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Misconceptions About Health

natural healthWhen it comes to health, some people prefer to go the medical/drug/surgery route. They entrust their “health care” to the doctors who really aren’t trained in “health”.
Of course, there’s a time and place for medical care – but who’s responsible for your health day-to-day? That’s where misconceptions about health begin. My short list isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you – if you ever need it. They aren’t in any particular order.

I’ve added a “Solutions” section at the end. Feel free to add your comments.

Misconception #1 – You’re fine until you’re not

How do you answer the casual question – “How are you?” You might say that you’re hanging in there, or you might say that you’re fine. You could be “fine” and living with little annoyances, such as allergies, headaches, joint aches, lack of consistent, restful sleep, etc. These symptoms may even be managed by over-the-counter medications. However, I see these symptoms as warning signs of something brewing. You might not be “fine”, and when a serious diagnosis becomes known, you may wonder how that could have happened to you . . . all of a sudden.

Misconception #2 – If your immune system is acting up, suppress it.

This misconception about health may be a pet peeve of mine. Speaking truthfully, it baffles me that in the case of allergies, arthritis, inflammation, and other auto-immune diseases, a popular treatment is to suppress the immune system. Yet,  we need our immune system to be functioning optimally to help prevent the most disturbing health challenges today – especially cancer, heart disease, and infectious diseases. In addition, consider the side effects of drug therapy . . . malignancy, toxicity, inability to fight infections, and drug interactions. If you are on immunosuppressive drugs, here’s a resource for you.

Misconception #3 – Supplements are harmful and often ineffective.

I agree that many supplements are ineffective – especially the hard “pill” type supplements that don’t easily dissolve in the body. They become “potty pellets” and can actually be seen in sewage. Also, some supplements are made from synthetic ingredients. Vitamin C, for example, in synthetic form is called ascorbic acid. In order to be somewhat effective, it has to be taken in high doses. But in high doses, there are also side effects that can be harmful, such as interfering with the action of specific enzymes in the body, killing beneficial bacteria in the gut, or even leading to thickening of artery walls.

Many carefully chosen, whole foods supplements can actually provide a lot of benefit, and even physical relief, especially in cases where poor diet is an issue.

Misconception #3 – Choosing “organic” isn’t necessary.

Not only is choosing organic (foods) necessary, but we should all go the extra mile in choosing foods that are non-GMO (not genetically modified), and, in the case of fish, not farmed. Careful watch on the world of pesticides and farming shows us that 80% of our body burden (toxins in our body) comes from what we ingest – like foods laden with pesticides, polluted or contaminated water, and intentional eating of processed foods with toxins such as preservatives, dyes, synthetics, and other additives.

Misconception #4 – Taking care of yourself is selfish

As nurturers, we like to take care of others, often at our own expense. Stress takes a toll on our physical and emotional health, so the time to really take care of your health is every day – before you run out of energy yourself. Guilt can play a big roll in how you feel about taking time for your own health care. Do you deserve to take some time off? Of course!

Natural Solutions to Support Your Health

1. Really know that you’re fine. Take a personal assessment to evaluate your sleep, daily activity, diet, skin tone, and weight. If you have trouble being objective, seek the help of a naturopathic doctor.

2. Support your immune system with whole foods nutrition. Certain “superfoods” are great for making sure you have the right ingredients to fight infections, keep your heart healthy, and stave off an invasion of mutated cells. . . especially medicinal mushroom supplements, concentrated green foods, and even essential oils (like clove and oregano.)

3. Take care of the basics of good health with real, organic, fresh, raw foods, fruits and vegetables. Minimize your exposure to toxins. Actively detoxify on a regular basis. (Learn more about detoxification with zeolite here).

The key to using supplements is to support normal body functions with ingredients that fortify health – like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and concentrated superfoods (medicinal mushrooms, for example.) Learn more about nutritional supplements here.

4. Taking time off is only part of the picture. It’s best to create habits that support relaxation and stress relief. Find time to meditate, practice yoga, or learn Reiki for stress relief. Exercise, go for a walk, or spend time outdoors. It all matters.

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