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Spiritual Mastery Program



Become a Spiritual Master Healer and Certified Teacher

Energy Healing Training

Awaken Your Soul




Enter into a world of magic, transformation, and the Fifth Dimension. 



You are a spiritual being, embodying divine light and wisdom.
You deeply desire to develop your intuition and connect more fully to your inner power.
You're ready to embrace your life's purpose.
Awaken now and claim the highest expression of your joy and love.



Are you trying to move forward with your life, but you're wondering which way to go?
Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs, old patterns, doubt, and fear to become something greater?
Are you starting a business as a Lightworker, but don't really want the hype that comes with some types of business coaching?


Your experiences and your personal journey are unique. As a spiritual being, you know you share your gifts with the world. As an integral part of your journey, you recognize that self-healing, training, and mentoring will ease your way and support you. Helping you to dig deep in order to reach new heights is part of the process.


The Spiritual Mastery Program goes well beyond our fundamental Reiki classes which are designed with you in mind, to help develop your awareness, sensitivity, skills, and knowledge. Developing a valuable practice and growing spiritually - both personally and professionally - are so important that I've developed this Spiritual Mastery  Program to complement your current skills, awareness, and practice.


I'm here to help you remember your soul's purpose

And step into your power as an Illuminated Lightworker™

For many years, I've offered classes, training, healing, and coaching for individual clients and students. Over time I've come to realize that spiritual growth requires nurturing, consistency, support, and training. I'm excited now to bring everything together for LIGHTWORKERS who are committed to Spiritual Growth and Mastery.



 Initiate, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes are ALL a part of the Spiritual Mastery Program. Classes include Light Language, Advanced Sound Healing, and Illuminated Lightworker™. You get them all - classes for advanced healing techniques.. Classes include in-person and online training, downloads, manuals, frequency attunements, and tools needed for classes . . . including tuning forks for the Sound Healing classes. (NOTE - Reiki certification is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but not required for the Illuminated Lightworker™ Series.)



 Part of your spiritual training involves practice. Practice is more than what you do - it's how you LIVE. Life Practices become essential components for developing your spiritual awareness, intuitive skills, confidence, and competence as a Lightworker, Healer, and Teacher.


 Mentoring ONE-ON-ONE 

 When we work together, I show up for you and bring all my magic and medicine, drawing from years of experience, knowledge and personal practices. You receive what you need - intuitive guidance, energy healing, Shamanic wisdom, transformational experiences, karmic and ancestral healing, Soul DNA clarifying and reprogramming, and more. You'll have options on your commitment. One-on-one sessions support your growth. Opt in for extra bonuses and experiences to up-level your training.


 Group Mentoring

 You're not alone. Create community and start conversations with other Lightworkers on their paths. Your online Live Training calls become convenient, powerful classrooms that extend your learning into the real world. Ask questions, share experiences, and learn more as you partner with each other with my guidance.



 Each Light Language class, Lightworker class and Advanced Sound Healing class comes with its own certification. In addition, when you complete the entire Spiritual Mastery Program you'll receive certification from Second Nature Healing, the ability to integrate all modules into your personal practice as a Lightworker.


The Levels of Spiritual Mastery



Integrate learned skills with Embodied Spirit™ and Shamanic practices - ceremony, rituals, Soul Star journey, Sacred Contracts, sound, symbols, addictions, harmony, and more in this unique program offered only at Second Nature Healing.

You'll receive:

  • Access to my Lightworker Studio Online Classroom for Illuminated Lightworker™ Level One
  • Work with Sound Healing including Solfeggio tuners, Fibonacci tuners and Brain tuners. 
  • Work with crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, and other tools to enhance your practice.
  • Three Live Instruction online calls
  • Schedule THREE one-on-one sessions per year with Rosemary via phone or online
  • BONUS - New Enrollees receive Modules 1-3 Embodied Spirit™ Online Curriculum.



Integrate learned skills with Embodied Spirit™ and Shamanic practices - Intuitive development, journeying, working with guides, sound, metaphors and symbolism, archetypes, Shadows and more in this unique program offered only at Second Nature Healing.

You'll receive:

  • Access to my Lightworker Studio Online Classroom for Illuminated Lightworker™ Level Two
  • Introduction to Light Language Advanced Energy practices
  • Further work with Sound Healing including Planetary tuners and other tuners. 
  • Further work with crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, and other tools to enhance your practice.
  • Three Live Instruction online calls
  • Schedule THREE one-on-one sessions with Rosemary via phone or online
  • BONUS - New Enrollees receive Modules 5-7 Embodied Spirit™ Online Curriculum.

Prerequisite - Illuminated Lightworker™ Level One Completion and Certification



Integrate learned skills with Embodied Spirit™ and Shamanic practices - Channeling, Archetypes, Akashic records, Soul retrieval, and more in this unique program offered only at Second Nature Healing.

