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Call Today:  (503) 515-4615
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Natural Therapies Practitioner

Have you been wanting to start a new Natural Therapies practice or add the power of Vibration and Sound to your current practice? Do you want to be part of a movement of “Awakeners” that are trained to be of service to humanity by working with 5th dimensional energy coming in? Become awakened!

As we enter a new year, it is a great time to start new ventures. Numerically 2018 is an 11: A Master number, the 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal. It’s your year to follow your passion and set your sights on the goal of becoming a Certified Practitioner of Vibrational Sound through a SomaEnergetics Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher.

Rosemary Levesque in Portland, Oregon, has been actively using Solfeggio frequencies and sound healing in her Reiki practice for two years. Now, as a Reiki Master teacher, she blends an additional opportunity for people looking for a new career or to enhance a current practice with a unique offering of sound healing.

Tuning forks work in the etheric field to help shift the energy body toward wholeness. Since Rosemary also teaches Reiki classes and intuitive workshops, your curriculum is not limited to one modality. Ask Rosemary today about how you can reach your goals as a Natural Therapies practitioner this year, a big year for manifestation! Learn more and register here for sound healing classes through SomaEnergetics.

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