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Sensory Intuition

Enriching Your Spiritual Awareness



Are you Empathic?

Sensitivity in today's world might feel overwhelming. Politics, pollution, unrest, people, and experiences can feel difficult to energetically manage. Yet, you still want to function, prosper, and live abundantly with joy in the world. Empathy and intuitive abilities are gifts. Our unique Reiki Apprentice program incorporates many tools through which you can learn new skills such as protecting your energy, feeling grounded and safe, and developing a stronger sense of intuitive awareness. Our goal for you is to become more confident with healing tools you want to use for self care and in your practice. We call this sensitivity Effortless Spiritual Awareness. Now, with the Sensory Intuition Apprentice Workshop we'll reinforce the concepts of effortless spiritual awareness with exercises and tools to enrich your experience - at any level.



What is Sensory Intuition?

Sensory intuition is a skill that utilizes your intuitive awareness to become aware of energies around you. You'll become more sensitive to the energy of healing tools, and rely less on written knowledge - other people's perceptions of the energy within all things. We'll show you how to communicate with divine wisdom through the use of pendulums, meditation, listening, seeing, feeling, and knowing, as messages come through for you. You'll be able to feel more at ease with your connection to your intuition the more you integrate these lessons. 


What's required?

There are no pre-requisites for the Sensory Intuition Apprentice Workshop. However, if you're already attuned to Reiki, you may notice that your Reiki skills may be utilized to enhance your awareness and sensitivity. We'll start with exercises that identify your current strengths and intuitive abilities - discovering your baseline of skills and sensitivity on the level you currently have. Then we'll build upon what you already have to enhance your awareness. Because this workshop is so unique, each time you take it, you'll be exposed to a new experience and a new level of abilities and awareness.


The Sensory Intuition Apprentice workshop may be repeated as often as you like!


Successfully develop your confidence and increased awareness with a plan to further your sensory intuition.

Learn how to do what we do as spiritual healers.


What's Included:

  • Manual

  • Use of all materials, crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, etc.

  • Exercises and experiences that support enriching your intuitive awareness


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Continue as a dedicated Apprentice

Your initial investment and experience are only part of the journey. Take additional Sensory Intuition Apprentice Workshops at our dedicated student rate of only $33.


Your non-refundable payment ensures a space for you in class.* 

*Don't worry. If you change your mind for any reason, your deposit can be applied toward a future class, healing session, private mentoring, or workshop.

Sensory Intuition Workshop

Initial Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $198

subsequent Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . $33 each

Sensory Intuition Apprentice



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