October 13

Integrative Healing

naturesremedies_1     Staying healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. However, if you had asked me how to be healthy 20 years ago, my answer would have been very different from today’s answer. Back then, I relied heavily on medical advice – yearly mammograms, prescription medication for pain, biopsies for everything remotely suspicious, antibiotics at least once a year, and a medicine cabinet filled with cough syrup, pain pills, antacids, creams, and ointments. We used them all!

Fear-based Practices Don’t Work For Good Health

I had the attitude of fear-based, defensive approach to health. Thinking back, it was almost as if I was looking for something to go wrong. I was preparing for the worst, searching for the bumps, and ready to quell symptoms of the latest infections with medical potions. I felt equipped to handle the small stuff, and anxious to beat anything that showed its ugly head.

At the first sign of a cold, I brought my daughter to the doctor, knowing that if she didn’t quickly receive antibiotics, she’d have an ear infection . . . then the infection would spread to her chest where we’d be dealing with pneumonia. She’d miss weeks of school due to respiratory illness. Nothing in my medicine closet helped. By the time my daughter was in high school, she had developed an allergic reaction to antibiotics.

My approach to good health wasn’t working. I was on the same path as everyone else I knew – the one where if you stay healthy, you’re lucky, and if you get sick, the doctor will fix it for you. Then things changed.

First Steps to Wellness

Becoming aware of how to be healthy in a more natural way was a gradual process for me. I started my journey by obtaining a good quality water filter (NSA approved) so that we could have pure, clean water for drinking and cooking. Then I started my family on a good quality multivitamin that added not only vitamins and minerals, but also potent antioxidants. We found ways to add more vegetables to meals, eat less of the “processed foods” and more of the foods that were natural.

Later, I learned about the benefits of magnetic energy, other more specific supplements, and even a special detox mineral that was a real game-changer for our whole family. I knew we were on the right track when I cleaned out a closet and noticed that all of our over-the-counter medications were expired. The expiration date coincided with our shift to natural solutions. I never replaced them – we don’t need them.

Vibrational Wholeness

My approach to staying healthy is more integrative than it used to be. I focus now on being well as a whole, achieving what I call “Vibrational Wholeness.” It’s a completely different feeling with results that show we’re doing so many things right.

What is Vibrational Wholeness? It’s a way of making choices for all levels of well being – physical, emotional, and spiritual. I like to think that we all have at least a few of these pieces in place. We know that our bodies do better with enough sleep, and an appropriate amount of exercise and play. We know that we need to go outside every day and inhale fresh air. Vibrational wholeness includes choosing words that are empowering and healing, as well as foods that help our bodies feel stronger and more vibrant. Vibrational wholeness means that we look for solutions within ourselves, as opposed to giving up our personal power to someone else to “fix” us.

Integrative Healing

In order to achieve Vibrational Wholeness, we sometimes have to let go of doing things the way we used to. It’s a matter of making room for new energy to work its way into our lives. I have found that integrating natural healing techniques and products feel less invasive and more “normal”, like they really belong in my life. Rather than rely on pain medication, I started a personal protocol for heavy metal detoxification, adding yoga and body work to my routine, sleeping on magnets, and taking revitalizing supplements. I learned Reiki and meditation.I incorporated highly effective, therapeutic-grade essential oils into every day.

Fortunately, the human body responds well to natural healing. Even tough these methods weren’t added all at once, I saw benefits with each new method or supplement. Also, it took several weeks to begin to see results – a relatively short time when you think about it.

Integrative healing can have an empowering effect in every aspect of your life. Knowledge about toxins, nutrition, ways to reduce stress, and balance your energy offer ways to become vibrationally whole, and move toward natural wellness. You’ll find that as you make gradual changes, integrating natural healing, you’ll allow the body to heal in wonderful, regenerative ways. Would it then be possible to reverse the effects of aging and disease? Could you become more joyful and productive, less stressed and depressed? We’re seeing results that prove regeneration and good health are indeed possible – without medications.

Get Started

new starter kit      You don’t have to do everything all at once to receive the benefits of integrative healing, but the sooner you begin, the better. Find your favorite and start with that. Today, I enjoy the benefits of sharing ways to heal naturally. Essential oils are at the top of my list. I offer a nice starter kit that includes eleven bottles of essential oils, a diffuser, several samples, and some information. If you choose to purchase this kit through my website or through a consultation with me, you’ll be added to my personal list and receive tips and information to support your journey.

Join me. I can’t wait to hear from you. Contact me directly or go to my Young Living website to order your kit now.

Step Into the Flow

My Integrative Enrichment Classes at my healing center in Portland, OR, bring you to the next level. I show you how to use crystals, essential oils, and more with your Reiki attunement. Register directly with me as soon as possible. Classes fill quickly.


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