How Toxic Are You?

Is Your Personal Toxicity Keeping You From Healing?

Personal toxicity is more about awareness than measuring heavy metals in the blood, hair, or urine. How toxic are you? I was so toxic that I miscarried my first child, forgot to breathe while sleeping. I also had muscle spasms so annoying I wanted to jump out of my skin, and had food sensitivities that closed my throat with nearly everything I tried to eat. My personal toxicity extended to my children. I experienced gestational diabetes during each successful pregnancy, but now know that my children also received the full assortment of toxins I had in my blood. I needed a toxicity test – not medications.

How did I get that way?
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How Toxic Are You?

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The pollution problem is not so much what we can see or smell, but how it affects us and all life in the long run. People incorrectly assume that living away from industrialized cities, eating organic fruits and vegetables and drinking “pure” mountain water will be enough to protect them. The truth is that you’re “fine” until you’re not. A study published in Science Daily by Cornell University, cited that pollution is the cause of nearly 3 million deaths worldwide each year. You are not immune to the environmentally caused health crises and you are not safe. Your family, pets and friends are also at risk.

The incidence of many diseases associated with toxicity has increased, among them cancer and cardiovascular disease along with arthritis, allergies, obesity, and skin problems. In addition, a wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pain, coughs, gastrointestinal and immune weakness problems can all be related to toxicity.

Though medications may help alleviate symptoms, they often do little to remove the cause of the problem; toxins.

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