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Nutritional Supplements Review – Avoid Medicinal Mistakes

pillsOutside the realm of an ordinary diet, nutritional supplements such as super foods and miracle minerals may be among the best kept secrets for optimal health to promote healing at a faster rate, without the side-effects of medicinal mistakes. I’ve compiled a short list of nutritional supplements to review from a few different companies. In fact, I personally use these supplements, after having done much research, to help you become more informed.



Even though supplements have been on the market and available over-the-counter for many years, general knowledge about supplements may feel confusing or incomplete. There are so many more choices now, ranging from complete multi-vitamins to single-ingredient capsules. How do you know what you need, what will work for you, what’s natural or synthetic, and how you can trust the information online or from the sales clerk in that department? It can be paralyzing to the point of not taking any supplements. That’s the first mistake. Don’t let choices get in the way of what you choose for a healthy body – supplements.

Nutrition plays a big part in healing and recovery. But even if you eat well, choosing organic foods and avoiding processed foods, you may still fall short of having what your body really needs for the biggest challenges:

  • Detoxification
  • Youthful aging
  • Fighting cancer and heart disease
  • Maintaining a strong immune system

If you can focus on these few categories listed above, you’ll be taking a big step toward an inclusive nutritional profile for good health.


In most cases you get what you pay for. Synthetic vitamin C is probably less expensive that natural vitamin C, for example. But you should also consider that synthetic vitamins are not so easily absorbed or recognized by the body – that’s why we see such high recommended doses on synthetic vitamins. When it comes to specific supplements I work with, I’ve found that many companies have jumped on the band wagon to make the same claims at a much cheaper price. In fact, they’re using research from effective supplements to promote the cheaper, less effective (or even questionable) versions. Yes, if you grab the best deal (money-wise) it might not be the best deal for you if it doesn’t actually work. . . big mistake.


We all have toxins. No one is completely free of the harmful effects of toxicity. But we can help you get the toxins out, safely and without side-effects. I feel that detox is so important that no supplement program is complete without it. Yes, I have my preferences! After working with supplements for nearly 20 years, I can say that I offer only the best, most unique and most vital supplements for my clients. Ignoring your personal toxicity is mistake number 3.

We start with an effective and safe process using supplements for detoxification. If you prefer a holistic approach to detoxification, you’ll want to include several supplements which target different types of toxicity.

These are elements such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, and lead. They cause neurological damage, interfere with every organ and cell process in the body, steal oxygen from your brain and blood, destroy bone strength, and, in high enough concentrations, heavy metals are instant killers. They accumulate in the body causing chronic disease and debilitating symptoms of every kind. Heavy metals are inorganic chemicals – that is, they contain no carbon in them. To get them out safely, I prefer to use a mineral that acts as an oral chelator – one that binds with the metal, trapping it within its crystalline cage, to safely escort the metal out of the body.

By far the best supplement to remove heavy metals is a natural mineral supplement that is an activated form of zeolite. Activated means that the mineral, which resembles rocks when it’s mined, has been cleaned and micronized to create more surface area ready to absorb toxins. Once these toxins are captured in the zeolite, they flow  with the blood, cleaning organs like the liver and kidneys as they go. Learn more about zeolite here.

These are organic compounds (chemically, they contain carbon atoms and are referred to as “organic”, but they are not good for you). You’ll find them leaching into your water from water bottles, in personal care products, foods, and many other sources. They mimic hormones, interfere with body processes, and cause a multitude of other side effects.

If you have not yet discovered the beauty of natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, you’re missing out on some of Nature’s finest gifts. Lemon essential oil, for example, can easily dissolve glue and grease – try it on a stubborn sticker or greasy pan and you’ll see what happens. In the body, lemon essential oil is a natural degreaser. It can help clear and clean the body of petro-chemicals that are stored in vital organs such as the liver and fatty tissues in the body (including the brain).

