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Animal Reiki


Animals love Reiki

Our pets know the feeling of good vibes! Though no one can say for sure how energy healing works on animals, we know through our own experiences with touch therapies, cuddling, massage and even the tone of our voices that animals respond well to a gentle nature. It makes sense that animals often feel more relaxed and display a calmer behavior during and after Reiki sessions.


Healing & Communication


We both want the greatest success for you and your animals on their journey. That's why you'll find my UNLIMITED program so much more effective. As your animal heals, we follow the progress together. Changes happen, sometimes very quickly. So you'll be pleased to know that my UNLIMITED program includes as many check-ins as you need. 


Subscribe to the UNLIMITED Monthly Program. (single purchase is also available at the same low, discounted price)

Only $97 per month



Add Animal Communication and Healing to my UNLIMITED program. Your Monthly subscription includes:

  • One Hour Healing and Animal Communication (can be divided into 2 shorter sessions)
  • Essential oils, crystals, and tuning forks, customized to your needs, used during the sessions.
  • Audio recording of each session to listen to as often as you like.
  • UNLIMITED check-ins


Subscribe to the UNLEASHED Monthly Program. (single purchase is also available at the same low, discounted price)

Only $197 per month



Add Products to your animal's healing.

  • UNLIMITED Product consultation and assessment, modified as we go through the process.
  • Prices vary due to the nature of customizing your animal's product needs ($50 to $300 average)
  • Add individual products as needed. (wholesale account setup recommended - I can help you with that.)


Benefits of Reiki for Animals

  • Animals often feel a sense calm during and after Reiki
  • Better sleep
  • Improved behavior
  • Apparent improvements in health or vitality
  • Foster a better relationship with you and your family
  • Support other healing modalities
  • Provide ease of transition


Reiki and Animal Health

Throughout the course of my experiences with animals, helping them with serious health challenges, I especially enjoyed the results we see when Reiki is combined with intuitive, psychic readings. Animals often feel a sense calm for having been understood, addressing their needs and concerns, or even helping them to express their thoughts to their humans. The benefits of Reiki are long lasting, extending well beyond the Reiki session to allow for better sleep, improved behavior and apparent improvements in health or vitality.

Does Reiki Work on Cancer?

The question about Reiki and cancer begs clarification. The assumption, based on modern medical procedures, is that treatments work on the disease, killing cancer cells, much the same as chemotherapy is designed to do. However, we may speculate that the opposite is true for energy healing methods such as Reiki.

Instead of targeting cancer cells, disease, pain or injured cells, the target, if there is one, might possibly be the healthy cells to reinforce natural vitality. Giving energy to already functioning healthy cells may empower the body to work better. Imagine an immune system working as it should, attacking and destroying malignant cells. Imagine the liver and kidneys functioning well to filter toxins. Imagine all the systems marked "excellent." What could the possibilities be for health and recovery if Reiki and other forms of energy healing are used to complement the healing process?


Every Success Begins With Hope

"Rosemary gave me hope where there was almost none. My 11-year-old lab, Boulder, had been fighting off lymphoma for three years through chemotherapy. Serendipitously, before Boulder ever had cancer, I had searched online for Reiki training and found her website information attractive, all this while living 900 miles away. I moved to Portland last year and when Boulder began to no longer respond to chemo, I got online to search for help. Turns out Rosemary lives less than two miles away. She taught me how to prepare him healthy food, introduced me to Reiki energy work, essential oils, Zeolite, and many other supplements. Boulder's lymph nodes actually shrunk for months after that and he was healthy and happy. Although he was not able to beat the cancer after such a long illness and chemical treatments, his last months were robust and energetic until his final few days. Rosemary is a font of wisdom and loving energy. So much love and healing." David H., Portland, OR


Reiki and Animal Communication

Reiki is a gentle form of healing and relaxation that actually enhances our connection to all life. Using Reiki during healing sessions for animals, the connection comes through as animal communication, an intuitive conversation with your pet. Ask for animal communication to reach a deeper understanding of your animal, their higher purpose, and the mutual expression your relationship.

Reiki For Transitions

Sometimes animals are destined to transition - leaving their physical bodies behind. Reiki can help you process the difficult challenges and aid your pet in a peaceful transition.


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