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The Emotional Support Animal Who Rescued My Brother

I recently spent time in New Hampshire with my brother. He’s a disabled veteran and he has a beautiful rescue named India – we KNOW she rescued him. (Isn’t that how it usually is?) Our goal is to train her to function well, not only with my brother, but also in society . . . as an Emotional Support Animal. That requires a lot to get her ready.

While I was there, we did some training – basic commands to help him work with her more easily. I also helped him implement a new diet for his dog (I just couldn’t feed her the kibble he bought her), get a better harness, practice going out in public, and set up a personal trainer to come to his home to work with him more closely after I left (and after he heals his broken arm – that’s another story!) Once he’s healed, he’ll also be able to take her to an off-leash dog park we found. It’s pretty exciting for my brother to move in a positive direction – developing a stronger bond with his dog.

His dog isn’t sick. She doesn’t have any health challenges, and we want to keep it that way. We talked about vaccinations (she was on-track to get yearly rabies shots, so I cautioned him against too many vaccinations – especially for a small dog. (If you’ve worked with me already, you know my feelings about the medical community and over vaccinating, over-medicating, and over-treating our animals).

What we really want to do is ensure a long and healthy life for this sweet lap-warmer. So, while I flipped an egg for her breakfast and added leftover steak bites, I thought about all the dogs out there eating kibble . . . just like the bowl she left on my first day there, until the late hours when no other food was likely to appear. She loved the short-order breakfast, and I planned on integrating a natural diet before I had to leave.

​Becoming an Emotional Support Animal requires responsibility. It’s in her nature to cuddle and snuggle, as well as to provide endless kisses. It’s also in her nature to run – and she’s fast! Her training will include all that will help her be the best she can be for my brother, and maybe even guide him to better health along the way.

So, on this recent journey, I also thought about how I can help you better prepare for the road ahead. We don’t have to wait for a crisis to do all the wonderful things our pets need right now for a healthy life. We can start right away.

​Your journey with your pet is for Life. Weather you have an Emotional Support Animal, or a lap-warmer (or both!) the journey can be more fulfilling, healthier, and longer with a little support and planning along the way. I’ve added an easy way to support you and your animals in an UNLIMITED way. Check it out, and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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