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The Simplicity of Wellness

Care and natural remedies in the healing process.Simplicity and wellness – These are words that, for some people, may not be even comfortable to express in the same breath. Yet, time after time in my Reiki practice I hear the aches and pains, and worries and distress described to me as targets for elimination. The elbows, knees and shoulders scream for attention. The weak immune system wreaks havoc on the body. The annoying, definitive diagnoses from doctors demand attention that is often given in the form of drugs. So what can we say about wellness and simplicity? The answer might surprise you.

The Biology of Wellness

As a biologist, I used to look at wellness as a result of genetics, diet, and luck. Really! The genes we have are written as code – scientists call DNA the code of life. Whatever is written must be true, and the code reveals traits that are expressed as “tall”, “skin tone”, and even “foot shape”. Beyond the obvious physical expression of genes, the DNA code also operates behind-the-scene encoding the enzymes for chemical reactions in the body, hormones to regulate body functions, proteins for cell communication and even genes that we hope we never experience – the ones for cancer and other debilitating diseases.

However, independent research among scientists now shows us that the nucleus of the cell (the part that contains the genes and DNA) is more a function of reproduction than it is for definitive proof of traits, defects and disease. In his book, the Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton shows us that it is, in fact, the cell membrane that functions more as the “brain” of the cell. How the body feels, both physically and emotionally, can not only be read by our brain, but can be manipulated by our thoughts.

Your Thoughts and Wellness

The medical community ignores this information, much to our detriment. Research continues to look for and formulate the newest and best drug to target the bad and hope for the best. However, if wellness has more to do with mind-over-matter, as Dr. Lipton suggests, then we have much more control over our wellbeing than we may be led to believe.

The Source of Wellness

We are, of course, very complex beings. However, that does not mean that being well is complex. The opposite is true! It is easier to align ourselves with the positive thoughts and feelings of wellbeing once we learn the basics. For some people, there might be a longer journey of learning, undoing the negativity, trauma, and emotional conflict of the past. The journey may begin by eliminating not only the toxic thought patterns but also the toxins themselves. In spite of all the good intentions, people may not recognize what is toxic or “bad” in their lives without first aligning to what is “good”.

Alignment to what is “good” may be as simple as noticing what you agree with.

Recently, I was invited to enjoy an article by Tony Burroughs, author of The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Intention. He says that, by nodding our heads and even compassionately listening, we subtly agree with the negative comments in conversation before us. Do you ever find yourself in this situation? To what are you agreeing? Catch your reaction the next time someone complains of their sore back or knees. Do you chime in with your own aches and pains? Notice when you agree that “life is hard” or chores are a “challenge”. In this Law of Agreement, you actually give power to the negative statements and emotions. Instead, it is possible to point out the good, be the perpetual optimist, and shift your words to positive statements. When you agree with something negative or “bad”, you come into alignment with it. Instead, come into alignment with “good”.

“When you give your agreement to that which is good, you just make more of it.” Tony Burroughs

In our healing center, we focus on the simplicity of wellness. State your intentions for healing always in the positive, for the greatest and highest good.  Make moving forward on a path of wellness feel second nature. Getting started is easy.

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Learn Reiki, join us for Reiki practice circles, or just schedule a private healing session for yourself. You may discover your wellness is right inside you, just waiting to shine.

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