You'll receive:

  • Access to my Lightworker Studio Online Classroom for Illuminated Lightworker™ Level Three
  • Further work with Sound Healing, Energy Healing, and Light Language Symbols
  • Further work with crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, and other tools to enhance your practice.
  • Three Live Instruction online calls
  • Schedule THREE one-on-one sessions with Rosemary via phone or online
  • BONUS - Harness Your Windhorse™ Online Curriculum

Prerequisite - Illuminated Lightworker™ Level Two Completion and Certification


Illuminated Lightworker™ Master Teacher

Co-create as an apprentice. My Illuminated Lightworker™ Master Teacher Training Program gives you opportunities to participate in my Illuminated Lightworker™ classes. You'll see how it's done, and we'll practice all components of teaching Illuminated Lightworker™ classes, including teaching Illuminated Lightworker™ as a business.

You'll receive:

  • Access to my Lightworker Studio Online Classroom for Illuminated Lightworker™ Master Teacher
  • The ability to offer instruction right along side me and teach portions of the class as part of your internship.
  • Access to printable materials - my personally written manuals - to use in your own classes. If I update my manuals, you'll receive the updated versions.
  • Instruction on designing workshops using tools and materials from previous Levels of Spiritual Mastery.
  • Learn coaching skills, business practices, client form creation, and more
  • Three Live Instruction calls
  • Schedule THREE one-on-one sessions with Rosemary via phone or online

Prerequisite - Illuminated Lightworker™ Certification and completion of all Levels




*As an Illuminated Lightworker™ on your Journey, you'll work with Rosemary for 6 month periods, UP TO ONE YEAR FOR EACH LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT.

Upon completion of each class you'll receive a certification for your training for that class.


I'm now accepting applications for the Spiritual Mastery Program. (see the form below) I can't wait to hear from you!

Many Blessings,



Applications for the Spiritual Mastery Program are now being accepted.




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Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work?

Choose to either pay in full or monthly. Your first monthly payment becomes a non-refundable deposit.

If you select the monthly option, you'll be billed monthly until you're paid in full. 


How is the Spiritual Mastery Program different from regular classes you offer?

The Spiritual Mastery Program is an apprentice-based program designed to help people move through the levels of Spiritual Mastery, classes, and Shamanic training with ease and grace. Rather than take a class and go home, this apprentice program supports and guides Lightworkers like you through a process of self-discovery and spiritual growth, connection to others in the community, and guidance on how to succeed as a Lightworker in today's world.


Will you still offer "regular" classes without the Mentor Program?

Yes, traditional Reiki 1 & 2 classes as well as Sound Healing Phases 1-3 will still be offered through Second Nature Healing. These classes are prerequisites for different levels of  the Illuminated Lightworker™ Spiritual Mastery Program. Today's Lightworkers will benefit greatly from a Spiritual Mastery program that asks them to BE more and DO more in the world. 


Are the Online Courses you offer available without the mentor program?

Yes, Online courses Embodied Spirit™ and Harness Your Windhorse™ are available for purchase without the Spiritual Mastery Mentor Program. However, they are added bonuses if you're already enrolled as an Illuminated Lightworker™.


Can I participate in the Spiritual Mastery Program even if I don't live in the Portland area?

Yes! That's part of the beauty of this program. Most of the training happens online or on the phone. Some classroom and technique training, however, is still done in person. You'll have to come here for those parts of the curriculum. Fortunately, Portland is a wonderful destination and I've had many students attend classes over the years who seek out training from me, even though they live across the country.

In addition, some classes will be offered in Sedona, Arizona. Those will be posted when they become available.


What if I already have some training from any of the levels offered? Where would I begin?

When you apply for the Spiritual Mastery Program, you'll share the details and certifications of your previous training. However, the core of Illuminated Lightworker™ is unique to Second Nature Healing. We'll work together to customize a program for you that fits your needs and completes your training.


Do you offer other workshops?

I have offered many workshops over the years to help people develop their intuitive skills, learn about essential oils, crystals, and other healing modalities. These lessons will now be incorporated into the Spiritual Mastery Program as well as in the online classes I teach, like Embodied Spirit™.


What if I need more sessions? 

Let's talk about your particular needs. Sometimes you just have a quick question. Just ask. If you need extra sessions, we can easily add them.


Could I schedule an in-person session?

Yes, of course! When you schedule an in-person appointment with me in Portland, you can purchase a single session for only $198. A package of 3 in-person sessions, however, is only $480. It's up to you.


What if I don't complete the training within the Period? Can I get an extension?

The opposite is more likely to happen. You'll be fully engaged and ready to move quickly. However, life happens and, under certain circumstances, it may feel appropriate to take longer than I've allotted. That's what one-on-one and group sessions are for. The best answer I can offer is that we should talk about your needs and find a way to make it work.


Do you offer a refund?

There's no refund on your deposit (your first month's payment). Due to the nature of the copyrighted materials, tools, and personal training you receive, there's no refund for the course. However, partial session fees may apply toward personal healing, group sessions, and other courses I offer. 


Do you have another question? Please ask!




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