October 21

Natural Healing Workshop Series

Fantasy sunset at Stonehenge with dramatic sky and sun rays


A crystal grid is a group of crystals arranged in a pattern, made with specific intentions, such as healing, better sleep, achieving goals, protection, etc.






Patterns in nature model the grid patterns for us:

Zoanthids nautilus  White Tiger





If you missed our crystal grid workshop, you can still learn how to make crystal grids and purchase crystal grid sets. All workshops in the series for healers and Reiki practitioners will be available soon. Be sure to join my email list to stay informed of crystal grid availability and future workshops.

The next workshop in the series is Divination for Nutrition. Nov 16, 2-4p.m. Register early to secure your space.

Learn how to connect with your higher self and trust the intuitive information you receive. Your spirit wants your body to be well. We’ll provide the tools and resources as well as a map for you to follow toward total wellness.
See the results of our first workshop, Crystal Grids for Healing and Meditation. in Pinterest.


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