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Why Are People So Sick?

Last year I sent out a newsletter about Why People Don’t Heal. If you missed it, read it here:
Read Why People Don’t Heal

But then, as I continue to work with these concepts about the causes of dis-ease, suffering, struggle, and stuck-ness, (emotional, financial, physical, etc.) more information and experiences come to light. In fact, the stuff that keeps coming up about healing – really healing, not just masking symptoms or living with the consequences, goes deeply into the past to uncover the ROOTS of disease and distress. These roots can be detected as patterns that keep recurring throughout your life. Though you might not recognize what’s currently happening to you as part of a pattern, it might be because the origins of this pattern could be from a different lifetime.

You’re probably aware of the quotes about history repeating itself. However, I’d like to suggest the idea that history is remembered in every cell of the body as an energy signature, or vibration. The memory of these signatures doesn’t die with the death of the physical cells. Einstein showed us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, scientifically, we can hypothesize that the energy of thoughts, memories, struggle, war, famine, trauma, disease (and conversely, the memories of joy, abundance, prosperity, harmony and peace) continue to exist. Emotional energy stays with the soul, allowing the soul another (and perhaps many) opportunity to heal the wounds experienced in any lifetime.

The roots of these energies can be categorized into basically two categories – ancestry or karma. Ancestral energies are the ones remembered by your direct genetic lineage. Karmic energies are the ones remembered by your soul, regardless of heritage. Both are extremely powerful and insistent on expressing themselves – endlessly – until they are healed.

So, WHAT really CAUSES disease? WHAT, then, is true healing? Are you destined to repeat history – are we all destined to repeat history – until the world is healed?

It might seem like I offer more questions than answers. However, trust me, this is a topic that I believe offers the most relief for the current struggles humans experience today. The real key comes from remembering. Yet, how can we remember our experiences from another lifetime? Physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms are guaranteed to arise. Cancer, heart disease, parasites, arthritis, rashes, coughs, . . . you name it . . . all have deep roots. They can be healed at the root with VIBRATIONAL HEALING.

This November I’ll be offering a workshop at a SoulTreat, retreat in Sedona, AZ. We’ll explore causes of dis-ease and work with ways to use vibration for healing. If you can’t wait for that, just give me a call to set up a time to talk. You can apply here for a free one-hour consultation to help you break free of low energies that hold you back from remembering your true, powerful, bright self.

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