, lots of hugs and kisses, a few tail pulls and eye pokes, a bunch of falls, scrapes and tears from the kids but most importantly love.  Muncie is the sweetest boy. He puts up with so much!  He’s caught a few birds in his day and most recently caught and ate a dove.  He’s fast.  He’s fun and he’s so special to us.  At 8 years old on March 27th, 2015 he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  After multiple trips to the vet and oncologist our family decided not to treat him with chemotherapy.  Rather, we chose a more holistic approach.  After hours of searching online I came across your site.  I was so thankful.  Muncie gets zeolite and a mushroom complex a few times a day, along with many essential oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes and other vitamins and nutrients.  He is on a completely raw diet.  We’ve had a reiki session which I believe helped me to understand him more.  I truly am so grateful for the days and weeks we’ve had with him.  Each day is a blessing spent with him.   Thank you for all your help, love and support.  We’re forever grateful.

The Cromers


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