I’ve chosen specific essential oils for my personal use, and love that the company I work with sets a high priority on quality. Because of that, I’ve eliminated any of the concerns you might have about using essential oils “off the shelf”. Many of my clients are dealing with a crisis situation. Settling for an inferior product may not offer the results you want. Learn more about essential oils here.


Today’s diet offers more chemical additives, fats and sugars than ever before. These substitutes for good nutrition create not only imbalances in our systems, but a toxic environment for the growth and regeneration of healthy cells. We see it as diabetes, obesity, early aging, brain fog, and susceptibility to infectious diseases. Free radicals are the especially reactive atoms that steal electrons from chemical reactions in the body. They damage cells and body tissues, create inflammation, DNA degradation, and cause many other forms of damage.

In conjunction with better food choices, it is essential to supplement with key nutrients not found in our foods. We’d have to eat mounds vegetables and fruits to get enough fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins necessary for optimal health. What are antioxidants? These are nutrients that bind with free radicals. Antioxidants ameliorate the damage and promote repair at the DNA level. Become aware of telomeres, the ends of every chromosome in every cell. As they shorten due to stress, toxins, and poor nutrition, they fray and activate genes that reveal themselves as aging and disease. Learn more about telomeres here.

Many of the products I recommend are great for the whole body. However, sometimes, it’s a good idea to add extra support when needed. Joint health, bone health, heart health, and many more aspects of nutritional wellness can assist with special needs.


The immune system is a complex system of defenses in the body that work together to keep us healthy. Your first line of defense is your skin. Unbroken, it protects you from the invasion of germs in the environment. However, the immune system is much more than that. Fine hairs and mucous membranes in your respiratory system, acid in your stomach, and white cells floating in the blood all have different roles in fighting germs and fending off the growth of abnormal cells. One of the biggest medicinal mistakes I’ve come across (for most people) is the idea that the immune system needs to be suppressed. For example, we might see immune suppressing drugs prescribed for allergies, arthritis, asthma, and other auto-immune diseases. Yet the properly functioning immune system works in our favor to kill germs and foreign invaders, identify and destroy sick or abnormal cells, and contribute to the regeneration of healthy blood, mucous membranes, healthy skin, and even cellular communication.

The best way to support these important functions is to feed your immune system.

Did you know that medicinal mushrooms have been used therapeutically for hundreds of years? Mushrooms contain phytonutrients such as betaglucans, act as immune modulators, and help your defending cells (white blood cells) search and destroy the enemy. Medicinal mushrooms can also provide anti-angiogenesis, preventing the formation of weak new blood vessels common in certain types of cancer.

  • Feed your immune system
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Help fight infections and disease
  • Give you the easiest way to be healthy and naturally defend against germs


As a scientist, I understand the value of research, studies, and proof. Yet much of what we have out there in the world to go on is one-sided. Only companies that market pharmaceuticals, doctors, and the medical world are able to make medical claims. I’m fine with that, because what we KNOW is that the body is a miracle. It already knows how to heal. We just need to provide the ingredients for cells to rebuild and repair, defend and support – as it should. The companies I work with offer incredible support, but the best support and evidence comes from personal testimonies that people are using natural supplements which cause no harm and, in many cases, do a lot of good!

Believe the live blood analysis after vital minerals are sprayed into the mouth. Watch how blood cells become unstuck making it easier for blood to carry oxygen and nutrients. Believe the coal miner’s study after these very toxic people were giving activated zeolite to chelate heavy metals. Believe the incredible finds on telomere repair research using specific phyto-nutrients which shows a definite reverse in aging in one important Harvard study. We are surrounded by evidence of natural healing with supplements that stays under the radar. Not believing it is perhaps the biggest mistake.

For more details on specific supplements I personally use – the ones I like for best results – please visit my website and look for nutritional supplements here. I’ve outlined the best choices, featuring supplements for detoxification, immune support, and antioxidants. If your looking for essential oils, many of which can be amazing supplements, find essential oils here.

I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me.


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