September 17

What I Forgot About Rose Essential Oil

Essential Aroma OilLast month I purchased a small bottle of Young Living Rose essential oil, and just last night I opened it to bask in the aroma of this amazing, valuable oil. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t even get a drop of this precious oil out of the bottle. So, I opened up the top and took a look inside. It was all gelled up at the bottom of the bottle, and the quantity looked low.

I was stunned. Did some oil leak out? Did the oil spoil? I was not happy, and I set the bottle aside with the intention to call Young Living in the morning.

When morning came, I put the bottle in my pocket and went about my routine until I had time to call the company. I was surprised when I reached a representative almost immediately. Young Living experienced tremendous growth last year, growing seven-fold in just one year. They gradually overcame the high-volume demands and now have many more people to answer calls.

The man who helped me was quite sympathetic when I described what my rose oil looked like. I appreciated his tone. He understood me. He also asked if I had purchased rose essential oil before. No, this was my first time. Except for blends that contain rose oil, I had never allowed myself the pleasure of purchasing pure rose essential oil.

He suggested that the oil might be cold. Rose essential oil is one of the thick oils, he explained, and so it needs to be warmed up a bit in order to flow freely. I reached into my pocket to bring out the small bottle, now warmed from being in my pocket for an hour or so. The bottle was full of pure liquid gold. The beautiful rose oil flowed freely, and I plopped a drop into my open palm.

I thanked Charlie, my representative, and he reminded me that there are several oils that are thick – vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, and cypress, for example. These are the oils that are highest in sesquiterpenes – the magical component in essential oils that carry oxygen in the blood.

Magical Rose Essential Oil

The aroma of pure rose essential oil is magical. I applied the drop to my neck and arms, spreading it freely. Gracie came over to bug me about playing with her. She stuck her nose into my palms and looked up at me with those moon-eyes, tail wagging. That was the okay from her, and I smeared what was left in my palms all over her fur. Satisfied, Gracie went to take a nap, leaving me to finish at the computer and move onto my next job – cleaning house. (I wished I hadn’t taken the drop of rose oil, knowing that my hands would soon be in rubber gloves.)

What I forgot about rose essential oil was not only that it is the absolute highest in sesquiterpenes, making it the thickest oil that often needs warming before using it. Rose oil, pure and special like this one, lasts a long time – hours, or days! Gracie still smells great, and I have activated my memory of rose in my limbic system. Rose has stayed with me throughout the day. Even the bottle of rose essential oil that still sits on my desk smells wonderful.

The Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Long known for its benefits for skin tone, rose might be your skin’s best friend. Add rose essential oil to your beauty regimen. I plan to add a drop to almond oil tonight as an evening skin treatment. Rose has a very high antioxidant value, scoring an ORAC value of 1,604,284 – one of the highest known!

Rose is also great for enhancing mood and balancing hormones. Use it to help bring peace and joy to your heart, or love to your relationships.

Young Living didn’t disappoint me.

They reinforced what I had forgotten – they never compromise on quality, and offer the best support. Also, Young Living oils don’t go bad. What’s in the bottle is pure, natural, and sterile. They keep their value for years – if you manage to not use them up.

The rose essential oil also has not let me down. I love that it has stayed with me throughout the day, even while cleaning house.

If you haven’t tried essential oils, give me a call.

OR – you can go to and use my member number to order or set up an account. 1771474

I look forward to hearing from you!


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