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Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
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Advanced Reiki

Advanced Spiritual Energy Healing and Training

You’ve gone from black & white to color on your journey as a Spiritual Energy Healer.

What’s the next step?

Learning fulfills the innate desire we all have to dream, to create, and to BE more. Join us for classes and workshops that support you on your journey.

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Reiki Master Online Training

Prerequisite classes Reiki level I & II and a consultation to determine readiness and eligibility.*

Due to popular demand, Reiki Master Training is now available as a hybrid, self-paced course . . . part online and part in-person.

Prerequisites and Interview to determine eligibility apply.


  • Reiki Master attunement with three separate and wonderful Reiki Master symbols and the Reiki Master manual.
  • A Deeper understanding of all elements of Reiki.
  • Learning use of all three Reiki Master symbols in daily life.
  • Focused use of Reiki Master symbols and techniques for healing.
  • Refined instruction and experience so that you may give attunements for all levels of Reiki with confidence and competence.
  • How to offer healing attunements.
  • Intensive learning, exercises, training, and mentoring over a self-paced span of time (Completion of Reiki Master Training is usually 3-6 months.)

*Note- If your previous Reiki training only went as far as “Reiki 3”, please rest assured that Reiki Master training at my Reiki center includes all 3 master symbols that bring you to a higher level on your Reiki journey.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

You’ve been attuned in Usui Reiki and had training to help you enter the community as a Lightworker and healer. Your gifts emanate from your hands in the form of warmth and sincere love from the divine. Yet, as you move through your energy healing practice you realize that there’s more you can do – more for you to manifest – as a teacher.

Create the ripple of healing energy that expands beyond what you do with your own abilities to teach other Lightworkers using the fine art of teaching Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Karuna Reiki® Master Online Training

Experience the beauty of vibrational energy.

Enhance your Reiki Master practice with the next level of Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master.

Prerequisites and interview to determine eligibility.

Enrollment Open Soon

Learn Karuna® Reiki –  sound and cellular healing and the use of specific, advanced Karuna Reiki® symbols.

Prerequisite – Reiki Master Certification*


  • Karuna Reiki® attunement through Karuna® Reiki Master level
  • 9 Karuna symbols
  • Complete instruction with “toning”
  • Standardized manual and certificate from ICRT*

* Karuna Reiki® classes are only taught by Karuna Reiki® Masters who are registered with The International Center for Reiki Training. Registered Master/teachers have a certificate issued by the Center, have a registration number and agree to abide by a code-of-ethics following the Center’s teaching standards.

Integrative Shamanic Spiritual Mastery



As Reiki evolves, Spirit guides to BE more, and DO more. SHINE is a way for you to ENRICH your practice.


Enhance your intuitive abilities and promote healing with the gifts of nature. Incorporate these advanced techniques and tools into your practice.

Be sure to add your name to my list or contact me directly. We have Reiki classes and Apprentice Workshops taking place every month.


Usui Reiki Master Class ……………………. 3 payments of $397 each

Karuna Reiki® Master Class ………………………3 payments of $497 each

Your non-refundable deposit ensures a space for you in class.* 

*Don’t worry. If you change your mind for any reason, your deposit can be applied toward a future class, healing session, private mentoring, or workshop. Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are non-refundable. If you’ve paid in full and cancel within 48 hours of class, a 50% refund (minus the deposit) may be given. However, you may apply the total amount toward other services or classes.

  • Rosemary Levesque, LSH
  • Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master
  • Karuna Reiki® Master
  • Language of Light Master
  • Illuminated Lightworker™ Master Teacher
  • Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher
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