August 17

The Emotional Reboot for Good Health

aromatherapy-essential-oilssqWhen your computer is running slowly or you install a new program, it has to reboot in order to get back to functioning properly. Is there also a reboot for you and your health? Of course! Your brain remembers what it feels like to move with ease and flexibility, sleep, breathe deeply and feel happy. Why isn’t so easy for your physical body to follow along?

Part of the answer lies in the chemistry of the body.

We accumulate toxins, feel stressed, eat poorly, or maybe not as well as we think we do, and don’t take the time to relax and rebuild. Those toxins and poor diet also interfere with the proper functioning of everything in the body – right down to our DNA. Aging cells don’t make hormones as well as they used to do. Regular body functions such as digestion feel less than optimal. Our aching joints and inflexible muscles feel better with a little TLC such as massage or the addition of some supplements.

We’re looking for the magic bullet.

The magic may be right here, all around us in nature. It just takes some science to uncover the mystery and reveal what ancient civilizations knew long ago. The earth has everything we need to be well.

Essential oils may provide some of the answers for us.

oil-dropThese chemical wonders – the essence or life blood of plants – may be the missing ingredients our bodies are not able to make themselves. More than a supplement, they provide not only some magic molecules of relief, but also the emotional reboot we seek.

If I mention walking through a pine and spruce forest, you can smell it, right? How about eating a lemon – the classic example – does your mouth begin to water? Why are cinnamon rolls for sale in a mall so successful? It’s the cinnamon that draws the crowd, remembering the fresh-baked smells of childhood hearth and home. There is something to the chemistry of essential oils that resonates with our emotions.

Spiritual & Physical Effects of Essential Oils

On a spiritual level, essential oils can do much more than you may think. Certain oils help us to relax. Others, as single oils or in combinations, help to realign the electrical system of the body making us feel calmer and more grounded. We can also feel an emotional release – crying, for example, or falling asleep, by using other essential oils. Essential oils can enhance meditation because they help to quiet the mind and allow for spiritual energy to flow through.

Physically, these amazing gifts of nature, these distillations of plants, carefully grown and harvested, can help alter and realign the chemistry of the body. Yes, it is possible to reboot! Essential oils can aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, support the immune system and ease discomforts.

Try these reboot strategies accompanied by natural nutritional supplements, earth’s minerals and crystals, and plant’s essential oils.

1.    Scan for and remove “threats”. The threats in your computer are viruses, worms and other “parasites.” For your body, removing threats means detoxification – removing toxins. Physically these toxins may be heavy metals. Emotionally, it may mean distancing yourself from a toxic situation.

  • Supplements to use – Natural Cellular Defense zeolite, Isagenix Cleanse For Life
  • Crystals to use – amber, apophyllite, tourmaline
  • Essential oils to use – enjoy a few drops of pure lemon or grapefruit essential oil in a glass of water. Apply pure helichrysum essential oil to palms, feet and back of neck.

2. crystalsetsq   Shut down. You can turn off your computer, but you can also “shut down” your body and quiet your mind. Feeling relaxed and grounded will help.

  • Mineral to use – magnesium (especially before bed)
  • Crystals to use – amethyst cluster, quartz cluster, rose quartz
  • Essential oils to use – Valor essential oil blend, Sacred Mountain essential oil blend, lavender


3.    Recharge. Like your computer, your battery may be running low. You can recharge your physical and emotional self through meditation.

  • Crystals to use – apophyllite points, prehnite, labradorite, clear quartz
  • Essential oils to use – pure frankincense and lavender (either single or mixed)

4.    Reboot. For our computers we hope that this simple process rectifies the issues. In our bodies, we may want to re-teach our cells how to get along. Auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, asthma and allergies really represent a lack of harmony in the body. Killer cells attack healthy cells. Specific essential oils and nutritional supplements are very good at helping us to reboot our emotional health.

  • Supplements to use – Waiora’s MegaDefense mushroom blend with zeolite, Isagenix Product B with antioxidants and telomere support, Young Living’s Ningxia Red
  • Crystals to use – jasper, rose quartz, jade, natural citrine
  • Essential oils to use – Harmony essential oil blend, Valor essential oil blend in combination with Ylang ylang, pure Rose essential oil, pure Ocotea essential oil, eucalyptus




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