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Essential Oils for Dogs with Cancer

Essential oils have been an integral part of my Reiki healing clinic for several years. I consider their energy and aroma extremely valuable for all aspects of the services I provide – for trauma release, physical and emotional relief, spiritual enhancement, and revitalizing abilities, I love how essential oils fit into natural healing work. My clients and students feel supported, and the work we do seems to be more effective.

Not long after I began using essential oils for my human clients did I investigate the possibility and efficacy of essential oils for my animal clients. Careful consideration was given to the quality of essential oils, and I chose a specific company to support my work in the best possible way. It matters to the animals!

Great care must be taken not to make medical claims, so my research led me to specific studies involving human cancer since fewer studies with essential oils are done with animals. In one study, frankincense from Boswelia carteri was used for human bladder cancer to see if it would be effective as an anti-tumor agent. The results were quite promising.

“Frankincense oil appears to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability. Microarray and bioinformatics analysis proposed multiple pathways that can be activated by frankincense oil to induce bladder cancer cell death. Frankincense oil might represent an alternative intravesical agent for bladder cancer treatment.” (1)

Essential Oils for Dogs with Cancer

​Backed by research and ready to offer support to my animal clients, dogs with cancer, I added frankincense essential oil from Boswelia carteri and Boswelia sacra (Sacred Frankincense) to my list of effective natural solutions. I have found that specific essential oils help with immune support, digestion, emotional support, and many other types of support for health and recovery.

Of particular interest is Copaiba essential oil. This interesting essential oil comes from the Copaifera reticulata tree found in Brazil. Its resin is thick and similar to that of frankincense. Additionally, it’s high in a chemical component called beta-caryophhylene (better known as CBD). New evidence in using CBD oils for cancer because of its ability to induce cytotoxicity,(2)  has spurred great interest in how to get the best quality CBD oils. Fortunately, cannabinoids (CBD) are found not only in Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) but also in many other species of plants. The Copaiba tree blesses us with a high percentage of caryophhylenes – up to more than 50% in the pure essential oil I use. 

In combination, pure, high quality Frankincense and Copaiba essential oils can provide additional support for animals who have cancer.

Considerations in Using Essential Oils for Cancer

There are several considerations to be made before using frankincense, copaiba, or other essential oils for your dog:

  • age and size of your dog
  • overall health and current diagnosis, if any
  • current diet
  • quality and purity of the frankincense (I use only the ones I trust to be the best)
  • dosage and frequency specific for your animal
  • combination with other treatments
  • integration with other essential oils
  • method of delivery
  • your holistic approach and attitude

The Cancer Recipe

A holistic approach works best for my clients, and many people ask for the cancer recipe for their dogs. Everyone is unique, and all aspects of health, healing, and recovery are considered. A holistic approach includes diet and supplements, detoxification, energy healing, and of course, specific essential oils of the highest purity and quality. (purchase here)

Work with your vet to have the support a veterinarian offers – lab tests, ultra sound, x-rays, etc. Gather as much information as possible. However, remember to also include a more complete aspect of healing with an intuitive assessment and Reiki. Learn more  about Natural Pet Health Alternatives with my online course or contact me for a free consultation.

(1) Frankincense Oil Derived From Boswellia carteri Induces Tumor Cell Specific Cytotoxicity
Mark Barton Frank, Qing Yang, Jeanette Osban, Joseph T Azzarello, Marcia R Saban, Ricardo Saban, Richard A Ashley, Jan C Welter, Kar-Ming Fung, and Hsueh-Kung Lin

(2) In vivo and in vitro studies on the anticancer activity of Copaifera multijuga hayne and its fractions
Sylvia R. M. Lima  Valdir F. Veiga Junior  Herick B. Christo  Angelo C. Pinto  Patricia D. Fernandes
First published: 27 October 2003 https://doi.org/10.1002/ptr.1295 


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