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Transformational EnrichmentThere are a few very big changes happening here at Second Nature Healing. First, I want to assure you that I am still here to offer you the best in what I believe to be our grass roots movement toward Natural Healing. Ask me any time about toxins, supplements, essential oils, animal health, and the myriad of reasons we’ve connected. But you won’t be seeing these areas on the website menu any more.  Why? We’re evolving!

New Books Soon to be Published

I’m more excited than ever. There are several books on their way to you that have been in the making for a few years. Look forward to upcoming announcements as they become available. The first two are related to the core of my passion and the passions of many people with whom I have worked over the years – Loving Ginger, A Story of Hope, Healing, and Recovery and Natural Pet Health Alternatives (a guide to healing your pet naturally.)

New Structure for Reiki Classes

We’re streamlining and combining – well, INTEGRATING. Reiki 1 & 2 classes are combined with each other and with our very popular workshops. There’s no need to separate these very collaborative processes. I’m excited. Are you? The even better news is that, regardless of your prior experience with Reiki, these classes are appropriate for you. No previous training is required AND you’ll be officially certified in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 upon completion. The new calendar starts in May. Check out our calendar.

Guided Messages From Spirit

We’re having a CHANNEL CHANNEL. Ok, that’s a play on words. Details will be coming soon on that. If you subscribe to my newsletter through the new form below, and check back here with my blog, you’ll be invited to grow with the process. As messages come through from Spirit, I’ll post them. Group Healing will also be an offer through the new site. As you can see, we’re still putting it all together. Stick with us here!

New Look for My Website

We’ve streamlined the look and feel and narrowed UP the focus of what we really do here. It’s all about your greatest potential and transformation toward empowerment. Did I mention that our animals have a lot to do with that? Old sign-up lists will not be available, AND if you want to keep up with us, go ahead and join my newest, hottest list for Awareness and Transformation. You’ll receive 9 Ways to Begin Your Transformation right away.

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