January 27

What Happens When You’re Not Clear?

I can't help but shake my head over this thought - the one about how CLEAR I am right now. It's SO obvious! Having clarity about my sense of purpose, my personal power, and vision of what comes next is so joyful that I can hardly keep still. I realize now that, even though I was "close" to my purpose and power, I wasn't quite there. There were a few things missing that I'd like to share with you about being clear.

What Happens When You're NOT Clear

You Feel Stuck. What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results? Oh yes, insanity. Well, I wasn't quite there, but month after month I followed somewhat of a routine that really wasn't giving me the results I said I wanted. It was like boarding a plane that just sat on the tarmac. Instead of taking off, I was going nowhere. Then I wondered why I was frustrated. Hmmm . . .

You Get Distracted. My attention was all over the place. I love everything I do, and I have a lot of different things going on simultaneously. I used to call it being "busy", when in reality I was distracted from my purpose. In trying to help people AND animals, run a business, be on a board, write articles, belong to organizations, teach classes and take appointments, I found myself not really doing what I now know is my purpose.

You Feel Unworthy. This was one of the hardest signs to accept. Even though I always felt worthy, I didn't feel as worthy as my children or even strangers whom I was trying to help. I put myself last. Does that one sound familiar? I know now it's really part of my purpose to feel worthy. Worthiness means that I'm showing up for others in the best possible way - strong, centered, and worthy enough to be recognized and paid for the invaluable skills I've developed as I've invested in myself. It's liberating to feel worthy again.

Things Are Slow. I told myself that eventually I'd get more clients, have more students, and help more people.  I thought I just had to keep doing what I was doing (see the first sign - feeling stuck) Oh, my business did grow over the years. I also grew - tremendously, in fact, in my spiritual practice, skills, healing techniques and intuitive abilities. I'm pretty visible in the world of Reiki practitioners and local businesses. However, what I didn't really understand was this. Spirit (God, the Universe, etc.) LOVES speed. When you're in alignment with your purpose, everything just falls into place and things happen quickly. The Universe says "yes", and you can feel yourself finally going in ONE direction - the direction of clarity and purpose.

You Feel Fearful. I come across FEAR quite a bit in my practice. It shows up as lack of money, wounds around religion and relationships, avoidance to change or letting go, and many other symptoms. For me, I associated fear with change. I thought that if I let go of some of the products or services I offered that people wouldn't connect with me - silly, I know. What really needed to happen was a slight shift in my perception toward becoming clear, and all the fear went away. I became excited with the possibilities of new adventure that felt focused (not distracted). I knew that letting go erased my fear.

There's Never Enough. Name it - money, time, amenities, travel, prosperity, joy, richness in life, FREEDOM. If you're feeling LACK, you're not clear on your purpose. There'll always be lack if you're in alignment with lack. You look for it, justify it (see the point about worthiness), rationalize it and find ways to support that there never enough. It stinks, so stop it.

You Feel it in Your Body. Eventually, all the feelings, events, traumas, and stress show up in physical form as dis-ease symptoms. As your energetic vibration lowers, your body suffers the effects. If you're aware of the subtleties, you can catch these symptoms before they get out-of-hand. Weight gain, for example, might be no big deal, but it might be a sign that you're not processing foods well (digestion), have a lower metabolism (endocrine), or feel like you need extra protection (emotional). Humans are complex organisms, and you know your body better than anyone. Check-in to the nuances of feeling healthy and come into alignment with what feels good. Certainly avoid the other stuff and honor what your body is trying to tell you.

How to Get Clear

I'll say this as simply as possible. You are amazing, you are whole, there's nothing wrong with you. You have everything you need to manifest prosperity, joy, health, and abundance in your life right now. Anything not in alignment with this is just not TRUE. When you find YOUR TRUTH, you'll be very clear on your purpose.

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