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Gifts of Nature


Our bodies recognize gifts of nature as beneficial -  whole foods, natural supplements, essential plant oils, minerals, and water work well together to help us be healthy. There is a vibrational resonance we have with the earth and with Spirit. In turn, the earth and Spirit offer all life a direct connection to the ability to heal. Our animals know this. As humans, we have become somewhat disconnected from the earth and from Spirit in our lifestyles, our homes and work environments, and even our thoughts. To truly obtain good health and well-being, it is essential to reconnect, rediscover, and re-align to these gifts of nature.


Only The Best

I offer a select assortment of very specific supplements for my clients. The focus is for the greatest outcome while supporting the body's natural ability to heal. These nutritional supplements and essential oils come from 3 different companies I trust to obtain optimal results. A free intuitive assessment is offered with educational resources so that we may work together to develop a program that empowers you and facilitates your health goals. Only the most significant products are highlighted here, but each company has many more products you may also enjoy.


Though retail customers are welcome, wholesale options are available for all my clients by setting up a wholesale account through me for each desired company. Since each company offers income opportunities, you may choose to explore those options.


Before You Buy

Contact Rosemary to schedule a free consultation and intuitive assessment. I'll guide you through the process and offer the best suggestions for your personal protocol.

All prices and product catalogs are shown on each company website. Confused? Please ask me to help.


Waiora Products


Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite


Buy NCD zeolite


The Zeolite Story

Resources and Information (non-sales site)





MegaDefense Medicinal Mushroom Blend with Zeolite


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Resources and Information (non-sales site)

Effects of Agaricus mushrooms on Immunity, Infection, and Cancer


MegaDefense Product Reference Sheet

MegaDefense Product Overview

MegaDefense FAQ



IsaGenix Products

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Learn About Telomeres

ABC news video about Telomeres


Product B IsaGenesis Ingredients

Product B IsaGenesis Fact Sheet

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Young Living Essential Oils


Buy Young Living Oils

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Learn More About Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Workshops





Premium Essential Oils Collection

Stress Away





Young Living Ningxia Red


Ningxia Red Facts and Information









Young Living MultiGreens


Ingredients Label













Crystals For Healing and Meditation



Crystal Heart Chakra Sets


Crystal Grid Starter Sets

Free Coaching Healing Session



sound healing classes tuning forks for energy

Sound Healing Classes

Sound Enrichment & CEUs

Second Nature Healing calendar Reiki classes


Classes, Workshops, & Events. Join us for the Journey.

Reiki class registration Portland


Awaken and enhance your natural healing abilities.

shine spiritual mastery


Healing Insights

animal healing


Simple, powerful, natural healing for pets.