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Hi Rosemary,

StellaI wanted to give you a follow up on Stella. First, thank you again for talking with me and providing direction. I have followed your recommendations and have changed her diet to raw meat, I have been using the products you suggested. I have also been using Young Living , Copiaba, Frankincense oils as well as CBD oil. I’ve also used Holy water I got in Costa Rica as well as using a lemurian seed crystal and a selenite wand.

Stella was given Piroxicam and Gabapentin for the vets at the University of Minnesota. She was diagnosed with poorly differentiated nasal carcinoma, that is a the most aggressive of the nasal cancers. The Oncologist at the U of M said if he had not seen her CT Scan he would not think she was the same dog. (he met with her one week after we started your recommendations)

Stella is showing remarkable resilience. Her appetite is very strong, she is very alert and still goes for walks, tries to chase squirrels and is loving life. Stella is choosing to be happy and rise above her diagnosis. I personally believe we are doing all the right things and I believe Stella is aware there is some healing that is stopping the growth is shrinking the tumor.

The regiment we are following is allowing her to be happy and have the energy to love her life and for that we are so very grateful.

Stella still has signs with nasal congestion and there is bone loss in her eye socket and upper jaw however those areas too seem improved and she does not display discomfort or pain and is 100% engaged and not lethargic at all. The improvement in her is remarkable and her choosing to be happy and to love life fully is a beautiful lesson we should all learn from our dear pets.

I forgot to mention I’ve also blessed our home and us (Ken, me, Stella & Charlie) with some wonderful Sage and Palo Santo.

I feel like you also sent some healing energy her way and for that I thank you!!

Thank you again for talking with me and providing such valuable direction,


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