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Using Crystals to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

All elements and beings of the earth have a vibrational frequency. Are you sensitive to the energies of crystal vibrations? Through my work as intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and Shaman, I have meditated with many crystals and learned their language and meanings. In this very specific work, I’ve been able to Harness my Windhorse – my intuitive skills and personal power – that I bring to you now in a special class I’m offering, Crystal Magic.

My love of crystals developed when I was only a kid. Sifting through the pretty pieces of stones to find sparkling mica, rosy pink quartz, huge chunks of agate tumbled and smoothed by the ocean waves, it was easy to find the perfect stones living in NH, the Granite State. I had a collection. One time on a family trip to the White Mountains of NH we stopped at a gift shop where my mother bought me a bracelet of beautiful gem stones. It was the prettiest bracelet I had ever seen with colorful stones on golden squares. I still remember the names of some of the crystals; peridot, garnet, black onyx, hematite and other crystal chips adorned the golden bracelet, stuck to their spot with a dab of clear glue. The bracelet didn’t last long as the glue let go and pieces were lost, but my love of crystals stayed with me.

Today, in my healing practice I have become familiar with the metaphysical properties of crystals. In working with my clients during Reiki healing sessions, I am often guided to bring in the energy of certain crystals specific to a person’s needs. My clients always seem to appreciate the presence of crystals in the room, whether placed near or on their chakras (energy centers in the body), or under the healing table. You might say I have a collection.

During a recent Reiki healing session I brought in a piece of amber to place under the table for my client. Though technically not stone or crystal, amber is a fossil. Amber holds tree energy and the energies to trap negativity, just as the resin of the ancient tree did before becoming fossilized. For my client who needed help releasing memories that entrapped her, it was the perfect stone. Golden light filled her solar plexus as we worked and sparkles of golden light came to her from the forest in our vision for her healing.

What Are The Messages From Crystals?

The crystal meanings here are divinely given and humbly received. Amethyst starts out with a more complete message. Other crystals mentioned here also have deeper messages – and are part of the Crystal Magic curriculum.

AMETHYST ~ Activate the Infinite Within You

amethystsqAmethyst opens you to psychic awareness and enhances your abilities to “see” beyond the visible spectrum. It partners with the infinity symbol to act as an activator for your connection to Source, for the opening of your third eye, and for the expression of your healing wisdom. Use amethyst to support your work as a healer and bring awareness to your gifts. Also, use amethyst to activate the healing process in others. The infinity symbol binds you as healer with the energy you use to bring healing to others. When amethyst is used as a cluster, it connects you to both Source and to earth energies. Amethyst does not need cleansing as it emanates energies from Source. Amethyst clusters may be used to cleanse and charge other crystals.

AVENTURINE ~ The Gift of Prosperity

aventurineheartssqWe are reminded that prosperity is part of us when we integrate it with our lives more fully. Abundance is ever present and always available, but only manifested with the intention of becoming part of the flow.

CARNELIAN ~ The Seed of Life

carneliancrystalheartsThis beautiful stone emerges above the foundation layers where, once safe and secure, we can ignite a flame that focuses energy and the passion or zest for life.

HEMATITE ~ The Iron River


Hematite aligns with the energy of our blood, encouraging better flow and circulation. It reminds us that we are of the earth and that the blood inside us is not unlike earth’s waters, rich with minerals.

JASPER ~ Remember the Joy in Life

jasperheartssqJasper is a stone for earth elements, allowing us to feel inner peace and “oneness” with nature.

CLEAR QUARTZ ~ Stone of Light and Power


Clear quartz is a natural magnifier and intensifies the energies of other crystals. It is also a source of intense light, reminding us that we are more than what others see.


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